How to Build WordPress Website?

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    How to Build WordPress Website?

    Do you want to learn on how to build wordpress website? Did you know that you don’t have to know complicated programming language or make long .html file in order to create your own blog? Let me tell you, making website through wordpress is as simple as counting 1,2,3.

    Here are the 3 easy steps on how to build wordpress website.


    How to Build WordPress Website?


    Before I start giving you steps on How to Build WordPress Website, I would like to remind you that you will definitely spend some money in creating your website but it’s not that expensive though. I can recommend several hosting and domain names providers that are free but this usually doesn’t give you the total productivity because it only offers limited benefits.

    So moving on. . .

    1. Choose a Webhost

    There are several web hosting services online. But the problem is how will you know what is the right and best webhost for you. Here are 3 checklist that you can use.

    checklist An Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel

    checklist 24/7 Live Chat Support

    checklist Renewal Prices

    Among the choices among WordPress hosting providers, HostGator is the top choice.  Aside from the good reputation it has , it also gives affordable pricing that is very convenient for WordPress beginners. So here’s how you join Hostgator:

    > Go to, and click the Get Started Now Icon

    How to Build WordPress Website?

    > Choose a Plan. If your just a beginner, Choose first the Monthly Hatching Plan. In that way you can cancel the plan if it happens that you don’t like it anymore.

    How to Build WordPress Website?
    > Sign up Now. After you click sign up now you will be directed to the fill up order form page wherein you’re going to provide information about your domain name, hosting plan, and billing info.

    How to Build WordPress Website?


    When you choose your domain name it is important to make it short and must contain the keyword of the content you want to have in your website. For example, for me I want to make website about passive income, so I used Remember to use either .com or .net into your domain name because it is more authoritative when readers go to your site.

    > Check out Now. Once you already made your account, Hostgator then gives you steps on how you can start using there services immediately.

    2. Create the website

    Create the website with WordPress. WordPress is a great place to make websites and blogs. And it usually included with your web hosting plan.

    Actually I don’t know any programming language. And I am not really computer savvy. So if your like me, I suggest you use wordpress in creating the website. The design elements of the website you are making are controlled by menu or icons. So basically you don’t have to deal with the long codes. Instead everything that you will do is one click away.

    How to Build WordPress Website?


    Before you can create the website, Install first the WordPress into your hosting plan.

    > Log in to your hosting account.

    > Go to your control panel.

    > Look for the “WordPress” icon.

    > Choose the domain where you want to install your website.

    > Click the “Install Now” button and you should get access to your NEW WordPress website.

    After installing, you can now start developing your website!

    One major benefits of wordpress is you can Select the design theme from thousands of available themes. Instead of paying thousand of dollars for you to have professional looking site, wordpress offers design themes that you can choose on. Just Click and poof, your website will be as professional looking as you want it to be.


    3. Create Content

    How to Build WordPress Website?

    Your just one step away in publishing your first website. The last step is to create content.

    Usually, this is the hardest part since you don’t have any previous experiences in how you can outline your post or how you can broaden your chosen topic. This is the most important part of your blog or website since your readers will definitely look for valuable content in your website. It is the key factor in driving traffic or people to read your site. Unless you have already previous blogging experience, this will not be a problem.

    That’s the downside for most of the webshosting servers online. They don’t offer content making training courses which is primarily the juice of your website. They just give the technical services on how to build your website.


    Alternative Website Builder

    how to build wordpress website

    If you find making wordpress website still complicated then let me tell you, there is an online program that uses WordPress in building website and at the same time offers step by step training on how you can make a top quality articles for your site. Here are the things that you can take advantage of from the program:

    checklist  Free Web Hosting

    checklist WordPress Ready  

    checklist Content Making Courses

    Basically it is a 3-in-1 online program that will generally teach you how to make content from scratch. It also gives you steps on how to make your website even better to get more traffic and eventually generate you money in the future. 

    And the best part is you can join it for FREE! Yes, for FREE! Right now, I am giving you the privilege to make two free website using this website building platform. Just think first of a good name for your blog or website and type it below. It won’t take much of your time and you will definitely find it easy to follow.


    If you want to learn more about it, Check out my review about the #1 Recommended WordPress Ready Program Online.

    For a recap,

    Here are the steps on how to build wordpress website:

    1. Choose a webhost
    2. Create Website
    3. Create Content

    But for your advantage, I highly recommend you to better use the 3-in-1 online program that I am talking about. And I tell you, If it fails, you can curse me all you want!

    By the way, If you have more questions or doubts in your mind, feel free to comment it below. I’d be happy to assist you. Also share your thoughts about how you were able to make your first wordpress website online. Let’s help each other guys!

    Best regards,

    John Rico


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      16 comments on “How to Build WordPress Website?

      1. Nice post, a lot has changed I. The online space over the past 10 years.

        Now a days everyone is much more visible.

        Thank you for explaining in great detail how to build a WordPress site. Very clear and concise and easy to follow.

        Great work and I look forward to more posts from you


      2. Hi John,

        I think I read somewhere that something like 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 websites are powered (built using) by wordpress.
        That it’self is a stunning fact and statistic.

        I do have a site and have had numerous sites in teh past built using wordpress. I love it because of its simplicity and ease of use.

      3. Brilliant article! This is a really great website with so many engaging visuals. It clearly outlines what you need to do to create a wordpress blog and gives a lot of great help in how to do it. I really liked your meme at the start, really grabbed my attention.

      4. What an amazing article! Thank you for writing it. I always had soooooo much trouble building the web-site and figuring out what exactly to do, in what order, and how. I feel like your web-site describes this process perfectly. How many web-sites did you build yourself? I made just one web-site and I am still working on it and trying to learn little things because I feel like it’s sooooo complicated!

        • As of now I have just made one website. I am currently developing it and once I already see traffic and earnings I will start to build another one.

      5. Very interesting article. I like the way it is divided in 3 simple steps, which makes it very understandable. A must for every beginner struggling to make his first website! Siterubix is a very good sitebuilder. I use it for myself and find it very easy to use. Also, the use of lots of screenshots makes the article very appealing and very pleasant.

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