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    How to Live on Minimum Wage

    Do you always feel like this?

     And thinks that It is because your just earning Minimum Wage?

    Let me Tell you, Minimum Wage is not the Culprit

    When you initially received your paycheck, most of us spend it immediately. Paying Bills, Rents, Shopping, Groceries. And later on we realize that there is no more left. It feels like money vanishes so fast. What If I tell you that there is a way to have more and not pay less. Yes, You heard it right! You can have more money without taking for granting your bills and payments.

    In less than 5 minutes, you will learn the S.R.I. Method which can help you HAVE MORE and NOT PAY LESS

    S – Save

    R – Research

    I – Invest

    These are the 3 simple steps to live on minimum wage:


    Step 1: SAVE

    How to Live on Minimum Wage

    Get rid of the ‘1 day millionaire’ habit. You should be able to distinguish need from want. I suggest that when you receive your paycheck, you directly take away the amount of money that you want to save.

    You can use the 60-30-10 rule to designate your funds. This rule means that

    60% of paycheck  – Daily Needs, Payment of Bills

    30% of paycheck  – Save in the Bank

    10% of paycheck  – Donate

    Obviously you should allot more to the daily needs and payments.  On the other hand, I suggest that you take 30% for your savings and deposit it directly in the bank. So why is this so? It is because if you keep your savings in your wallet there is a tendency that you will be tempted to spend it and it is very likely to happen.

    If your asking right now on why you should save or what you should save for, wait for Step 3.

    Lastly, give 10% as a donation. It is your choice, you may give it to the church, or to a charity. You may think that why should you take away a part of your paycheck and give it to someone else? It is for the reason of sharing. You already know what it feels to have nothing, its your chance to give back and make someone else feel that he has something.

    This may sound cliche but, Trust me, The More you give, The more you receive.

    (You can revise the 60-30-10 rule depending on your current financial situation)


    Step 2: RESEARCH

    How to Live on Minimum Wage

    After your day time job, you should do your assignment at home. You should give time in doing  research about prospect passive income generators that you want to invest in. This passive income is considered passive because it will put money into your pocket even if you don’t work that hard on it.

    Here are just some of the ways to earn passive income:

    > Network Marketing

    > Real Estate

    > Stock Market

    > Online Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

    I know it is very overwhelming to know all of this, but just for the mean time that you are saving, take time to research about these topics. Read articles, reviews, or even e-book about them in order for you to evaluate what jives into your interest.


    Step 3: INVEST

    How to Live on Minimum Wage

    After doing your research, you already had an idea on what you want to do right?

    With the money you saved in step 1 and the knowledge you gained during step 2, You can now start to invest in the passive income that you decided to join in.

    There are three types of passive income generator that you can invest in:

    Expensive – Stock Market, Real Estate

    Not that Expensive – Network Marketing

    Free – Online Marketing

    Example of expensive investment is real estate. You have to have enough budget to sustain the maintenance and repairs for the apartments or houses that you rent to people.

    There are some that is not that expensive like networking marketing. I know that when you hear network marketing you instantly think that it is a scam. But mind you, some of the present billionaires like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and even Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington recommends MLM.

    But there are some that is free of charge like Online Marketing/Affiliate Marketing. It sounds surreal right? But there are several that offers genuine opportunities  for you to earn passive income without using any amount in your pocket.

    For a Recap,

    Here is the Summary of S.R.I. METHOD:

    Step 1: Save

    Use the 60-30-10 Rule in Using Your Paycheck

    Step 2: Research

    Spend 30 min – 1 hr learning about passive income you want

    Step 3: Invest

    Take into Action!

    Passive income is not a one time big shot that you will get rich quickly. It takes time and dedication but its totally worth it. Compared when you work in active income, if you stop, there will be no money. That means, You work for the money.

    But in passive if you decide to not work, money still comes in. That means, Money is Working for You.

    It doesn’t matter if you are just starting with a minimum wage. I mean, what matters is how you manage this earnings and how you spend it intelligently.

    I doesn’t matter on what you want to invest in, as long as you know the do’s and dont’s of the passive income generator you want and continue learning about it.

    It is not too late to start your journey, so right now begin and take part in building your financial freedom. So you won’t ask again yourself the question, how to live on minimum wage.

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    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      32 comments on “How to Live on Minimum Wage

      1. Hey John I really like your post on living on minimum wage.

        What I really like about your post is that Save is the #1 tip and step.

        Really there’s nothing that can be done to better your financial situation if you do not save.

        It’s by far the most important part and the part that most people have the biggest issue with.

        I’ve never heard of what you recommend, online marketing.

        You say it’s free, what exactly do you need to get started with this method? what kind of returns can you expect?


        • Online marketing is like a modern ay of being a salesman. I mean you will be the middle man from the people who wants to buy something and to the companies that sell them. Actually, all you have to have is just pc, laptop and internet connection. That’s it.

          If you can spend 5 hours surfing the internet, why not spend it in building your own online business right? But then, I know that people will be hesitant to join online marketing because most of them think that it is complicated. I myself, also thought that way.

          Fortunately I have learned about Wealthy Affiliate It is like an online community that teaches its members on how to build their own website that can be used for online marketing. Right now I am on my sixth month and everything is going according to their program.

          If you are asking how much can you get from it. I say it is limitless. You may think that it is good to be true but, I tell you there are some online marketers that earn $10,000 a day. But for amateurs or beginners like me, you can start earning $300 per day. Not that bad, if you want to quit your daytime job right?

      2. No matter how much money anybody makes, it seems like they’re always looking for more. These concepts would help not just individuals earning the minimum wage, but everybody looking to stretch their money. Saving is an absolute must, especially for those looking forward to retirement. What kind of investments would you recommend for those with limited funds at the moment?

        • If you are looking for an investment that doesn’t require that much money, I say you can start with affiliate marketing. It is like a modern sales person wherein you can earn from promoting other peoples products. You may think that this is hard because you don’t know how to sell products right? But there is an online community that focuses on teaching its members the step by step process on how to create your own website. And this website will be your medium in generating traffic and later on earn you income.

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