Part Time Jobs for Seniors

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    Part Time Jobs for Seniors

    Did you know that there are plenty of part time jobs for seniors? Even if you are already retired and you feel like you’re useless, you can still earn some extra money. Here is one among the best part time jobs for seniors.


    Blogging is the best part time job that you can think of. Most people think that blogging is just for young people. The usual stereotype is that it is too complicated and not easy to understand. They say that you need to know programming or any advance computer skills in order to make one. But mind you most of the most successful blogs are owned by the Retired and Seniors.

    But why is this so?

    It is because seniors and retired people have more to tell.  They already gone through several experiences that are all worth blogging for. And besides most of the seniors already have social media accounts like Facebook that’s why they will not find it hard to start blogging.

    Your question now is, How Can You Start Blogging?

    Don’t worry! You don’t have to annoy your grandchildren to teach you how to start to make a blog.

    That’s why I am here to teach you 3 easy steps on how you can start blogging and eventually earn money.

     Step #1: Think about a Topic

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors
    Choosing a topic wont be a problem for you. I know you that you have a hobby or passion that you are certainly good at.

    When choosing a topic, you should choose something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, a problem, a need or a want. You can use almost anything that you can think of.

    Just remember to avoid being too broad with your topic selection.

    Tasks to Do:

    > Think of 3 things that interest you the most

    > Among the 3, Select the topic that interests you most and gets you the most excited

    > Break down the chosen topic: Write down 3 things about the topic you chose


    For example:

    If you are a war veteran,

    You can choose Topic about War: Then Broken down it into:

    • Training you did before joining the war
    • Guns and Firearms
    • First aid techniques

    If you are a retired teacher,

    Topic: School


    • Experiences on teaching
    • How to handle stubborn kids in class
    • Making a good lesson plan

    As I have said earlier, anything you think of can be used as a topic. Remember There is no such thing as choosing a wrong topic.

    Step #2: Build your Website

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors

    You might think that building a website is difficult, but time has changed. Everything is just one click away.

    Now you are going to create a free website targeted to the topic that you have chosen in the previous step.

    Tasks to Do:

    > Think of a Website Name

    Your website name should be short,brief and related to your topic. If your topic is about how to make better lesson plans, you can have Maybe you are wondering why there is siterubix in your website name. That’s because you are making a free website.

    Don’t think first about it now, You are just starting So this is a good training grounds for you to be more accounted in blogging.

    > Click this link and Make your Website Name

    You will be directed in this page.

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors

    > Fill up the Information Form

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors


    After filling up you will be directed to this page:

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors


    > Choose A Free Website

    > Write again the name of your Website

    > Choose a Theme that you want

    > Click I’m Ready, Build my Website Now!

    Remember don’t think this over so seriously because you can still change all of this after you set up the website.

    Step #3: Make your First Post

    Now that you already have your own website, you can now start blogging. But how will you do it?

    I recommend that you first learn a bit more about the process. I don’t want you to stumble immediately into the writing without having any information on what you are doing.

    Tasks to do:

    > Click the Get Started Here

    After your website is made, You will then directed to this page. Click the Get Started Here.
    Part Time Jobs for Seniors

    > Scroll down and Click Getting Rolling

    You will be directed to this page:

    Part Time Jobs for Seniors


    You have made this far! Now, You already have:

    checklist Topic to Write About

    checklist Website – Place for your topic

    checklist Training Courses – Step by Step Guide about Blogging


    This will just be the start of your training process. You will be given step by step guide on how you can start making your first blog post.

    I just want to remind you to not rush things. Let’s take one step at a time. And besides once you get through the first lessons, everything that follows will be easy for you.

    But wait!

    Your asking how you can earn money with blogging?

    The answer is through the content of the topics you make. Once you already made several posts, Google will be able to know the value of your website and you will be featured in search engines search results. When that happen people searching about the topic you have made will see you in the search engine and will go to your website. That’s how the money comes in.

    The gist is the more people come to your site, the more money you will have. Simple as that!

    But right now, don’t get too overwhelmed first. Concentrate in building great content through using the training courses I have shown you.

    I know right now, you’re exhausted and might have several questions in your mind.


    • You can comment below your questions
    • You can leave a question in my profile. Click this link for my profile
    • You can send me an email at

    I gave you 3 ways on how you can ask questions, so don’t be hesitant to do so. I’ll be happy to help and assist you.

    One last thought:

    Blogging is not just Part time jobs for senior citizens, It can also be your chance to have continuous income not just for you but also for your family.


    Best regards,

    John Rico

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      27 comments on “Part Time Jobs for Seniors

      1. Blogging is a great opportunity for anyone especially seniors, many seniors feel a void in their lives after retirement .

        Anyone can learn to write a blog, it’s fun and gives you a good feeling to share your passion with others. At the same time you can earn extra income.

      2. Dear John. Your website is great. You covered a lot of topics, and I like that very much. Whole website is visually present, and clear. Everyone can see that you put lot effort in development process. I do not know what to suggest. Maybe you could create Neobux review. You would like that.
        In one word the website is awesome.

        Best regards,

        • It is good to hear that Borislav. The main purpose of this website is to help people learn more about different money making programs. So you have mentioned about Neobux, have you been into this program before? Have you earned anything from it? I would love to hear some thoughts about it from you. Thanks!

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