What is the Amway Scam?

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    what is the amway scam

    Are you also asking, what is the Amway scam? Are you confused whether it can give you extra income or not. To clear your doubts about it, here is my extensive Amway review.

    What is the Amway?

    what is the amwayAmway is a multi level marketing company and was founded much earlier before most MLM companies. It was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Amway was initially based in United States of America but it has continued to grow from there and is now operating at an international level. Amway is the short form for the American Way. The products that Amway offers are in the categories of health, beauty, personal care and home care. The company operates in well over 100 countries and is still growing. The company helps to improve the health of people as well as to take care of their home and beauty. The products are in various varieties and have helped a significant part of the world. Now let us take a look how you can earn from this company.


    How Does Amway business Works?

    This question must be there in your mind and I will tell you in a detailed manner how this business works and ways to earn from it. Amway works like any other MLM company and you have to recruit people as well as to make sales to earn a decent income. The commission that you get paid is 25 percent which is lower as compared to some other MLM companies.

    The biggest advantage that Amway offers over other MLM companies is the number and categories of products that you can choose to sell. You can choose health supplements or home care products or others as per your preference and expertise. Once you make a sale to a customer and when the customer is satisfied then you can offer other products of Amway for sale too. The ways that you can make sales are also diverse. You can use the internet to make sales. Home parties, mail order, person-to-person and others methods can also be used to increase your sales.

    Once you join Amway you are known as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Amway has paid billions as incentives and bonuses to its employees since its beginning in 1959. Awards are also there for the exceptional employees.


    How Much Does it Cost to Join?

    what is the amway

    It costs 62 dollars to join as an Independent Business Owner. The cost of joining is not so much and I think the price is fair. I am not saying that Amway is worth joining and I am just saying that the cost of joining is fair. Whether Amway is worth joining or not will be told to you in the conclusion part.

    You can also buy the Welcome Product Kit for 83.99 dollars which includes full size products and samples. The kit also includes product brochures and other tools to help you promote your products to prospective customers. It is absolutely compulsory to spend at least 62 dollars if you want to join.


    How Much Can I Earn?

    I know you are desperate and want to earn a lot of money with little effort and there is no shame in that because everyone wants to earn quick money. I am really sorry but with Amway, your earnings depends on your performance in the business.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme. Amway has been in the business for long but that does not mean that all those who work for it are millionaires. Less than 1 percent of the people earn some serious money like 2000 dollars per month.


    Are there Amway Complaints?

    Yes, there are complaints and it is a long list so let us get right to it.

    1. New people with no experience do succeed very rarely and do not like the competition that is very fierce.

    2. Amway is old but it is also a disadvantage because some people join only to find out that there is already someone who is making sales in the area and they have no scope for any earnings.

    3. Products are expensive and many people think more than twice before buying the products.

    Some other complaints are also there but I know that you have got my point that is why I am not mentioning them.



    Amway is not a scam and something that has been around for so long should not be called a scam. But the question is, it is good enough to join? My answer to this question is no. Why? There are far better alternatives to this business and many people do not earn enough to keep them in this business. It is a harsh reality that business is very competitive and most people end up with a headache rather than money. Some get successful but I do not think it is worth the risk. The business is too complicated and only some exceptional people should join and normal people should play smart and go find another opportunity.



    Now let us talk about some of the alternatives that are available for Amway. Starting your own business is a much better idea and you do not have to share profits with anyone.

    I know that you want to join in Amway because you are hoping that it would help you earn some extra money to pay for your expenses. Let me tell you, It is not. Actually I was also in the same shoes as yours a year ago but then I was fortunate enough to learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

    It is a training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. At first, I was hesitant to join because I thought that it would be just another scam. But I still tried it since I have noting to lose because it is just free to join. Right now, I am on my sixth month in the program and everything goes well.

    Let me end this review with one question.

    Why Spend So Much For MLM, If You Can Build Your Own Online Business For Free?

    Check out my review on the top recommended training program.

    If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about Amway, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      13 comments on “What is the Amway Scam?

      1. Hello John,

        That is so true. Your earnings really do depend on how much work you put into the business, especially if you are new in the business. I know sometimes people join because they believe they will get rich quick without having to do any work. Amway has helped a lot of people but it has also taken more money away from others. I just think that if you plan to join Amway you should at least have some network marketing experience.

        • I agree with you Frank. MLM business is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to spend much time and effort in order to achieve your desired income. For some this may be easy, but for most people it is not a piece of cake.

      2. Hi John!
        As a former Amway rep, I can certainly tell you that you are correct. In order to make sales, you must be able to convince friends and family to buy your product or join the business with you. My upline came over and helped me call every one on my Facebook who didn’t have private numbers to ask them if they were interested in joining with me. It was a bit embarrassing.
        After awhile, I became burnt out with all the conferences I had to attend as well as the books and cds I had to spend money on for personal development. If I pressured enough people, then I could pull in about 60.00 that month on personal sales. If you minus the personal development items and membership fees that you must pay to your team, I probably made about 5.00/monthly.
        Amway is great for personal development and your team is very supportive of you. I grew close to a lot of people there. Don’t regret my time with this company, but WA sounds like a better option for me.

        • Hi there Meggie! I am very delighted that you have shared your past experiences in Amway business. I agree with you that they can help you in developing your interpersonal skills but as for the business side, it is somehow challenging. I am also glad that you have expressed your feelings about the program because this can be a help for those who are thinking of investing in this MLM business. I know that you have spend much time and effort into it, but it appears that it is not your cup of tea. By the way, is there any business opportunity that you have tried aside from MLM?

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