What is the Aroga Worldwide – Is it an MLM Scam?

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    What is the Aroga Worldwide

    Are you intrigued on what is the Aroga Worldwide? Do you wonder if its business plan is worthy of your money and time? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my in depth review about it.

    What is the aroga worldwide?

    Earlier known as Oxo World Wide is now owned by Aroga Worldwide because the company changed hands in the year 2014. Aroga Worldwide deals in quantum infused holograms that when applied on specific pressure points on the body gives desired results. These holograms work on pain relief, increasing energy and sleeping problems. They work in reality and can help you greatly throughout the day or night.


    how does aroga worldwide works?

    The business of Aroga Worldwide works on relatively simpler methods of marketing their products. Aroga Worldwide believes in word of mouth and its associates can use word of mouth to sell its products. Word of mouth means marketing a product just by using personal interactions and spreading the word about a product.

    The most amazing thing about Aroga Worldwide is that it pays 65 percent of its revenue to its members and that is significantly higher than its competitors. I like this fact about this company and the compensation plan of this company is much better than some of the other MLM companies.

    As a distributor of the company your job is to sell the three products that Aroga Worldwide offers to as many people as you can as well as to build your downline which will help you in earning much more.

    You also get team commissions and team matching bonuses in addition to your own commission for selling the product. Like I said before Aroga Worldwide offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry but there is one small problem which we will discuss a little later. There are various other rewards available and to know more you can check out their official website. Here is a list of ways to get paid:

    1 Retail Bonus

    2 Preferred Customers

    3 Fast Start Bonus

    4 Team Commissions

    5 Team Matching Bonus

    There are several ranks in the compensation plan and you have to advance through them to earn a more desirable amount of money. Your advancement depends on your Personal Volume which is also known as PV for short as well as on your team and their PV. For example: You have to recruit 2 people and have a PV of 100 to qualify for Bronze and those two people must also have a PV of 100 each. As your team advances and downline builds you earn new ranks.


    how much does it cost to join?

    The kit is worth 179.97 dollars and is worth well above the market average. The price of kit is still worth it if you can makes enough sales of the product. Many customers will require more efforts from your side as the products are sometimes hard to sell. The customers also need to have some of the energy, pain or sleep problems so that they think about buying the product.


    how much can I earn?

    I know that after paying 179.97 dollars your expectations will be higher and I would like to tell you that it is not going to be easy. Money is a hard thing to come by these days and in the current world scenario it is even harder. The products are quite expensive and many people will refuse to buy after hearing the price of the products.

    These products work for only one time and they need to be bought again and again which will add to your advantage. Once you get a customer you can earn as long as they keep buying the product. The company pays you a greater share of its revenue too and the compensation plan is decent. So when I take into account all this you can earn a few thousands if you do well but you need to work hard before that. I am talking about earning 1000 dollars in one month not in one year so definitely you can to work for some months or some years to reach this goal. There is no guarantee of earning form this business and there is a question whether the products work or not.

    Now it is time to tell you that you chances of getting rich with this scheme are not so good and maybe less than 2 or 3 percent even when you work hard.


    are there any complaints?

    Yes there are some complaints and they are mentioned below.

    1 Expensive products- The products are expensive compared to other MLM companies out there. There are alternative businesses that you can start with just $50 or less or even for free.

    2 Requires Certain Skills- Although they give some guidance and training to its members, this does not guarantee your success in the business. It is still based on your own skills whether you will go up or down in this company.



    This is not a scam and it is a legit business opportunity. Actually, you can earn form this company. However, I still don’t recommend this business because there are other alternatives to this which can give you much earnings and you can even start with lesser the price. One of the alternatives that you can have is starting your own business.  To make it clear, I am just here to present you the facts and say my educated opinion about it. So it is still your own decision if you will agree or disagree with me. Good luck and choose wisely.



    I know that you want to join in Aroga Worldwide MLM business because you are hoping that it could help you earn decent income to pay for your expenses and bills. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

    Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that MLM business will help me with paying my debts. But I was wrong. I just spent money and didn’t even the income I expected.

    On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one, because I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. I was hesitant to join a first, but then I realized that I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join.

    Right now, I am on my sixth month, and I want to share my success with you. Let me end this review with one question.

    Why spend Hundreds of Dollars in MLM, If you Can Start your Own Online Business for Free?

    Check out my review on the #1 recommended training program.

    If you have questions and concerns about the Aroga Worldwide, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

    Let me hear your experiences in the comments below!

    Best Regards,

    John Rico



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      4 comments on “What is the Aroga Worldwide – Is it an MLM Scam?

        • Hi there! You can better learn about the products of Aroga Worldwide from their official website. I think they can better explain how their products work. But as for their business, you can trust the review that I have made about it.

      1. John

        I have a problem with your statements. You say there expensive? Compared to what? what is your experience in this business or this product? Have you tried the product? Have you ever built an organization? You a total bait and switch …! Product is priced extremely fair $49.95 for over a 30-60 day supply. This program is designed to allow people to get a complete website with a turn key operation because most people do not know how to set up all the operations. I see guys like you having to put down a great opportunity that lots of money was invested, attorneys hired, experts from all arenas to make this launch and on going improvement from this launch happen to give independent distributors have the best opportunity to succeed. I personally do not like your SLANDER and I find it very unethical and morally wrong…! I’m asking you nicely to take down your untrue statements about the products not working and being expensive. I just checked to see if your a customer and your nowhere to be found. you don’t see me slandering your services because I’ve been trained to focus on where I want to go not you. You internet guys use more trickery than a magic show.
        Steven Smith

        • Hi Steven! I appreciate your points given. But I have answers to all your question.

          “Why Aroga Worldwide is expensive?”

          There are plenty of MLM companies out there that is way cheaper compared to Aroga Worldwide. With just $50 or less, you can already purchase their business kit and start the business. Comparing to the business kit in Aroga Worldwide which is already worth $179.97. And if you would read thoroughly my conclusion part, I am saying that it is still legit and you can earn money from it. However, in my opinion I still don’t recommend it.

          My main reason why I made this point is because I have tried joining in one MLM company before. At first, it is okay because they introduced me about how the process work, but after I have purchased the products, I already felt lost and don’t know what to do. There is no constant guidance coming from the company so I decided to quit.

          I am not putting down your business or the company itself. It is just that I am not in favor in this kind of business. And about the expensive part, in my own perspective, the business kit is really expensive. I mean more than $100 is already costly right? And besides this is just my opinion. People who read this blog have the freedom to agree or disagree with me.

          With all your respect sir, my blog is not a magic show. I have spent almost 7 months researching and making in depth reviews about different money making programs and business. So you should also respect what I am doing. I am still in favor with affiliate marketing which is in my opinion better than MLM business. God Bless to you sir.

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