What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

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    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire


    Are you also asking yourself, What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire? Are you confused if Coffee Shop Millionaire is a scam or not?

    This review will guide your decision on whether you will buy Coffee Shop Millionaire or not.

    I won’t give you lengthy explanations because I don’t want to waste your precious time.

    In less than 7 minutes, you will definitely clear 99.98% doubts in your mind. So start reading, and YOU DECIDE.

    Here are the 3 CONCRETE FACTS that will make up your mind:



    After you watch the video presented in the site, Anthony tells that the initial membership is 37$ for the training and support. With this amount you will already get the modules to build your online business. Seems pretty convincing right? However after you sign up and send the payment in coffee shop millionaire site you will see this:

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    It will lead you to an upsell! So what happened to what he said in the beginning that “with your order today you’ll receive our million dollar marketing package at no extra cost”.

    Though you are not required to buy the upsell products, these are still needed in order for you to have the important tools to be used throughout the training.

    So if you sum it up, 37$ for the initial membership + $297 for the “Six Figure Success Club” product = $334!

    But that’s not all of it. You are also needed to buy your hosting and website builder for more or less $100.

    That’s a total of $434! Quite expensive, right?


    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    With great price, comes great responsibility.

    Given the high initial cost for starter members, it is definitely packed with training and courses that will boost your business.

    You are going to get a “cheat sheet” that follows a system where you can earn $21K in just weeks without a product of your own and without a list.

    There is also an entire module of the training presented as “Cash Machines” which covers topics such as email marketing, video marketing, article submission and the local economy.

    With all these training presented, it is somehow vaguely explained. Some of the major points that should be discussed more are left out and maybe a disadvantage for the starter users of the product.



    As an affiliate marketer, the number one factor that sets apart a good affiliate marketing product from those that are bad is the support system.

    And this is where coffee shop millionaire fall short. I will tell you what happened to my purchase.

    So I purchased the product and I expected that I will be able to start the training course. Unfortunately, I can’t log in into the members area. They told me that they already sent an email to me that includes my log-in information. But 5 hours have passed and there appears to be none. When I click the link on my email they just kept on leading me to this page.

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?Still no log in information after 5 hours!

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    At that time, I realized that if in the early process I am not getting any assistance already, what more in the future?

    So I decided to have a refund. Here are the steps that I have done. The reason I included it in here is that there is no proper instructions in the site on how you can refund your purchase.

    • In the email they sent you scroll down and click the link under clickbank customer service.What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?
    • You will be directed to this page. Input your order number or email address.

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    • Then, Click the Get support.

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    • Choose the refund in the Action

    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    It says that they process refund for 2 business days. And honestly, I can’t wait to take back my hard earned money.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I haven’t answered all your questions yet, Here are more questions that has answers. If you still got a question, Just comment below so I can help you.

    Q: Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Offer A Free Website?

    A: Anthony said that a website will be given to you. But it will cost you more or less $100 which is too expensive because you can purchase hosting and domain just for $11 or less or even for free.

    Check out this free website builder that I discovered!

    Q: Does the Product Promise Fast Money?

    A: The owner tells promises that you will get fast money however, all the experts in affiliate marketing knows that online business takes time. If it is a scam then you’ll have fast money though.

    Q: Is there a refund policy?

    A: Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So if at anytime you are not happy with Coffee Shop Millionaire within your 60 day period, you are free to cancel your membership. I have shown above on how you can cancel your membership.



    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?
    Product Rating by howtopassiveincome.net


    What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

    With all the facts I presented, I must say that the Coffee Shop Millionaire is a scam. But  you are still the Judge. My job is just to present to you the information that you need to know about it.

    I believe that LESS IS MORE. So I made this review brief and concise so that I can convey the message to you clearer and faster. If you really want to start an online marketing business and you only have limited budget, Coffee Shop Millionaire is not the one for you. The Customer Support is insufficient that starter members will really have a hard time using the product.

    So, If you really want to start online business with superb step by step training but only have limited money, and you want to have 24/7 support and coaching from the experts,

    Check out this review about my #1 recommended online business program that you can start without getting any money out from your pocket.

    PS: Please leave your questions, comments, and violent reactions about the post. It is my privilege to interact with you.

    If you learned something today, Please Spread the Word, so others could Benefit too. Big Thanks! 🙂 

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      31 comments on “What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire?

      1. hello there,

        Thanks for your honest review, coffee shop millionaire is just a scam as I thought about it before reading your review, glad to find a website that tells people to take care from being scammed by silly programs which consist of upsells, thanks again for the information you shared with world & keep up the good articles.

      2. It’s crazy how programs like this trick people into upsells. I’m not sure why they don’t just market their offerings truthfully, offer quality content/training, and earn additional business through positive word of mouth. Instead, they implement shady practices and hurt their business in the long run.

        I’m sure that some of the modules and various teachings they have to offer can truly help internet marketers, but the way they go about selling it isn’t right. How do you feel Coffee Shop Millionaire compares to a service like Wealthy Affiliate?

        • I agree with you. The goal of Coffee Shop Millionaire is okay because they wanted to give people training on how they can earn through internet marketing. However, the way they do it is somehow unappealing. The number one reason that disappoints me with this program is the various upsells that they offer. If they really know that the program they provide actually works, why don’t they just tell the original price right?

          So you are asking about a comparison about Coffee shop millionaire from wealthy affiliate. Actually, they have the same focus which is to teach internet marketing but their main difference is the price of starter membership. CSM offers training for $37 and another $297 for the upsell. On the other hand, WA offers free starter cost and $19 for the first month. If you will compare the two, wealthy affiliate is much cheaper that the other one.

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