What is the Epicure Selections? Is it a Pyramiding Scam?

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    what is the epicure selections

    Are you tired of finding answer on what is the Epicure Selections? Are you considering this type of business because your friend invited you to join? Before you jump into a decision, read first my in depth review about it.

    What is Epicure Selections?

    what is the epicure selectionsEpicure Selections is a multi-level marketing company that promotes food products, beverages, cookware, body care, home care, and a good amount of recipes for its customers. It was started by Sylvie Rochette in the year 1991 and it has been spreading throughout Canada like wild fire. 


    How does the Epicure Selections business works?  

    Epicure Selections is much like any other MLM company but it has some unique aspects of its own. Let me tell you in detail how you can join this company and how the compensation plan works.

    In order to join, you have to contact a sponsor in your area and after connecting with the sponsor you have to fill up the online agreement form. After you become a consultant you have to make a minimum of 200 dollar sale in the calendar month to qualify as consultant for that month. There are various levels that you can advance to and earn a good deal of money in the process. Once you reach a high level position such as Senior Leader then you can stay recognized  for 4 months even if you do not fulfill the criteria for being in that position. You get paid according to the position you qualify for in the calendar month and your position depends on your personal sales, team sales, qualified consultants and qualified leaders. Now let us explain how you earn.

    Personal sales

    You earn 25 percent commission on personal sales and 3 percent extra if your sales is more than 2000 dollars.

    Team sales

    You earn a commission on team sales as well, but it depends on your position. But you have to be in higher position in order to attain these bonus.

    Car bonus

    Monthly car bonus is awarded to higher level consultants.

    New leader bonus

    When you are promoted as a new leader you get a bonus of 250 dollars and when you promote a new first generation leader you get 250 dollars.

    Overall the compensation plan offer many ways to grow in the business.


    How much does it costs to join?

    what is the epicure selections

    The cost of the startup kit is 175 dollars and is expensive if you ask me. You get products worth 500 dollars in the kit and you have to sell them to the ultimate consumer. The kit is worth more than most kits of other MLM companies.


    How much can I earn?

    Right now, I know that you are asking how much can you really earn in this MLM business. Let me tell you, it depends on how you work in this business.

    I know that you are excited and you want me to tell you that you have hit the jackpot with this company but unfortunately you have not hit the jackpot this time. If you get stuck on the consultant level then you can’t make much money but if you keep moving forward then you can earn enough to quit your day job after some years. If you are looking for some money and are okay with working at your own pace then this job can help you. On the other hand if you are ready to work full time and want to earn serious money then it might take years and still there is no guarantee of you ending up as a millionaire.


    Are there Epicure Selections Complaints?

    There are two relevant complaints and they are explained below.

    need to have great convincing skills

    It is hard to build a good customer base and many are not able to build one. You need to have great convincing skills because you are ought to talk to a lot of people in order to make a sale.

    Quite costly

    The price of the kit is expensive and it discourages the prospective consultant. Plus you have to buy product kits continuously in order to gain profit.



    Epicure Selections is not a scam and if someone thinks that this is a scam then they have a lot to learn about this company. This company is not a scam but is it still worth joining? My answer is a strong no. There are some exceptional people who can join this company. The people I am talking about need to have a broad consumer base, leadership qualities, risk taking abilities and much more. Yes there are some people like this but if you are short on any of these qualities then you would be wise to walk away.



    A dollar saved is equal to a dollar earned and when there are much better alternatives out there then why risk it. The alternatives I am talking about are starting your own business. I know that starting your business can be hard but it will benefit you in the long run as all the profit will be yours. 

    Actually I was also in the same shoes as yours a year ago. I was hoping that MLM business will be the answer to my problem. But I realized that it is not. On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in MLM because I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate.

    It is like an online university that provides in depth training to anyone who wants to have their own online business. At first I was also hesitant to join in it, but then it is free of charge so I have nothing to lose.

    Right now, I am already on my sixth month in the business and everything is doing good. And I want to share it with you.

    Let me end this review with one question.

    Why Spend So Much for MLM, If you can Start your Own Online Business For Free?

    Check out my review on the #1 recommended training program.

    If you have more questions, concerns, or prior experience about Epicure Selections, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy top interact with you.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico

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      7 comments on “What is the Epicure Selections? Is it a Pyramiding Scam?

      1. wow this sounds fantastic because in most cases i have been trying to find ways on how to make money online but my problem was that i used to be scared of the after effect of it and its benefits but with this information provided i have found it more useful.

        thanks for the information provided



      2. Hi John,

        This is the first time I am hearing of an MLM called Epicure and was really intrigue to know about this ‘car bonus reward’. Do they give you a car for your performance?

        If that’s so, this is probably the most ‘lucrative’ offer (and a bizarre one) I have ever encountered. I had a quick look at the website and besides some fancy cooking tools, I don’t see what’s so special about their products.

        Indeed the starter kit is quite expensive in my opinion. With that kind of money, you can easily create a website and start earning from affiliate programs instead.

        • Hi there! There are plenty of MLM companies that offer car bonus reward in their compensation plan. This may sound to be convincing but let me tell you, this is hard to achieve. Most MLM companies require its members to make a specific amount of sales before they can actually qualify for this bonus.

          I can say that this is not that easy to achieve because I myself has joined in this kinds of MLM business before. And I can tell you that even making one sale is hard to do. The main reason for this is that people are already skeptical in joining in this kind of business because MLM is already associated with scams. Most people think that way actually. So basically, it takes so much time before you can actually make that much sales.

          By the way, you have mentioned about creating a website and affiliate programs. How long have you been in affiliate marketing business?

      3. Hi John,
        I have spent several hundred dollars on a few companies in the past year and a half and have came to the same conclusion as you have. You need to have a fundamental skill set and a high level of perseverance to become successful at any MLM endeavor, plus the fact, you need to drop money on a regular basis.

        Is Wealthy Affiliate free to use? Really? Sounds too good to be true. Will check it out!

        • Wealthy Affiliate is definitely free to start with. Actually, you can already make money with just its free membership. Honestly, like you I was also skeptical with it because how come they will provide a program that can give you extra money for free right? So out of curiosity I tried it, and learned that it is real.

          In just a short period of time, I was able to make my own website, and monetize in it. At first, I thought that it would be complicated but I was wrong. They made every steps easy and simple as possible for anyone to understand. As for me, I don’t have any prior experience about making websites but I was able to learn the steps easily.

          You know what for your curiosity sake, you can start with its free membership and see what is inside. In that way, you can way things up if it is the business for you.

      4. Hello John!

        I just read your article here about epicure selection. I’m a little unsure about it at all is something I will concern myself. First I thought that $ 175 is a lot of money to start out with even if I get a hit product that I can sell from or handing out samples.

        So my question to you is.

        What is it that makes this product legal in comparison to other network marketing business?


        • You can be sure that the product promoted by a MLM company is legit it is in the business for a long period of time. I mean, a certain product if not effective will definitely not last long and will be immediately thrown out in the market. And besides if a certain company knows that they are already losing some money then they will stop the distribution of those products.

          On the other hand, that is not the question that must be tackled. The question is whether a MLM company uses its products as a primary source of earning. The reason for this is that, if a company don’t have product line that they promote, then they are just another pyramiding scheme. So before joining in one, you should research first about how the company makes its money.

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