What is the Global Test Market?

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    What is the Global Test Market

    Are you wondering what is the Global Test Market? Can you really earn reward by just taking paid surveys? Before you jump right in, Here is my honest review about the Global Test Market.

    What is Global Test Market?

    What is the Global Test MarketGlobal Test Market is a company that offers paid online surveys since 1999 that serves more than 60 countries. They have partnered with the leading companies, to offer opportunities for you to share your opinions about the latest products and services today.  They also claim that they are the world’s no. 1 paid survey website.


    How does Global Test Market Work?

    It is a fast way to make money online through giving your opinion in exchange of rewards. They offer hundreds of surveys per year of various topics including shopping, restaurant, cars and so much more that you can enjoy all for free.

    Basically after you sign up and activate your account through the email activation they sent you, you can already start doing surveys. Unlike other survey sites like Vivatic and Cashcrate, the only means of earning is just through paid surveys. Usually you are paid through market points that ranges from 35-250 points which is equivalent to an average of $1.50 – $1.75 per survey that you can answer for 10-30 minutes depending on the pay out. The initial amount to cash out is $50 which is equivalent to 1100 market points.

    I have tried the survey site myself and learnt the ins and out of the program.  Actually when I make a product or company review I always make sure that I myself have tried and joined it. So that I can give more detailed information on how it really works. As what I have seen, there are some good and there are also some that needs to be improved. Here are just some of the important points that you need to remember and learn before you join Global Test Market.

    Let me show you, an example on how to answer a survey.

    what is the global test market

    There are various surveys that you can choose from. So after you decided on what to take, just press the start now button and you will be directed immediately to the first part of survey. But usually they will send you constant emails of 2-3 surveys per day that you can take.

    What is the Global Test Market

    Basically you just answer simple questions about yourself that will determine if you are qualified for the survey. And here goes the hard part. Global Test Market has already increased the screening process in whether you qualify for a survey or not. This is a good thing for them because they can get the best quality answers from the people, But for us that taking the survey, I don’t think so. It will just lower our chance to get more points that we can redeem for cash or rewards.

    Most of the common complaints of users is that it takes so much time before you know that you are disqualified. On average, it takes more than 10 minutes before they will tell you that you can’t take the survey. This is so frustrating since we are here to earn money right? Why don’t they just tell us from the first minute of answering if we are not qualified or not so we can spend our time to another survey.

    So when you are already screened out you are again redirected to another survey, which again analyzes your answers based on your demographics. But you will be lucky enough to finish the survey to the very end. Although you are still given 5 points after you are screened out.

    what is the global test market

    Another complain of frequent users is the glitch when you are taking the survey. 1 out of 30 survey takers experience time out in the middle of the survey and unfortunately erases your answers throughout the process.  Although as what I have stated earlier they will send you constant emails everyday. For some time it goes to 40 surveys sent in 3 days. It is a good thing right? However if you check all of it, you will just qualify to 3 or 4 surveys out of the 40.


    how much does it cost to join?

    Actually, joining in survey sites is free of charge. But then, this makes the earnings that you can get lower.


    How Much Can I Earn?


    what is the global test marketIn all honesty, not that much!  Let us have a small calculation of what can you expect to earn in a month of taking surveys.

    Assuming you get qualified in all the 3 surveys they send you everyday. And you answer it for one month or 30 days. So 3 x 30 = 90 surveys per month. Then we multiply it with the average pay out you can get it. 90 x $1.50 per survey equals $139.50 in a month. That is  $4.65 a day!

    But let me tell you, this is just possible if you will not get screened out in the initial process.

    Another way of earning is through gift cards. Some of these rewards can be used in Amazon, PayPal, Macy’s, Kohl’s and even UNICEF charity donation. Although the selection of rewards will be based on what country you live.

    Some surveys are also given payments in terms of sweepstakes entries which gives you little chance to earn direct cash.


    are there any complaints?

    Yes, and I have listed some concerns below.

    The amount you needed to accumulate is just too high.

    Compared to other survey sites that allow you to redeem you cash when you reach 10$ – 20$, in Global Test Market you need to have 50$ or 1100 market points before you can get your reward. This is frustrating because it will just give us a hard time to get the money that we deserve for answering surveys.

    Earnings is not enough

    Although it is a legit company that really pays, the amount you are getting is really not enough to earn you a living. As what we have calculated earlier, the amount you can accumulate within a month is little more than 100$ which is lower when you compare to you income if you work on a minimum wage.



    Global Test Market has a good earning potential if you joined in it 4 years ago. However, things have changed. The qualifications before answering survey become tougher. Although they give you new survey updates everyday, the chance of answering all of them is lessened. Most of the survey takers claim that they are screened out 90% of the time. This is a sad news because the program used to be a good one.

    I believe that there are far way better alternatives that you can try aside from Global Test Market. Don’t waste your time in survey sites and spend it to more profitable ways of earning extra money.


    is there other way to earn online?

    I know that you want to join in Global Test Market because you are eager to find another way to earn some extra cash. I feel that you are already tired of going to work from 9-5 and you already want to go away from it. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

    Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that survey sites is the answer to my money problems. I was easily blinded by the simple tasks that I can finish.  But I realized that the earnings that I can get is not worth it. I also got discouraged about it because even if I work more hours per day,  I still can’t get the extra earnings that I desire.

    Now, your next question is, how can you really make money? My best suggestion would be through building your own online business. Basically it is a modern way of earning at home. Did you know that Amazon is the biggest affiliate business online? They earn commissions from promoting other people’s products. They don’t own any product but they are making money from them.

    Right now, I am on my tenth month in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you. Let me end this review with one question.

    Why waste time in survey sites, If You Can earn more from your own online business?

    Check out my review on the #1 Recommended Online Training Program.

    If you have more questions and concerns about Global Test Market, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

    Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      13 comments on “What is the Global Test Market?

      1. I’ve tried using global test market before and quickly realized that this is not what I should be spending my time doing. I think you were right to give it two stars

        The problem with sites like this is that nothing you do has any lasting effect. You’ll always have to come back and continue to keep earning. You’re still the bottleneck in how much you can earn. Not a good way to build lasting income.

      2. I have a love and hate relationship with survey sites. Tried several in the past; some accepted me, but most took forever to complete their questionnaire. In a month, I barely earned $10 and people refer to that as extra cash. For me, it’s cheap labor when you really have NOTHING to do on the internet.

        Thank god I’ve learned my lesson and move onto starting my own online business.

        • I definitely agree with you. Too much work for just little payout is not worth it. Although survey sites are legit, I believe that it is not the best way to earn extra income.

      3. Hey Rico,
        I totally agree with you on the earning potential of the Global test Market. Filling up surveys are much easier last time compared to now, its very time consuming nowadays and its not worth the energy invested.

        We get very little pay and its a wonder why anyone would still do surveys because instead of spending 3-4 hours a day clicking on ads, they would have used that to build and grow their business online.

        Excellent review as always man, I enjoyed reading them. keep up the good work!

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