What is the Isagenix Scam? Can You Really Earn From their Business Plan?

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    What is the Isagenix Scam

    Are you also wondering, what is the Isagenix scam? Are you invited by your friend to join but you feel hesitant? To clear your doubts about it, read first my Isagenix review and then decide. 

    What is the isagenix?

    what is the isagenixIsagenix is a company that works on the multi level marketing model. This company has been in business for more than 12 years. It was founded in America and now it operates in some other countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and some others. The founders are Jim Coover, Kathy Coover and John Anderson. Isagenix provides various products such as shakes, healthy aging solutions, age defying skincare, protein bars, green tea and much more. The products are mainly aimed at providing healthy lifestyle for its consumers.


    How Does Isagenix business Works?

    I spent some time learning on how the Isagenix business works. So let me first tell you the ways to earn from this business. This part is very important so pay close attention.

    Direct Selling

    what is the isagenix

    Once you join as an associate you can begin direct selling. You are required to just sell the product in any way that you are more comfortable. The ways include using the internet or conducting home parties. You can also make person-to person sales or business-to-business. The internet is the best option because if you succeed then you can work from home very easily. Basically you can earn 30 percent profit from your sales.

    Team Bonuses

    You have to build your two teams and they are known as the right sales team and left sales team. There is a catch. First you need to qualify as a consultant, director or executive to earn bonuses from your teams. You can build your team but to earn bonus from your team you have to surpass the level of associate.

    Product Introduction Bonuses

    Product Introduction Bonus is paid when your personally enrolled associate buys one or more of the Product Introduction Packs directly from Isagenix at the time of sign up.


    There are other ways to earn such as incentives, promotions and executive matching team bonuses.

    Obviously as you advance in rank you get paid more and the plan gives equal opportunities to new people for advancement. The recognition program is very good and it gives recognition to those who develop and are able to manage their business effectively. Overall the compensation plan offers many opportunities but still this does not guarantee your success.


    How Much Does It Cost to Join?

    what is the isagenix

    There are various business packs that you can start with in Isagenix. You can choose from four types of packages. This includes weight loss, energy, performance, and healthy aging. The lowest business pack price is  worth $269 which includes the system guide and the products of your choice.

    But the most popular one is the Business Builder Pak. This includes business building tool, event coupon, welcome kits, Isablender, products, and free international membership. This is all worth $1,099. Pretty expensive right?


    How Much Can I Earn?

    moneyI have to tell you the truth here and sometimes truth can be hard to hear and accept. The truth is that Isagenix business is very competitive and money is hard to come for those who are not serious, hardworking and skilled enough. I know some have made millions and they have done so in some years but if you ask them they will tell you that it is really hard even with the right skills and a great team. You cannot earn some serious money only by making direct sales and you have to build a great team and the recruiting part is hard for most people. I do not mean to discourage you in any way but if you want to get rich quick then you have to find another opportunity.


    Are there Isagenix Complaints?

    Yes, there are some complaints so let us take a look at them.

    1. High price of products– Many customers find the high price of products to be a problem and they are not too happy about it. Customers are very hard to find and the price of the products add to the difficulty of any distributor.

    2. Question of quality– The quality of the products are questionable because many products are not backed up by research to show that they really work for a consumer. The company has been there for a long time and I am not saying that the products do not work but if there was a research to back the claims of the company then things would be a lot better.



    Isagenix is not a scam and it is a legit business opportunity. If you ever thought that this is a scam then you were wrong and you can join this company without fear of being scammed. However, I do not recommend this company to everyone and I only recommend to those who are hardworking, optimistic, skilled, patient and willing to take the risk. If you do not posses such qualities then you should not feel disappointed because there are much better alternatives for this business. You can start your own business if you think that this is the right choice for you. Please take your time and consider all facts before joining this company. Good luck and choose wisely.



    I know that you want to join in Isagenix because you are hoping that it would help you earn income to pay your expenses. But let me tell you, I don’t recommend it.

    Actually, I was also in the same shoes as yours a year ago. I though that MLM business is the answer to my problem. But I realized that I was wrong. At first, it was okay because it gave me initial assistance about the business. However, later on I was already confused and felt that the process is too complicated.

    On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one because I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It is like an online training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. I was hesitant to join at first, but then I realized that I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join. Right now, I am on my sixth month in the program and everything goes according to plan.

    Let me end this review with one question.

    Why Spend So Much for MLM, If you Can Start Your Own Business for Free?

    Check out my review on the #1 Recommended Training Program.

    If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about Isagenix, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      2 comments on “What is the Isagenix Scam? Can You Really Earn From their Business Plan?

      1. I can tell you with personal experience that the products work. The weight loss program is what you would build your business with and it’s great and effective if you can find the right people to build your business. Not everyone who joins wants to do the business plan and that’s where it’s hard to get the business rolling to make serious money.
        The only negative I have to say about this is that you have to build both the left and right leg of the business in order for you to get the commission. Also you do need both left and right leg associates to be active (business volume as well) to get paid commission.
        I do like the incentives – there’s lots of bonuses as you get higher in the ranks but you have to get there first.
        The business plan is for someone who is serious about the business and willing to do the work. You have to talk to everyone and see if they are willing to give it a try.

        • It is good to learn some personal experiences from real people. It is because most of the time, there are plenty of fake accounts that promote the product just to make a sale. So how long have you been in Isagenix? Did you make any money from it or you just used its products?

          By the way, I agree with you that building an MLM business is tedious especially that you need to create a left and right team in order to generate more profit. This is somehow frustrating because, it is not easy to convince people to join in an MLM business especially that its record is already tainted. We can’t deny the fact that there are plenty of scams related to MLM so people are already reluctant to it. Another reason why it is difficult is that the starter membership fee is just too expensive. Some cost $100 up to $1000, depending on the kind of MLM company.

          Are you still in Isagenix business? Have you heard of ?Wealthy Affiliate before?

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