What is the Monavie?

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    what is the monavie

    Are you also asking, what is the Monavie? Are you confused if its MLM program is a scam or not. Before you join into it, Read first my full review about the Monavie.

    What is the Monavie?

    what is the monavieMonavie is a multi-level marketing company that offers healthy drink products made from blended fruits and vegetables. They claim to have one of the most profitable business compensation plans in the network marketing industry. On March 2015, they had a merger deal with Jeunesse Global after they went into foreclosure early in the same year. The main goal of the partnership is to improve how Monavie handles its company and bring a new way in the business.


    How Much does it Cost to Join?

    You can have your independent distributor kit for a price of $39. It includes your virtual office, placement and position in the binary; training and information about the products; supportive team members; and profitable compensation plan. You are also given training and seminars that will enhance the earning potential of your business. This includes:

    • Monavie Overview
    • Influencing Skills
    • Distibutor’s Manual
    • Tasting Meeting with new distributor
    • Weekly training and follow up meeting

    But this initial payment of $39, doesn’t include the products that you can start to sell. You still need to place your orders to have one to sell. So they also introduced a startup kit worth $249 that includes everything mentioned above, including the products that you can use for your own consumption and for retail.


    How does Monavie MLM Works?

    Just like any MLM business, Monavie has several ways on how you can earn money.  Here are the 8 ways that increases your chances of earning which are all included in their compensation plan.

    1.  Direct Sales

    what is the monavie

    Every time you sell a Monavie product you can earn 15% of the total retail price. Basically whatever is the difference between how much you bought the product and how much you sold it will be your total profit. By the way all your commissions are sent into your own monavie debit card.


    2. Bulk Order Bonus

    what is the monavie

    You can also make money through the volume of products bought by your referrals. For every Monavie bulk order of 3, 6, or 12 cases of your referral you are given a commission of 25$, 50$ or 75$ respectively.


    3. First Order Bonus

    what is the monavie

    For every referral you make that made their first order of Monavie product, you will get 20% first order bonus. That is up to 40$ commission.


     4. Star Maker Bonus

    what is the monavie

    Earn $40 each time your referral reaches the Star rank. Getting a rank in Monavie is based on your sales volume. As for the star rank, you should be earning $1000 per week in order to qualify for this.



    5. Team Bonus

    what is the monavie

    You may be aware that MLM follows a binary scheme wherein you will have a left and right leg. This means that you can put your referrals in either leg. With the team bonus, you can earn 10% commission on the sales volume generated in your lesser leg with a maximum commission amount of $10,000 per week.


    This is what binary looks like

    6. Executive Check Match Bonus

    what is the monavie

    You are also rewarded for every sale your referrals’ referral makes. That goes down up to the 7th generation. The percentage of commission varies every week depending on the company payout for that said week.


     7. Leadership Pool

    what is the monavie

    If you become qualified for the diamond rank, you will get a 1% commission from the total company sales volume. You are ranked as a diamond distributor, if your total sales per week is $10,000 or more.


    8. Multiple Business Centers

    what is the monavie

    When you reach the Blue diamond rank, you will be rewarded with another business center placed above your original business center. Basically you will have another account placed in top of your original account which doubles your earning potential. The maximum additional account is limited up to 3.


    Even though the earning potential are promising, All of these ways on how to earn in Monavie is greatly beneficial if you follow and attend the trainings that they offer. Honestly, Joining in a multi-level marketing business is not that easy. You need to have determination and passion to learn new things before you can see success.

    One common problem that MLM members have is having short patience. It is because if you have no previous experience in this kind of business, results is not that easy to get. I myself has also joined an MLM company a year ago and let me tell you, If you want to succeed in MLM, you should be patient. But of course, you should partner this with hard work and perseverance.


    How Much Can I Earn?

    If you are asking how much you can earn in Monavie, let me tell you it is limitless. Let us have a small computation on what you can earn in a day assuming that you just joined the program.

    Take note, this is just an assumption okay? This may not be true for everyone. I just used this to give you a clue on how much you can really earn.

    So, Let’s assume that you bought the $249 starter kit. With that, you can get 50% commission on very product you sell. Let’s say that you have sold 2 bottles of Monavie in a day with 22.50$ commission for each bottle. On that the same day, 1 of your referral ordered 3 cases of product which gives you 25$. And that happened to be his first order, so you will earn another 40$ as first order bonus. I didn’t include the star rank bonus, team commission and the other ways to earn because it takes time before you can earn money for those plans.

    If we add it all up, 45 + 25 + 40 = 110$! You can earn 110$ in your first day of being a distributor. But this is just the minimum you can get. The more bottles you sell and the more referrals you make, the higher your earning potential will be.


    Monavie is a legit MLM business company. It offers profitable ways for its members to earn extra cash. However, if we take an in depth look into it. There is a great factor that you should have in order to be successful in this business.

    You should be good sales person! Let us admit that you should have pleasant personality and convincing skills in order to have a sale or have a referral. It is definitely not easy to sell products even if you know that it is effective. Although Monavie offers trainings on how you can improve these skills, it still roots down into how you use it in real life situation.

    Another thing is that, the 249$ starter kit is just too expensive. I know for beginners in MLM, they will be hesitant to try that price and instead go with the 39$ initial kit. Let me tell, if you want to be successful in MLM, you should be willing to spend some money in order for you to have the products available for retail.

    In a nutshell, if you are looking for a business but you have a limited budget then, Monavie is not for you. Let me end this review with a question.

    Why spend 249$ in MLM, if you can start your own Online Business for 0$?

    Check out my #1 Recommended Online Business!

    If you have already tried the products or you have joined the company or you have concerns about them feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. I would be happy to learn new things from you.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      12 comments on “What is the Monavie?

      1. At first glance I thought it’s going to be about wine, since those bottles look more like wine bottles than health drink bottles. There seems to be so many different ways to earn money it’s very confusing. I’m still wondering what is the “left leg / right leg” thing since I didn’t quite get what it means. I think the online business opportunity you mentioned at the end sounds like a lot better option than this Monavie thing.

        • Monavie is an MLM business. So as what you have said, you need to have right leg and left leg in order to build a team. Most MLM companies offer commissions for every sale and referral your team member makes. This is somehow convincing when you are finding some business that you can do at home. But this is just too good to be true. Once you try to talk to other people about MLM then you will know what I mean.

          About the alternative online business opportunity that I am saying, so have you heard of wealthy affiliate before?

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