What is the Opinion Outpost? Read My Extensive Review About It

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    what is the opinion outpost

    Do you wonder, what is the Opinion Outpost? Are you in doubt if it can give you extra cash through taking surveys online? To give you understanding on how it works, read my in depth Opinion Outpost review.

    What is the Opinion Outpost?

    what is the opinion outpostOpinion Outpost is a market research program that offers opportunity for its members to answer surveys in exchange for rewards. Basically this surveys are given to major companies as they want to hear the consumers opinions. They have been in the business for more than a decade.


    How Does Opinion Outpost Works?

    After you have completed the sign up form, you will need to confirm your email address through clicking the activation link. I think almost all of the survey sites do the same way in order to avoid spams or robot survey takers.

    what is the opinion outpost

    You will then be directed to the site wherein you will provide personal information that will be used to give you surveys that will match your demographics.

    Unlike any other survey sites that offers several ways of earning, Opinion Outpost has given only one way which is taking surveys. This is somehow an advantage because you will get to focus on just one thing but the downside is you may easily get bored because of the lack of variety.

    There are two ways on how you can take surveys. You may choose to go directly to the site or you may receive constant emails from them. To give you a glimpse on how the survey works. Let me show you how to answer one.

    First you will need to answer random preliminary questions such as what electronic devices you own or do you have any health conditions. After answering this initial questions, you will be given the real survey which also shows how long you need to take it. Most surveys can be completed from 10 to 15 minutes which in average are paid by 15 points per survey.

    what is the opinion outpost

    Once you are already in the real survey, you will be asked of further questions. But make sure that you answer honestly because they will know if your lying and may result to penalties.

    On the other hand, my primary concern with Opinion Outpost is that it is hard to qualify for surveys. I have answered several surveys in them. But every time I reach the middle of survey, I get screened out. This maybe happening because my answers don’t match on what the company is looking for. They still redirect you to another survey though. By the way, for every unsuccessful survey you take, you will receive one raffle entry for their $10,000 cash giveaway.

    I almost forgot, Opinion outpost has already a referral program wherein you are paid $1.00 for the first 5 person you refer to the program. But they have to first complete one survey before you can be credited. So by just referring 5 friends, you can earn up to $5.00.


    How to redeem my points for rewards?

    what is the opinion outpost

    When you already accumulated enough points, you can now redeem it for rewards. You just need to go to your my account page and click the redeem button in order to get your rewards.

    There are several ways on how you can redeem your points for rewards. You can choose from cash or gift cards.

    1. Paypal Cash

    If you want to redeem your points for cash, then Paypal is the fastest way of doing it. You will need 100 points in order to have $10 cash via Paypal.

    2. Mileage Plus

    They also give mileage rewards worth 105 points for 300 award miles.

    3. Prize Draw Entries

    As what I have said earlier, every time you are disqualified in a survey you will receive one prize draw entry. But if you like, you can also exchange your points for more entries. One point is equivalent to one entry.

    4. Alawar

    You can also have Alawar gift Id’s from opinion outpost. The minimum points required is 30 points.

    5. Amazon

    One of my favorite reward is the amazon gift card. You will need 50 points before you can make a $5.00 request.

    6. iTunes

    If you want something from iTunes then you can also get it from here. 100 points is equivalent to $10.00 request.

    7. American Red Cross


    How Much Can I Earn?

    coinsRight now, I know that you are eager to know on how much can you really earn from Opinion outpost. Let me tell you, not that much! To give you a clearer grasp on how I came to this conclusion, let us have a small calculation assuming that you are just starting in the survey site.

    Let us say that you have successfully completed 15 surveys in one day. I assumed this amount of surveys because it is not all the time that you will be qualified for one. Like what I have said earlier, it is not easy to qualify for surveys because most companies are strict with the demographics that they are looking for.

    So 15 surveys times the average 15 points equals 225 points. If you will exchange it for paypal cash, it will be worth $22.50. With that amount of money for the long time you spent, it is clear that Opinion Outpost doesn’t give that much.



    Opinion Outpost is a legit survey site. It offers real cash and rewards for those who want to earn extra during their leisure times. However if you are thinking that it can be a full time job that can give you continuous income, then it is not.

    I know that you want to join in a survey site because you are hoping that it can help you pay your bills and even your monthly rent. Actually, a year ago, I was also in the same shoes as yours. I thought that this is the answer to my problems about money. At first it was okay because answering surveys are just easy, but later on I realized that I am not compensated enough with the effort and time that I am giving. So I decided to quit on it.

    But still, I am thankful that I bumped into survey sites because I learned about Wealthy Affiliate. It is like an online community that gives step by step process to its members on how to build your own online business. I was hesitant at first, but then I knew that I have nothing to lose because I can join in it for free.

    Right now I am still in the program, and everything seems to be going according to plan.

    So let me end this review with one question.

    Why Earn Little in Survey Sites, If you Can Earn More by Building Your Own Online Business?

    Check out my review on my #1 recommended online business.

    If you have any more questions, concerns or prior experience about Opinion Outpost, please feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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      11 comments on “What is the Opinion Outpost? Read My Extensive Review About It

      1. Great review! This is very helpful as I am planning to join online survey websites and stumbled in to your site while looking for information about this site called iglobalsurveys.com. Have you heard about it? Is this legit? I would love to hear you opinion on this site before I join them.

        • Hi there Jay! Yes, I have bumped into iglobal surveys before. Like the Opinion Outpost it is also a survey site which you can earn some extra cash for doing simple tasks online. And obviously, answering surveys is one of them. I think it is a legit site, most of survey sites are. But one major concern that always bothers me about them is that the earning potential is not that great. For example, they only offer cents for every survey that you complete. And if you bump into a dollar survey then you are already lucky.

          Another thing is that you, even if you spend so much time doing tasks in the site, it is still not enough to make you enough money. Basically, your effort and hard work is not paid enough. I still prefer affiliate marketing compared to joining in survey sites. Just my honest opinion.

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