What is the Usana Scam? Is it Another Pyramiding Scheme?

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    what is the usana scam

    Do you want to know what is the Usana Scam? Have you heard about it from your friend and you are not sure if the claim is true? Before you jump into any conclusion, read first my extensive Usana review.

    what is the usana?

    Usana is a multi level marketing company that manufactures nutritional supplements and health care products. The company not only manufactures but also distributes the products around the world. The quality of products that Usana offers is unquestionable but I have some other concerns which I will mention later in the review. Usana aims to not only make you healthier but also to make you financially dependent and this is according to their website. My viewpoint on Usana will be cleared in this review. I will try to answer all of your questions and then you can decide whether you want to join this company or not.


    how does usana business works?

    There are various ways that you can use to earn from Usana and I am quite surprised by their compensation plan. The compensation plan is huge and well structured. I think I have praised the compensation plan enough and now it is time to tell you about the ways that you can use to earn from this plan.

    Retail Sales- You can earn money through retail sales. You buy the products from the company at the Preferred Price and then you can sell it at the retail price. Retail price is decided by you and it should be about 10 percent over the Preferred Price.

    Weekly Commissions- You can earn weekly commissions on the Group Sales Volume which is accumulated through Associates and Preferred Customers.

    Lifetime Matching Bonus- When a new team member duplicates your success then you get the Lifetime Matching Bonus and you get this bonus for the entire life of your associate’s business.

    Incentives- You get various incentives such as luxury cars, valuable prizes, cash and much more when you build and grow your business.

    Leadership Bonus- Every week, Usana reserves three percent of its commissionable volume and then it is divided among qualifying Gold Directors and above. All you need to do is qualify for Gold or above levels to earn more money.

    Elite Bonus- This reward is awarded when you continue to earn and grow through this opportunity. The more you grow, the higher your reward.

    I want you to note that I have taken information about the compensation plan through the official site of the company and that is why you can fully trust this information. If you want to know more you can visit the official site of the company.


    how much does it cost to join?

    I would like to specify here that there are many companies and it is really expensive to join some of them but fortunately it is not too expensive to join Usana. The Business Development Pack costs about 29.95 dollars and it is required to be purchased by all those who want to join the company. You can buy other packs for yourself or for selling but it is not compulsory to buy any of them at all.


    how much can I earn?

    This is the question that matters the most to many people. Everyone wants to earn some serious money and if they do not get it even after working hard then it can be a little disappointing. I do not want to waste your time and I am going to get straight to the point. You have only 1 or 2 percent chance of earning some serious money. As we go up the organizational levels the percentage of people for each level gets lower and lower. At the top level only 0.20 percent people of the total people working for the company sit. Your chances of making it to the top are next to impossible and if you want to earn some decent money still there is no guarantee of success. The business world right now is dynamic and the competition among various companies is very high.


    are there any complaints?

    Yes, there are some complaints and they are listed below.

    The products are expensive and some buyers do not agree with the pricing of the products. The products that do the same work can be bought at a relatively lower price and this is hurting the business of Usana.

    Most associates do not earn enough and they are forced to either quit or resolve to forcing family and friends to join the business.



    It is very easy to guess that the business is legit in my opinion. The business has been called a pyramid scheme by some but I do not agree with them as nothing has been proved. However, I do not recommend trying your luck with this business because you will not get the kind of money you deserve easily while working for Usana. I know that some people will succeed but that percentage is very low. There are other alternatives and other opportunities that you should consider instead of this one. Good luck.



    I know that you want to join in Usana MLM business because you are hoping that it could help you earn extra income to pay for your expenses and bills. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem.

    Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that MLM business will help me with paying my debts. But I was wrong. I just spent money and didn’t get anything in return.

    On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one, because I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. I was hesitant to join a first, but then I realized that I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join.

    Right now, I am on my sixth month, and I want to share my success with you. Let me end this review with one question.

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    If you have questions and concerns about the Usana, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

    Let me hear your experiences in the comments below!

    Best Regards,

    John Rico


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