What is the Vindale Research? Find out if It is a Scam or Not

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    what is the vindale research

    Are you eager to know what is the Vindale Research Survey Program? Are you considering to join in it but don’t know if it’s worth the try? Read my straight to the point review before you jump right away into the survey site.

    What is Vindale Research?

    what is the vindale research

    Vindale Research is an online market research community that offers an opportunity for everyone to get paid for their opinion. Unlike any other survey sites that pays with points, Vindale Research pays with cash! They want to get your thoughts on the everyday product that you use and give it to the companies ,like Amazon, Disney and Netflix, for them to make it better. They are in the business since 2005.


    How Does Vindale Research Works?

    Aside from survers, Vindale Research offers other services that increases your chances of earning. By the way, once you have completed your profile, you instantly earn $2 sign up bonus.

    Here are the ways on how you can earn in the program including a comprehensive review of each one.


    1. Answer Surveys

    what is the vindale research

    Once you already activated your account through the email that Vindale Research has sent, you can now start taking the surveys. I highly recommend that you complete first your profile so that they can give your more surveys that matches with you. Aside from the surveys that you see in vindale’s website, you will receive constant emails, reminding you of the new surveys available.

    Vindale Research pays depending on the length of the survey you take. Most of the surveys have a range of payment from $0.30 up to $6.00 which takes 10-20 minutes for you to complete. Although there are variety of surveys that you could choose from, the chances of you finishing the surveys will solely depend on your demographics. Actually based on my experience, even though you are already in the middle of the survey and they happened to realize that you are no match, then they will disqualify you. It is frustrating most of the time, because I already spent time and effort in answering the survey and all of it goes for nothing. In spite of that, they will still provide new surveys for you to answer, but then again just keep your faith that you will not be screened out.


    2. Earn from the Blog

    what is the vindale research

    Vindale Research also offers other several ways on how to earn through their blog.

    Daily Questions

    Everyday from Monday to Friday, Vindale Research posts one question in their blog that you can answer for a chance to win $0.50. There will be 20 winners each day that will be posts the next day.

    Monthly Photo Challenges

    At the beginning of each month there will be a challenge that will be posted in the blog. You can earn extra money by submitting a photo that you think will win in the challenge.

    Caption Challenges

    If you have a sense of humor and you think that you have witty jokes then this is for you. Just send an entry of your caption for the photo that will be posted.

    Monthly Polls

    Every month, there is a 2$ given to those who will answer there monthly polls.

    Member of the Month

    Just like in any company, Vindale Research also chooses its best member for each month. Just send a photo of yours with a short description that tells how unique and awesome you are. If you are picked among all the entries, you will win $5.00! Aside from that you will also get a chance to be featured in one of the article on the blog. You can submit your photo and description in Pinterest or in the blog itself.

    Reward Codes

    Vindale Research also posts codes that you can trade for rewards. You can check it out in their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. So if you want to not miss any reward codes, follow Vindale Research in these social media sites.

    3. Gain Referrals

    what is the vindale research


    Telling your friends about Vindale Research can also earn you an extra $5.00! Simply join the referral program by posting you referral link in your social media accounts. Or you can just even send it to your family and friends so that they can join Vindale thorough your link.

    But remember, your referral should be able to complete his/her profile and finish one survey before you can get your 5$ commission.

    Just click the referrals tab in the upper left corner of the site. You can copy and paste it wherever you want or just click the social media links to immediately share your link. Here is an example of the referral link.

    what is the vindale research

    4. Explore Other Offers

    what is the vindale research

    Vindale Research also recommends other top rated survey sites. This will help you to increase your earning potential. But always remember that these other programs have different rules and policy and is not the same with Vindale. So always read first before you join.

    Redeem your Reward

    After you have collected enough money, you can now redeem your cash. You must have at least $50 before you can request for a payment. When you already reached the required amount, the gray box will show the instructions on how you can request for payment.

    Vindale photos icon

    Extra Tip!

    Take a selfie with your payment in your hand either in Paypal or check because Vindale Research also gives a bonus 5$ for a photo of you and your payment that you just received.


    How Much Can You Earn?

    After knowing all the possible way on how you can earn in Vindale Research, I am sure that you are eager to know how much you can earn. So Let us make a little computation.

    Assuming that you spend your whole day working on surveys and other offers in Vindale, let us calculate how much extra cash you can get. Let’s say you answered 10 surveys for 20 minutes each, with corresponding 1$ payment. So that will be an initial $10 cash. Then you have referred 2 friends that completed their profile successfully which means that’s an additional 5$ for each referral. By the way, I prefer to not include the blog extras since most of them are done monthly and another thing is that there is too much competition considering the millions of members of Vindale.

    So if we’ll add it all up, 10 + 5 + 5 = $20! So again, if you are asking how much you can earn, I honestly say, Not that Much!


    Common Problems

    I know you searched what is the vindale research first because you want to know the other side of the story. All you hear in the internet are good stuff, how about the negative side of the survey site? To be fair, I will also share to you the common problems experienced by its members. I will not tell this to make a bad impression about the Vindale, but I just want to give you a glimpse on what you can encounter once you already join.

    It is Very Hard to Qualify for Surveys

    Although they claim that they have plenty of surveys to offer to you, you will definitely get a hard time in qualifying in one. It is because they are very keen with your answers that basically shows your demographic description. Sometimes, even though you are already in the middle of answering the survey, you can still be screened out if it happens that you are not eligible to continue.

    50$ Cash out Payment Takes a Long Time to Accumulate

    If you remember are calculation earlier, you will notice that it is easy to earn 20$ a day. But let me tell you, it is not that easy. We only assumed that amount to be your earning given that you work all day for the survey and you are qualified in all of them. Most of its members took more than a month before they were able to collect 50$ for them to cash out.

    Limited Customer Service

    There are various complaints about slow response of Vindale when you send a ticket to them. Most of the tickets are about the payouts not given on time to its members.



    Vindale Research is a legit survey site. Actually I prefer this program compared to other paid surveys because they pay cash instead of mere points. There are also plenty of ways on how you can earn aside from answering surveys. But if you consider the earning potential in paid surveys, it is definitely not enough to earn you a living.

    There are also limitations that Vindale should work on. Including there slow customer support which makes the experience of its members not good enough.


    is there other way to earn online?

    I feel that you want to try and join in Vindale Research because you are eager to find an easy way to get an extra money. I know that you are doing this because you are alreay tired of earning not that much from your daytime job. Unfortunately, survey sites is not the best way to solve your problem.

    Actually, I was also in the same shoes as yours before. I once thought that if I spend much time in answering surveys or completing tasks, I will immediately get the income I want. But even though I work hard enough, I still can’t achieve the goal I wanted.

    Maybe you are asking, how can you really make money online? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business. It may seem difficult and challenging but I managed to do it with the help of the experts of course.

    Right now, I am already on my eleventh month in the business and I am already enjoying the fruits of my hard labor. Let me end this review with one question.

    Why earn cents in survey sites, if you can earn more from your own online business?

    If you have more questions and concerns about Vindale Research, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

    Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

    Best Regards,

    John Rico

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      12 comments on “What is the Vindale Research? Find out if It is a Scam or Not

      1. Hey there!!!!
        I’m a newly in the online business, just giving the first steps and getting familiar with the different things you can do to have some extra income. This is a great idea do you think it is worth a try? As I have a little of extra time to spend 🙂
        Thank you a lot!

        • Time should not be a problem if you really want to build your own business. Personally I think that it is just a matter of time management. There is no such thing as busy or no time to do things. It is just a matter of priority. So, you are asking if an online business is worth the try? Then the answer is definitely yes! And honestly, the sooner you start it the better it would be.

          There are plenty of misconceptions that building your own online business is complicated and difficult. Everybody thinks that you need to know long html codes or even programming in order to make a website. Fortunately, the good thing is it is made easier through wordpress. And there is this one program that made it easier to use for everyone. Have you heard of wealthy affiliate before?

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