What is the Wealthy Affiliate? Build Your Own Online Business

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    what is the wealthy affiliate

    Are you intrigued on what is the Wealthy Affiliate? Do you really want to know if it can earn you some extra income at the comfort of your home? Well, Here is my honest review about the program to help you learn more about it.


    What is Wealthy Affiliate?

    what is the wealthy affiliateWealthy Affiliate is an online community that helps people turn their passion into a successful online business. It was founded on year 2005 and already has 100,000 active members.

    If you want to jump into learning on how to start building your own online business, you can avail the free starter membership that they offer.



    How does Wealthy Affiliate works?

    What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

    According to Wealthy Affiliate, there are only 4 steps on how you can start earning at home.


    Basically, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a passion. This will be the foundation of your own online business. Some of the common interests that people use for their blog are dogs, breasts milk, mountain climbing, health and fitness, fashion and money.

    But then, they are saying that it doesn’t matter what topic you choose, as long as it is your passion, you can earn from it.

    what is the wealthy affiliate


    After you decide on what is your interest, you can now start on making your website. This will be your tool to generate income for your business. 

    Wealthy Affiliate gives free training and courses that will help people understand better on how to make your own site.

    Honestly, this was also my concern before I tried this program. I have no prior experience in any online program and this is new to me.

    Fortunately, I was able to easily understand everything that they have presented and I realized that all I have to do is to start exploring new things.

    By the way, here is a screenshot of the latest blog that I have done. I think it took me 2-3 weeks to finish this including some of my posts. But for the website alone, it just took me 4 days.

    what is the wealthy affiliate



    The people visiting your site is called traffic. And they are your potential customers. Do you remember the time when you want to research online about a certain product. You want to find reviews about them right?

    Basically, this is what you are going to do. You just provide relative information to your visitors and this will eventually make you some money.

    Wealthy Affiliate will teach you a step by step guide on how to bring this traffic to your site through the most popular search engines like google, yahoo and bing.

    Basically the rule of thumb in here is the more traffic you get, the more income you will get.

    Here is a sample breakdown of the traffic I got for the past 9 months in my website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

    what is the wealthy affiliate

    If you could see in the first 4 months, there is no change in the number of people visiting my site. I just get 300 to 500 visits per month.

    what is the wealthy affiliate

    But when I hit the 5th month mark, the traffic is already tremendously increasing. Right now, I already get 5000-6000 visits per month.

    what is the wealthy affiliate



    Once you have built the foundation of your website, you can now start helping people with the same interest as you. So the more people that you will help, the greater the income potential you can get.

    You may be asking, how can you earn if you don’t have any product? Well, they will teach you how to become an affiliate marketer wherein you can use the products in amazon, Walmart, target, and even Microsoft for your own advantage.

    what is the wealthy affiliate

    Basically, the main process that Wealthy Affiliate offers is:

    1. Use Your Passion

    2. Make Website

    3. Build Content

    4. Earn Your First Dollar

    Learn How to Make Your Own Online Business For Free


    How Much Does it Cost to Join?

    Their official website states that it is just free to join. You can already use their platform, training and programs. Although they only give you 7 days to try their other services, you can still be a member and take advantage of their initial courses.

    They also offer a premium membership worth $49, which will cover all the additional courses and bootcamp that will help you in your online business.

    I suggest that you take first the free starter membership so that you will have a look on how the program works.


    How Much Can I Earn?

    what is the wealthy affiliateMost of the time when people join a certain money making program or business, their #1 question is: ‘How much can I earn?’ And that’s pretty normal because as humans, we tend to try things that are sure win and will not waste our time and especially money.

    So, how much can you really earn in affiliate marketing? The answer is limitless.

    It is because the internet is so big and constantly growing that the number of people with the same interest as you is gigantic. But for curiosity purposes, here is the average earning of affiliate marketers based on years of experience.

    What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online

    By the way, so you can have an idea on how much affiliate marketers earn, here is an example of the earnings I get from promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


    what is the wealthy affiliate


    And just recently, I just reached my first three figure income (yehey!).


    what is the wealthy affiliate


    Here is also a sample of my pending earnings from Amazon. In just a month of making my second blog, I already had 2 ordered items. And when this items are already shipped, my commissions will be processed.


    what is the wealthy affiliate


    Here are also some of the most successful members of Wealthy Affiliate.


    start earning passive income


    start earning passive income


    What Can I get from Wealthy Affiliate?

    Right now, you maybe asking, what advantages can you get from Wealthy Affiliate. Here are three main upsides that you can have from the program.


    Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership that will allow you to start your own online business. Most of the programs out there offer a small starter fee, however when you already purchased it, they will immediately give you an upsell before you can start using the product.

    In Wealthy Affiliate, you can directly use it right after you joined for free. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy without getting any money from your pocket.

    • Step by Step Training Course
    • Affiliate Bootcamp
    • Website Builder – WordPress
    • 2 Free Websites including the Hosting
    • Spam – Free Environment
    • Bonus Support System from WA Members

    These are just few of all the benefits you can avail from free starter membership. However if you want to go the next level and learn more about affiliate marketing, premium membership is the perfect thing for you. The premium membership is $49/month which offers extra training and boot camp.

    What is the Wealthy Affiliate?


    Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone. Maybe you are thinking on how would you be able to start making your online business if you have no knowledge in programming or any technical softwares.

    Well, the training course and lessons offered by WA are dissected into sub topics and is completely easy to understand.

    It explains and provides step-by-step guide on how you can make your business into reality. Starting from choosing your niche, creating your first post, and up until you generate your traffic.

    What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

    There are two ways that you can learn in this program. If you are a reading type of person, there is a guide that you can go through.

    If you prefer listening and watching videos there are video tutorial counterpart for each training. Everybody can easily learn everything that is taught as long as you follow the steps heartily.

    One more thing, training courses are always updated. They are constantly updating information on there website with the latest improvements and updates.


    I think this last fact sets it aside from any other online business. People in the WA Community really cares. Based on my personal experience, right from the start that I joined as a free member, they already sent me constant emails about the do’s and don’ts that you should remember.

    Aside from the motivation, their support system is brilliant that they have 100,000’s of  helpful community members that are open for 24/7 live chat box, questionnaire option, and forum.

        What is the Wealthy Affiliate? What is the Wealthy Affiliate?


    If I haven’t answered all your questions yet, Here are more questions that has answers. If you still got a question, Just comment below so I can help you.

    Q:  Can you make money using only the Starter membership?

    A: Yes. You can already earn with just the starter membership. Seems too good to be true right? But I tell you Wealthy Affiliate really gives you the chance to earn passive income. Plus the mentoring and support is really great that you will not be lost during the process.

    Q: I’ve never built a website and is not very technical, Can I still use Wealthy Affiliate?

    A: Yes, Indeed! No Prior experience is required. The numerous training in Wealthy Affiliate provides the details on what you should do. They give you step by step guide on how to start your website. It’s simple and concise that everybody especially the beginners can start with.

    Q: Wealthy Affiliate is Free to join. What’s the catch?

    A: I know that in the back of your mind, you are doubtful because given that Wealthy Affiliate offers something good, why is it given free? In WA the free membership gives you access to the overview of the program. In order to get more advanced training you’ll have to upgrade to premium membership. However, Starting with the free membership is enough to actually start your online business.



    Wealthy Affiliate is Legit. They offer serious ways on how you can start creating your own online business. I believe that this can be an answer to your financial problem if you are serious in finding a way to earn passive income.

    If you are looking for a business opportunity that you can start right away considering your limited budget, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

    It offers free starter membership; intense and user-friendly tools and programs; and most of all outstanding support system from the WA community.

    At this point, congratulate yourself because you are only one step away in making your own online business with the use of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope I had explained and gave you the answers to your questions on what is the wealthy affiliate.

    Start Building your Own Online Business for FREE!



    Oh, before I forgot, A special bonus awaits for you after you join your FREE Starter Membership. Claim your 59% discount, If you join the PREMIUM Membership in the first 7 days.

    After you become a premium member, I will be personally contacting you via email and through your account in Wealthy Affiliate to guide and  give further instructions on how you can maximize the benefits of the program. So, here are the bonuses that awaits you!

    Bonus #1 : 59% discount on premium membership cost

    Bonus #2 : 1 on 1 coaching from the experts

    Bonus #3: 24/7 Support System

    PS: Please leave your questions, comments, and violent reactions about Wealthy Affiliate. It is my privilege to interact with you.

    If you learned something today, Please Spread the Word, so others could Benefit too. Big Thanks!

    Best Regards,

    John Rico

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      105 comments on “What is the Wealthy Affiliate? Build Your Own Online Business

      1. Hello Rico, I’ve been thinking to get into affiliate marketing years back and haven’t been able to do so. It just seemed unclear to me. Maybe you can explain in a more simple manner.. Correct me if I’m wrong, I link my blog to a certain seller( like Amazon) and if people buy because of my blog, I get a commission ? Is there a cost to link with Amazon or other sellers? Or is the membership with wealthy affiliate the only cost? Thanks!

        • Yes, you got it right. You will link your blog to a certain reseller like Amazon. And you will earn commission whenever someone clicks the link from your blog. 
          Joining affiliate program of companies like amazon is free of charge. The only thing that you will spend on is the membership in Wealthy Affiliate, wherein they will give you courses and steps on how to build your blog, put affiliate links and how to get traffic. Did I somehow answered your question?

      2. Is there any other way to pay besides PayPal? I had a problem with Paypal a few years back selling on eBay and I swore I wouldn’t deal with them again and closed my account.

        • Hi there Carmen! As of now, the only way that you can be paid in Wealthy Affiliate is using paypal. I think that Paypal has changed tremendously compared to its previous version a few years ago. Most especially in terms of the safety features. I have been using it for almost 2 years now and I haven’t encountered any problem so far.

      3. So is the income is all from writing blogs? You said in your review to find your interest and turn it into a blog. Actually, I have no techy skills to help people. I can’t possibly think of something that people would want to actually read. Pathetic I know. But I came across this while researching because I’m trying to be recruited by an MLM company. The MLM part made me a little sketchy. My one true background that I still love is in animals. I work at a veterinary hospital for quite some time. So, are you saying I could turn something like that into a blog and actually make money?

        • Yes, you got it right. Making a blog is the primary source of income. Basically, the advantage of this is that you will be able to choose any topic or passion that you like. This will make your work easier because you love what you do right? Honestly, I have no prior experience in making this kinds of stuff but I was able to understand it little by little. It took me some time but it was totally worth it.

          By the way, you said that you like animals? Yes, you can use this to start your own online business. But you need to trim this topic down so you will have a focus on what to work on.

      4. How does the pay work? Are you paid via credit card or is it mailed?
        I am 18 years old and still in school and I work at a nursing home, it literally physically drains me and I do not make enough to meet all the tings I have to pay. And I am definitely interested in this. Please if you get the chance, email me..

        • The easiest mode of cashing out your earnings is through Paypal. I think that paypal is working in over 202 countries so you can definitely sign up in it for free.

          Actually, you are not alone in the feeling of being drained and exhausted. You are working hard each day but it appears that you can’t earn that much or even save for the future. Making your own blog is just one way of earning online. So, have you heard of affiliate marketing before?

      5. Hi john,

        SO how can i have the opportunity to work with Wealthy Affiliate? Process and since the Free starter plan is not available here in the Philippines how can i pay the Premium?

        • Hi there Mhariane! The best option that you can do is to pay using Paypal. I think it is the easiest way to pay for your premium membership. You can sign up in paypal for free online.

          Actually, most of our fellow Filipinos use paypal as a mode of payment. By the way, I am also a Pinoy based in LA. Where are you from in the Philippines?

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