What is the Younique? Is it Another Scam?

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    what is the younique scamAre you asking right now, what is the younique scam? Do you feel that it is just another network marketing pyramid scheme? Before you jump into conclusions, read first my review about it.

    What is Younique?

    what is the younique scamYounique is a network marketing company that develops and promotes cosmetic products. Its mission is to motivate and empower women all over the world through their beauty products and to provide opportunities to build financial freedom. It is in the MLM business since September 2012.


    How Does Younique Network Marketing Works?

    There are two main ways on how you can earn in Younique. The first way is through direct selling wherein you can sell their products and earn direct sales profit. The second way is through referrals. As you refer members into the company, you will also earn commission for every sale they make.

    Younique offers a compensation plan that is broke down into several levels. This means that for every level that you qualify, you will have a corresponding earning potential.

    White Status Untitled

    The moment you joined Younique, you will be automatically awarded with white status. At this level you will be paid 20% commission on all your sales. These sales can be your own purchase or a direct sale. Take note that you can only earn income from your own sales.

    Yellow Status Untitled

    Once you have sold 1000 points of products, you will be promoted to the yellow status. In here your commission rate becomes 25% and it is credited in all your sales. This will be your starting status for the rest of your business journey. It is because every month, Younique restarts everyone’s placement in level. This means that at the end of each month and you haven’t reached your target for that month you will be paid as yellow. That’s why referrals are important to maintain your current status.

    *Points are given depending on the retail price of each product.

    Pink Status Untitled

    Gaining a pink status is not an easy task. In order to advance, you have to have at least one qualified recruit, 250 points in personal sales and 2000 points in company wholesale sales. You maybe wondering, how can you get that big amount of points from the wholesale sales? The answer for that is with the help of your referrals. This means that the more downlines you make, it will be easier for you to achieve the required points.

    Once you qualify for the pink status, you will be paid 25% of your personal sales and 3% of your wholesale points. Wholesale points is 75% of the combined points of your team.

    *Qualified recruit means they have sold at least 125 points of products in the last 3 months

    Blue Status Untitled

    Increasing to blue status is just the same with the pink one. You just have to hit your target points and recruit in order to qualify. This includes gaining 250 personal sales points, 4000 in wholesale company points, and have at least 2 qualified recruits. When you reached blue, your downline commission goes up to 4%.

    Green Status Untitled

    Your goal for green status is to have 500 personal sales points, 3 qualified recruits, and 10,000 company sales. With this, your commission rate increases to 30% and downline commission to 5%. This increase in percentage of earning is constant until you reach the black status which  is the highest level.

    Orange Status Untitled

    To reach the orange status, you must have 500 points, 3 qualified recruits with one in green status, and 20,000 company sales. The commission rate is still the same but you will be paid an extra 3% for your first generation sales. Most of the presenters at this level, reached this spot because of having host party. Host party is done in order to explain and orient other potential presenters about the Younique products. This also helps in increasing your personal sales points.

    Purple Status Untitled

    For this level, you need 500 points in personal sales, 4 qualified recruits with at least 2 green from them, and 40,000 company sales. Now you downline commission increases to 6%.

    Black Status Untitled

    This is the highest level that you can achieve. You need points personal sales, 4 qualified recruits which are all in green status and 80,000 company sales. In here you will also be paid on your third generation of sales.


    How Much Does it Cost to Join?

    what is the younique scamYounique starter kit is worth $99 ($216 value) in the U.S., $119 CAD ($254 value) in Canada, $129 AUD ($273 value) in Australia, $139 NZD ($289 value) in New Zealand, and £69 GBP (£174 value) in the U.K. The kit includes your personal website with an e-commerce store, access to Younique virtual party system, and of course the products that you can start selling. You will be also given trainings and orientation to further understand the business. They will provide marketing tips that will guide you throughout the process. Basically all your transactions are online but their are still some personal meetings.


    How Much Can I Earn?

    Right now you are asking, how much can you really earn in Younique? Let me tell you, the earning potential is tremendous but majority of your income are based on the number of referrals you make. The more downline you have, the higher the commission you will get. By the way, you can only get your commissions if you stay active. You have to sell at least $125 every 3 months in order to stay active with Younique.

    On the other hand, Let us have a small computation on your earning potential.

    Let’s say you are in the Yellow status which is the base level in Younique after you have 125 personal sales points. By the way, you should multiply your earnings by the exchange rate if you sell in different country. So Let’s assume that in a day you have sold 3 products worth 29 points each.  For example you are from UK, so 29 x 3 x 0.20(commission rate) x 0.65(exchange rate) = £11.31. In a day of selling three products you can already earn this amount of money.

    However, take note that this are just assumptions. We are assuming that you have followed their trainings and seminars. That you already developed a good sales skill that you can use to sell your products.


    Are there Younique Complaints?

    As of this moment, I haven’t heard of any complaints about Younique, however I have concerns about how you can earn in their program.

    I know that it is possible to earn big in MLM companies but It seems that it is too good to be true. Earning in Younique is based on your direct sales and commissions from the referrals you make. Which means that you need to have more downlines in order to earn more. However, it will only be possible if only you have a good sales skill. We can’t deny that you need to talk to a lot of people personally or even online. It is a crucial act in order to convince them that the product you are promoting is good.

    Although, Younique provides training and orientations about the product and business plan, this is not enough to achieve the sales skill you need in time. It is still important to have a one-to-one support or coaching from your upline. In this way, you will have a clear understanding and better approach in building your business.


    Younique is a legit network marketing company. It provides a simple compensation plan wherein you can have an increasing earning potential as you reach a higher status. However, I don’t recommend it if you don’t have enough experience in network marketing. This is because you really need to have a good sales skills in order to be successful in this kind of business. If Younique has a free trial on how the program works, it would be much better.

    One more thing, although the starting cost is somehow lower compared to other MLM companies, it is still expensive compared to other business opportunities out there. As what I have said earlier you have to sell at least $125 every 3 months in order to stay active with Younique and be able to get your commissions. If you think of it, that is another 42$ each month.

    Let me end this review with one question,

    Why Spend So Much for Network Marketing, If you can Start for Free in Affiliate Marketing?

    Check out my #1 recommended business opportunity!


    If you have more questions, concerns and personal experience about Younique MLM company, please feel free to comment it below.

    Best Regards,

    John Rico



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      14 comments on “What is the Younique? Is it Another Scam?

      1. Well it really did sound quite interesting at first until I got to your second paragraph – ‘MLM’ are not the letters I want to hear when checking out a new work online opportunity.
        MLM will always mean pyramid scheme – the model is doomed to fail for at least 90% of it’s members. This is the way MLM works and it’s the way it will always work I’m afraid. Pure scam business model that will never change

        • Although MLM companies like Younique are legit, I agree with you that there are plenty of people that fail in MLM business. The major reason for this is the lack of training and support from their mother company. Having a proper orientation and training about the company and products you sell is a major factor of your success.

      2. Hey Rico,
        Another excellent review you’ve put up here! I’ve heard of Younique but didn’t join because it sounded like something was off, I had a bad feeling about it.

        I’m glad I read your review, I really hate it when people tell me that its not an MLM company when it is in fact exactly that. Some network marketers love to twist words. Thanks for sharing this, you just helped me dodge a bullet 😀

        • Hi there! Most people have a bad feeling when they start to hear MLM business. It is because there are already plenty of scams associated to it throughout the years. But then, there are still MLM that are legit. And Younique is one of them. It still has a real compensation plan that can benefit its members.

          On the other hand, like what I said on my review, Younique is not for everyone. In order to be successful in this kind of business, you must have a strong sales skills in order to convince people to try or purchase your product. You also have to invest above average amount of money, for you to have more inventory that you can use for direct selling.

          I feel that you really don’t like MLM, by the way, have you heard of affiliate marketing before?

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