What is Vivatic?

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    what is the vivatic

    Are you also confused on what is the Vivatic? Have you heard it when you are looking for an online job that pays you extra money? Do you think that Vivatic surveys can answer your needs? Here is my honest review on whether vivatic is a scam or not.

    What is Vivatic?

    what is vivaticVivatic is a company based in London that provides a valuable and well-organized service that connects its members with legitimate surveys and jobs from different other companies. They offer flexible freelance jobs that pays for every surveys, articles and reviews that you have done.

    Actually there are three things that they offer to there members. First, you can earn real money in your spare time. Even if you are just on your bed or it is still commercial break on your favorite tv show, you can definitely do the survey anytime. Second, Your cash out will be through Paypal which makes the money transaction easier. And Lastly, it is 100% free to use.


    How does Vivatic Work?

    1. Sign Up Free and Earn £1

    After you sign up for your free account you will be directed to the vivatic homepage. And when you click the My account on the upper right side, you will be directed to this page

    What is Vivatic
    Basically like any other survey sites, you will see on your my account page all your details in vivatic. Your account balance will show the total payments that will be given to you. You need to register you Paypal account in vivatic so that you can complete a transaction with them. The minimum required payment is £20.00.

    However if you notice in the payments part, there is the expired balance. Vivatic says that for over 2 months that you are inactive and does not complete an action or job your account will be cleared. But what is the reason for that? What if you have a very urgent thing to do and you haven’t touched your account? Will they clear your account still? What about your previous earnings, what will happen to them? Seems unfair right?

    2. Complete a Wide Variety of Jobs

    In vivatic, there are wide variety of online jobs that you can do.

    (a) Take a Survey

    Vivatic pays for your opinion. They have established strong connections with lots of market research firms who seeks opinions and insights from the people. So the survey that they offer is everyday and it all came from market researchers. Basically you will be paid for your time given.  The average pay per survey is £ 1 and it takes approximately 10 to 20mins.

    what is vivatic

    (b) Polls and Competition

    These are the two new ways to earn in vivatic. You can be get paid £0.10 for every 10 polls you take and you can also get entry from daily, weekly and monthly competitions. However their poll is only once in a blue moon. So if you think about it, it is almost none.

    (c) Tasks

    You can also start a task to finish. The first tasks that will be given to you will definitely take much of your time since you are still trained by the company. But after your training, the next ones will just take fewer time. Each task is paid separately. It seems convincing right? However, the task is not present all the time. So your chance of earning will be lessen.what is vivatic

    (d) Writing Jobs

    Vivatic also commission people to write articles. The article should be of high and standard quality based on the criteria of the company. They usually have a wide variety of articles to write. The average pay per article is £10 and takes approximately 1 hour to research and write. But if you think about it, not all of us can write an article in just an hour right? Most especially if it needs to be in high quality. If you are a good writer then it is your advantage, but for those that is not that good, It will actually take some time to finish one article.

    By the way, you can’t participate in writing jobs if you haven’t completed 20 high quality level tasks.

    (e) Refer to a Friend

    Another way in earning in vivatic is through referrals. You can make £2 for every friend who signs up. But you can just get the payment if your friend also earns £10.


    How Much Can I Earn?

    What is Vivatic

    In all honestly, not that much!

    Let’s make a little computation on how much you can earn in a day assuming that you make it as a full time job.

    So in one day you can work for 8 hours or 480 minutes. If you divide 480 minutes by 20 minutes which is the maximum average time you answer a survey, you can take 24 surveys per day. And each survey is paid approx. £ 1 , multiplied by the number of surveys, You will earn £ 24 a day.

    Let us add the payment for the tasks that you will make. Each task is paid £ 0.40 on average. So let us say you have made 10 tasks in a day, you already earned £ 4 . Let us also include the polls, writing job and referrals you have made.  Assuming you made 50 polls, 1 article and made 2 referrals that also earned £ 10 you will get paid by an additional £19.

    So if we will sum it all up, 24+4+19 = £47!

    But this amount is only true if you qualify in all the surveys you take and spend 8 hours a day which is somehow hard to accomplish. So this means, that your earnings should be lesser than this.


    Are there Vivatic Complaints?

    Here are some of the concerns that I have about Vivatic.


    If you are still in doubt if Vivatic is a scam or not, then let me tell you is a vivatic is legit. It offers opportunity for you to earn extra income. One good thing about it is that you can do the survey and tasks at home where you are close to your family. Plus you also have the ease of not getting scolded by your bully bosses.

    However, if you think about it, It is really not applicable if you want to make it as a full time job. There are plenty of online jobs out there that is more worthy of your time and effort.  And as per the computations that we have made, even if you work on it 8 hours a day, it will still not enough to earn you a living.


    is there other way to earn online?

    I know that you want to try Vivatic because you are hoping that it will be the answer to you financial problem. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to earn extra income.

    Actually, I have also thought the same way as yours before. I thought that survey sites will help me ease my problem when it comes to money. Plus I was also convinced with their promise that I can earn more by doing less. But it is all a lie. I have to answer more surveys if I want to be successful. I don’t mind doing all the hard work but the payout that they give is also disappointing. That’s why I quit in it.

    On the other hand, I didn’t regret trying this survey sites because it is with them that I learned about affiliate marketing. Basically I make my own online business and earn passive income from it. Right now, I am on my tenth month using the program and I am already harvesting the fruits of my labor.

    Let me end this review with a question,

    Why Earn a Little in Survey Sites, If You Can Earn More in Building Your Own Online Business?

    Check out my review about the #1 recommended online business!

    If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about Vivatic, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to help you.

    Best regards,

    John Rico

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      55 comments on “What is Vivatic?

      1. This is a great review of Vivatic and what it is. Not only have I heard of it, but I’ve also heard negative reviews myself. This is another great asset to the net.

        Truthful reviews like this one resonate and lead people down the correct path. I see you have chosen Wealthy Affiliate and I look forward to joining you in the journey. Good luck and thanks for the heads up!

        • Having an unbiased review is very crucial in helping other people choose the right business opportunity for the. As for the Vivatic, it may seem good but it is not the best. You mentioned about, wealthy affiliate. Have you already tried this program? How was it so far?

      2. To be honest this sounds like about a million other reward sites out there at the moment…and not many of them end up being sustainable. It’s strange because all they have to do is follow the success of Clixsense…but not many of them do, and therefore fail. This sounds legit but I have my reservations on how long it will be staying around!
        Good review

        • You are right men. Vivatic is also a paid to click site wherein you will earn by completing surveys and tasks online. Although this can give people some money, this is definitely a sustainable business. You have to keep on working and working everyday and give so much time into it before you can earn a decent amount. So have you tried joining in survey sites before?

      3. Hi John, nice post you have there. I find it very useful and very informative. The one thing I notice nowadays is that there are so many membership programs that pays pennies. It can cost quite a sum to join but they just pay back members in pennies.

        Do you have any good recommendations?

        • Thanks men. It is good to know that I was able to provide relative information about the programs you are doubtful of. You are right, there are so many survey sites that doesn’t pay that much but demands so much work for their members. That’s why I quit in this kind of online job. However, the good side is this programs are just free to join. Like in VIvatic, it is just free to start answering surveys, but then, the problem is the payout they give is not that high compared to other business alternatives out there.

          So you are asking of a recommendation. Hmmm, I suggest you can try with affiliate marketing. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before? Actually, it is a training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. Maybe right now, you are hesitant to look at it because you maybe thinking that it is complicated. But let me tell you, I myself doesn’t know anything about it before but I was able to understand the process after I tried it. I didn’t hesitate to join in it that time because I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join. That’s why right now, I didn’t regret my decision of trying things out side my comfort zone.

      4. Vivatic seems to fall in line with the rest of the companies that have that legit but ultimately time wasting appeal to them.

        While you can make money via Vivatic, the effort it requires will be cumbersome, and one can do better with their efforts. I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a much better platform to learn from and earn money.

        • Although Vivatic is legit, it is really a time consuming way of earning. Actually, it is okay to invest time in taking surveys online but you should also consider how much you get in return. If you have read my review above, you will see how much you can really earn with one day of doing surveys online.

          Even if you will spend 8 hours a day, you will not get that much because of some factors. One factor is the difficulty in qualifying for surveys. Most companies have a distinct qualification that they look for in their surveyors. This means that they are strict with the demographic information that they want from you. So, even if you are already in the middle of your survey, but did not provide the required answer to the question then you will still be disqualified. Now that is frustrating.

          I believe that if you can spend 8 hours a day answering surveys for just cents, you can also spend this amount of time in affiliate marketing where you will earn much more. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing before?

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