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How I started to seek passive income?


Hi there! I’m John Rico, but I prefer called by my nickname. So Let me start over again. I’m Maru, recent graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and currently finding my first job in line with my course.

Let me start with what my parents kept on saying to me about Success: “Study Hard, Graduate on Time & Find A Good Job” So I followed it, I studied hard, I graduated on time, and right now I am finding a good job. Seems simple right? But for me, Something is Missing.

It was 2 years ago when I had my internship in a construction firm. By the way, the owner of the firm is very successful in his field, but in spite of this he is still humble and down to earth.

So one time when he was giving his final message to the interns, he added this line: “Make your Passion as Your Job, that’ll Make Things Easier”. And later on influenced us to read one of his favorite book: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. When I got home, i directly downloaded the free ebook online, and started to read about it. It is all about MAKING MONEY. Surprisingly, I got hooked with the book (who wouldn’t?) despite the fact that I don’t really like reading(haha). So I really spent time understanding every part of it.

Learn How To Earn Money Using Your Passion

It’s good thing that we are already on Information Age where everything that you want to know can be on your electronic devices. So during my free time, I read the book. This continued until I finished it and started to read ebooks related to the topic. That’s the time that I really developed my interest in one of the major topic of Kiyosaki’s books which is PASSIVE INCOME.

Starting that day, I see things differently. We are already not in Industrial Age where school is the only way to succeed. I realized that you don’t necessarily need money to get more money. You just have to make your brains working. I realized that you don’t have to work 8 hours a day just to have a steady paycheck. Instead, I should make time to learn how to invest in passive income. By the way, Passive income is an income that comes into your pocket even though your not working.

I don’t say that you should quit your job right away. What I’m saying is KEEP YOUR DAYTIME JOB, AND DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT. This assignment includes spending time learning about the chosen passive income that you invested in with or without capital money.

There May be haters especially from your family and friends that doubt this things. But always remember, haters are just confused admirers.

In a nutshell, the missing part of the formula of my parents is represented in this way:

To those who are still studying:




To those who has already a job:



How I started with affiliate marketing?

I started learning about Affiliate Marketing just a year ago. Before that I was so skeptical about online programs because I was usually scammed in the past. I have tried so many things already but nothing seems to work.

But then, I bumped into a review recommending Wealthy Affiliate and I tried it since it offers free starter membership. I got amazed with the fact that I could actually earn money online through promoting other people’s products.

I invested time and effort in learning affiliate marketing and right now I already have my own blog that earns me some extra income.

Here is a screenshot of my latest blog:

what is the wealthy affiliate

I am happy that I have learned all of this through Wealthy Affiliate. Aside from that, I am also already earning from my second blog. Here is the screenshot of my latest earning.

what is the wealthy affiliate

With that being said, I want to point out that If I can do it, you can also do it too. I believe that Affiliate marketing is the modern way of earning money and it can help you achieve financial freedom and enjoy your leisure time.

PS. (I highly recommend you reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, surely it will bring you to a new dimension in life 😀 ) 

If you need anything, Please Drop you Comments below. I’d be happy to get rid of your doubts. You can also contact me on Wealth Affiliate. Here is the link of my profile in Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Regards,

John Rico

what is the wealthy affiliate