Auto Affiliate Program Review: Can It Help You Create Passive Income?

Auto Affiliate Program ReviewAuto Affiliate Program is a program that claims to help anyone to make passive income through affiliate marketing. It focuses on creating an online business and they say that it will do most of the work for you. The program revolves around offering free ebooks and using the affiliate links to earn money. The best part is that you don’t have to install anything and the ebooks are provided for you. By the way, the guy behind this program is Steven Hall. 

In this review, I will take a closer look at this program and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. This is based on my honest research about it. I recommend that you read the entire review before thinking about buying this program.


Product Overview

Company Name: Auto Affiliate Program

Price to Join: $47 per month

Owner: Steven Hall

My Rating: 6.7 out of 10.0


How Does Auto Affiliate Program Work?

First of all, you need to know what is provided in this program before you can understand how it works. Basically, it will give you ebooks in niches of your choice. The ebooks are filled with your affiliate links. It also comes with professionally designed covers.

They will provide you a squeeze page to build an email list. Last but not the least, they also provide a website for you. 

The website will obviously contain ebooks that will have your affiliate links. All you have to do is drive traffic to the website so that you can increase the downloads of the ebooks and earn money. You will have no control over the website as it will not be hosted on a server of your choice.

It is hosted on their server so you will lose the website as soon as you leave this program.

The other issue with the website is that it is filled with duplicate content. Duplicate content will never rank on search engines because the search engines have become smarter over the years. In simple words, you will not get any organic traffic or free traffic from search engines like Google.

So you will have to most probably depend on paid traffic to increase the downloads of the ebooks.

The email list that you will build through the squeeze pages will be hosted on their server. You will not have access to the email list and the email templates that they provide will not have high conversions.

So you will also lose your email list as soon as you leave the program. The products that are featured in the ebooks are sold through ClickBank. Even if ClickBank is reliable, I don’t like the fact that you can’t promote products from other platforms.

You will be limited to 12 niches and this program will not improve your affiliate marketing skills. Even after so many flaws, this program can work well if you are able to drive traffic. If you can drive a lot of traffic, then it will surely help you in earning money. The problem is that most people aren’t great at driving traffic.

If you are good at it, then there are several alternatives that you can consider as well.

You can create your own website and promote products of your choice by getting ebooks written through freelance writers. At least, in this way you will get to choose the niches and also avoid paying a monthly fee for this program. You will also own your email list and have full control.

In short, this program is far from perfect, but there are certain individuals that can benefit from it.


How Much Does It Cost to Join?

You have to pay $47 per month if you want to join in Auto Affiliate Program. The problem is that you will lose almost everything after you stop paying your monthly fee and cancel.

The sales page tries to make it seem like that you are getting a great deal, but in reality that is not the case. At the price of this program, you can buy a lot of other products that can actually help you in learning about earning money in the long term.


How Much Can I Earn?

In most cases, the earnings will not be enough to cover the costs associated with this program. The problem is that duplicate websites and lack of experience about driving traffic are going to hurt the earnings of the newbies.

If you are experienced, then you can drive traffic to the website, but newbies will not be taught how to drive traffic in this program.

It would be much better to create your own website so that you can rank it on the search engines as the creator of this program wants to control everything. Still, if you are able to get hundreds of visitors, then you will surely earn enough to get a nice profit. The conversions from the email list aren’t going to be great so you need to think about that as well.

Most of the users of this program are going to be newbies and therefore most of them will fail to generate profit. However, experienced people can get great results by driving targeted traffic.


Are there Any Complaints?

Yes, and I have listed some of the major concerns below.

The earnings of most people are going to be low.

You will not have any control over your email list or the website.


Bottom Line

In my opinion, Auto Affiliate Program is not a scam even though it is hyped up. They still offer some helpful information on how you can start earning from affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend this program to newbies as they are most likely to lose money through it. Experienced people can consider it if they find it interesting. Nevertheless, I still leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Learn the basics of affiliate marketing
  • Work at home business


  • Training and support can be improved
  • Limited lessons about building an online business


I know that you want to invest in Auto Affiliate Program because you are eager to find a new source of income.

But let me tell you that this type of business is not that easy. You have to be patient in terms of following the training in order to build a strong foundation for your business.

On the other hand, if you are still looking for an effective way of earning, then you can also look into my personal favorite. My best suggestion would be through making your own online business with a support from community. Basically it is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home.

Right now, I am on my second year in this community and I am already earning from it. So, I want to share my success with you.

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If you have more questions and concerns about the Auto Affiliate Program, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences and personal concerns on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Auto Affiliate Program Review



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