Background Screeners of America Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Background Screeners of America Review

Are you also asking, what is the Background Screeners of America Business? Do you want to know if it is a legit franchise opportunity? Are you eager to know if it is a scam? Well, here is my in depth review to help you learn more about it.

Before we proceed to the review proper, I want to point out that I have always been making reviews about work at home businesses. I made this as a passion because I want to help people know more about the opportunity they want to invest in. By the way, if you want to jump into a legit way to earn, check out the #1 recommended work at home business.

Background Screeners of America Review


Company Overview

Product Name: Background Screeners of America

Price to Join: $19,950

My Rating: 7.9 out of 10.0


What is the Background Screeners of America?

Background Screeners of America is a company that provides employment screening and background checks services. The company is located in Tarzana, California. 

They are also a member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners, the Society for Human Resource Management and the American Staffing Association.

In this review, I will take a closer look at the business  part of this company and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. It costs a lot of money to join this company and therefore it is important to read an unbiased review before joining. I suggest that you read the full review before risking your hard earned money.


How does Background Screeners of America business Works?

You have to become a BSA Consultant to earn money from the company. They claim that they help people to get their business up and running. First of all, they require phone, fax, computer and business license before you can get the full benefit of the services and products offered by them.

They say that they have training and support team that will help you in generating clients and cash flow.

Basically, the company has one-click search solutions for pre-employment screening, landlords, right to work/legal residency, financial services, childcare, domestic services, retail sales, educational institutions and many more.

You can also train your customers to perform their own searches. They offer Motor Vehicle and Eviction searches that can get responses from all over the nation within seconds after initiating a search.

Every negative response to a background check is reviewed by a trained private investigator and the private investigator confirms the information and helps you and your client interpret its meaning.

I know right now, you might be thinking that it is too complicated. And yes, I also felt the same way too when I first heard about this business.

Another thing that they promote is that once you have secured and trained a client to access the database, you can earn money each time your client uses the service. Honestly, the company offers a great way to earn income, but it may not work for everyone.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

You can become a part of Background Check Independent Associate Program for $19,950. The package includes the following:

  • Detailed Training Manuals
  • 1000 Mailer Cards
  • 1000 Company Leads
  • Customized High Resolution Marketing Materials on disc
  • 1000 Phone Number for follow up
  • Suite of Industry Oriented Marketing Letters
  • Proposal Templates
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Marketing Dialogue Scripts
  • Trade Show Printing Templates
  • Forms, Acct Set Up Sheets on disc
  • Teleconference Training
  • Ongoing mentoring and support via telephone and email
  • Newsletters

I think that it costs a lot of money to be a part of this company and you should think hard before you invest in them. I know that they offer many things, but this doesn’t mean that you will immediately get back your investment.


How Much Can I Earn?


This company may offer a great income opportunity, but you also have to take into account the cost of joining the company.

If you come to think of it, there is no guarantee of your success. Plus not all reviews about them are positive. In fact, I was able to find only 9 reviews about their business and almost half of them were not positive.

Actually, they have not disclosed the actual earnings of their consultants and the testimonials on their website may be cherry picked by the company.

I think that some people will earn more than a thousand dollars per month if they are able to use the training and support effectively. However, I am not happy with the fact that this company has not disclosed enough information about its actual earnings.


Are there any Complaints?

Yes, and I have listed the complaints along with my concerns below.


We can’t deny that there is a lot of competition in the world of background screening. Obviously, this will make your earnings harder to get and your goals hard to achieve.


The major red flag that I saw in this business is the lack of transparency. I mean, they could have given their consultants an idea on how much they can really earn from this franchise. I believe that this will be a better decision factor for most people who wants to join in it.


Bottom Line

In my opinion, Background Screeners of America is a legitimate company. However, I am not going to recommend this company. The cost of joining is too much.

There are a lot of other companies in this type of business and you will obviously have a hard time competing against them. It is hard to predict your earnings and the company has not provided any information about the real earnings of its Consultants. I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Good Earning Potential
  • Provides Valuable Information on this type of business


  • Startup Cost is High
  • May Overwhelm some people


How Do I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you want to invest in Background Screeners of America because you want to build your own business. You are thinking that this will be the solution to your financial problems. But let me tell you, this is not the best answer that you can have.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that if I spend much money into something, it will immediately give me great earnings in return. But I was wrong. I became disappointed and it is then that I realized that there is no such thing as easy money.

Now, your next question is, how can you really earn money? My best suggestion would be through making an online business. Actually, this is the modern way of earning and you can definitely do this at home. Have you heard of amazon? They make profit from other peoples’ products and they do not need to have their own.

Right now, I am on my eleventh month in this program and continuously follows the training they offer. I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor and hopefully quit my daytime job in the future. So, I want to share my success with you.

Background Screeners of America Review

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If you have more questions and concerns about Background Screeners of America, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad and happy to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Background Screeners of America Review

2 comments on “Background Screeners of America Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

  1. I have been a consultant with BSA for years. When I bought my franchise, I talked with Jerry Foreman and the owner to great length. They were just moving over from drug testing to Background Checks.
    I am going to go back and pull my contract, but I was told Washington State was my area as well as the Pacific Northwest. I need to look on the contract. The one part of the sign up that really made me scratch my head was when they said ” you need a business license”. I asked ” What about a Licenses with the state”? They said ” No License required”. That made me really think. I am licensed in Washington and really use BSA very little. It has never come close to paying me back on the investment. I am a PI and have all the work I need. BSA never brought me one client. Years ago they would send a referral and they were garbage. I have a lot more thoughts about the company but the last part is an “exit plan”. I called the owner and said ” I am really wanting out of this company, I want to retire”. He said ” We might be interested in the company” but I never pushed it any further. I would really add a trailer on your comments, I am not sure what they are going to offer.
    1. Your exit plan is very important
    2. State laws and federal laws are all over this business. Be very careful. You can mess up one time and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s very easy to mess up. Check with your state and don’t trust BSA.
    3. The Attorney Generals office will answer a lot of questions if your looking at this Franchise.
    4. To this date, they have never told me how many Franchises they have sold and who they belong to. I am working on that.

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