Can’t Find of Any Business Idea? Look for Things that Need Change!

look around everywhere

Are you in doubt that if you can really start your own business? Do you find it impossible because you can’t find of any available opportunity? Let me tell you, Business is everywhere. To have a clear understanding of what I am taking about, here is my Financial Freedom Tip #6.

what is the problem?

You can’t find of any business opportunity 

Most people has a problem in terms of finding a reliable business. Even though there are plenty of rising business ideas out there, they still can’t decide on what to invest in. I think that this is a common scenario nowadays because people tend to have a fear when it comes to risking their money to start their own business.

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what is the solution?

financial freedom tip #6:

look for things that need change

I highly recommend that you start looking for things that needs change. You may be asking, why should I give another problem to myself if I myself has already a hard time finding the business I want. Let me tell you, if you can find a certain thing that needs change, that will be your business opportunity.

This may sound cliché, but change is the only thing that is constant in this world. And this is a good thing because as long as their are things that need to be changed, you can earn from it. I know right now, you are kinda confused of what I am talking about. So I will site an example for you to better understand.

Actually, a year ago, I was also in the same shoes as yours. I was very eager to start my own business but then I don’t know how to start. Fortunately, I have read this book of Robert Kiyosaki entitled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ wherein it awakened my mind on how to start a business.

look around everywhere

The first step that he taught is look around you. Spot the things that need to be changed. I know I already said this earlier but change is the key to having a successful business.

So I did what he said and looked around everywhere. I tried to walk in my neighborhood. Went to the park and mall. And I even searched in the internet. One thing caught my attention that needs of changing: it is the way people think about money.

“I should work so I can earn money”

This is the major problem that I saw everywhere. People are used to working so that they can earn and get money. But this is somehow a wrong practice. People should learn that they should not work for money, instead money should work for them. I am not saying that working is bad, what I am saying is that work for something that will make you work less in the future. This will only be possible if you start earning passive income.

So I started to look for passive income business. And I learned that there are plenty of them out there. This includes real estate, network marketing, and online marketing. But one business really took my attention it is the affiliate marketing.

At first I was skeptical to try it because it sounds complicated. But then, I still gave it a try. I learned about affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. It is like an online community that teaches its members a step by step guide on how they can start their own online business. I was fortunate enough that I have found the answer to the change that I want to make which is to change how people think about money.

It gives its members a clear perspective on how they can earn a profit online. Of course you have to work for it at the beginning because you will need to build the foundation of your business. But later on, when it is already stable, it will generate money for you even if you don’t work hard for it as before. That is a concrete example on how money can work for you.

Right now, I am on my fifth month in the business and I am closely getting into my goal. Although I am still in the early stage of the business, I am still positively sure that in the long run, it will generate me enough money to quit my daytime job.

final thoughts

I have already said this, but I will say it again. Look for anything that needs to be changed. It will be your opportunity to start your own business. Just open your eyes, feel everything around you and you will sooner or later realize the business idea that can bloom and become a reality.

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Best Regards,

John Rico

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I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.

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