Comex Brokerage Review: Is it Legit or Scam?


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Comex Brokerage Review

Are you also asking, what is the Comex Brokerage? Are you eager to find answers to your questions about their investment plan? To learn more how their system works, read first my in depth Comex Brokerage review.

what is the comex brokerage?

what is the comex brokerageComex Brokerage Limited is a brokerage firm on financial market which provides financial assistance with wide range of fiscal instruments. The company claims that it has direct access to the following exchanges: CME, ICE, ICE Europe, Eurex, NYSE, Liffe and many others. The company operates in many spheres such as foreign exchange market, agricultural and metals. The company is a company incorporated in United Kingdom. I will tell you everything that you need to know about this company so that you can make a decision whether to invest in this company or not. This was just the warm up so let us get started.


how does comex brokerage investment works?

I will tell you later how much it costs to join but let me tell you that the sign up process is simple and any individual or business can apply. You obviously have to be of legal age and accept their terms and conditions. After you have joined you have the following investment plans available for your investments.

plan 1

You have to invest between 30 to 3000 dollars in this plan. The term of this plan is 160 business days and you get a return of 1.8 percent daily with this plan. You can withdraw your money on any calendar day.

plan 2

You have to invest 3000 to 10000 dollars in this plan and the term of the plan is 160 business days. The rate of return is higher than the first plan because the amount of investment is also higher. You get a daily return of 2 percent in this plan. You can withdraw your money on any calendar day.

plan 3

You have to invest 10000 to 500000 dollars in this plan and the term of the plan is 160 business days. The rate of return is maximum in this plan and it is 2.2 percent. You can withdraw your money on any calendar day.

what is the comex brokerage

You can also reinvest your money if you do not want to withdraw it. It is clear that this company is a HYIP. HYIP means High Yield Investment Plan. HYIP means an investment plan which offers very high returns in a relatively shorter duration. HYIPs are very risky and it does not matter what others say but you must be extremely careful while investing in a HYIP. The payment methods that you have available to invest and withdraw your money are Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. It is not over so keep reading.


how much does it cost to join?

It is free to join in this company and anyone can join if they are of legal age. I suggest that you read the terms and conditions very well before joining. You can invest as low as 30 dollars in this company but as what they have said, the higher the investment, the higher the earnings.


how much can I earn?

moneyYour earnings depend on many things and I will explain all of them to you. It depends on the amount that you invest and the number of active investments that you have in your Comex Brokerage account. As well as the plan that you invested your money in. Let me give you an idea about your earnings. If you invest 100 dollars in plan one then you will earn 1.8 dollars daily for a period of 160 days. Your total will be 288 dollars at the end of 160 days. The other two plans give a higher rate of return and require you to invest more money.

I would like to remind you now that this is a HYIP and that means that you will not earn as much as you want to earn so easily. There is a risk and you may end up losing money instead of earning money. But if you want to try this program, you should start with the minimum of 30 dollars and see how it goes. The review is not complete and I have not said that this company is legit so wait for the conclusion part.


are there any complaints?

Yes, there are plenty of complaints when it comes to HYIP programs and I have stated below the important concerns that I have.

income is not guaranteed

Although the earning potential is convincing, you should first make sure that the business is legit. There should be at least some testimonial that can prove that it actually works right? But as what I have researched, I can’t find any credible proof.

HYIP programs don’t last long

There maybe some that already earned in HYIP programs but let me tell you, this does not last for a long time. These programs are just up for some days or if you are lucky, for some months. But after this time, they will vanish and their website will be down. Trust me, I have tried several HYIP programs like Nano 11 which I thought is legit, but after more than a year, they just disappeared in a blink of an eye. And this is all true for all HYIP programs. Don’t let them get your hard earned money.



In my opinion, Comex Brokerage is legit for now because I don’t have a clear evidence that it is a scam. But once I find something that will prove its unworthiness of your time and effort, I will tell it here immediately. With that reason, I do not recommend you to invest in this company as this is a HYIP. I already mentioned that HYIPs are very risky and there is no guarantee of returns. There are plenty of alternatives out there that you can invest in, like starting your own online business. But for now, stay away from most HYIPs including this one.


how can I earn money online?

I know that you want to invest in Comex Brokerage because you are hoping that it could give you extra income to pay for your bills and expenses. However, like what I have said earlier, this is not guaranteed because there are no proofs that the system is effective.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I was thinking that once I invest my money into a program or system, I will already earn income from it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There is no such thing as fast money.

On the other hand, I didn’t regret learning about these programs because I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online program that teaches people on how to build there own online business. At first, I was hesitant to join, but then I realized that I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join.

Right now, I am already in my tenth month in the program, and already attaining the fruits of my labor. That’s why I want to share my success with you. Let me end this review with one question.

Why Spend Money in unGuaranteed Programs, If you Can Start Your Own Online Business for Free?

Check out my review on the #1 recommended training program.

If you have more questions and concerns about Comex Brokerage, feel free to comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico


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Jhake - April 27, 2016

Thanks for your nice and very valuable info bro. But I strongly disagree that there’s no potential to invest on hyip. There are still numbers of legit companies in line on high yield investment program. Because of too many scammers creating their own company, small investors cant find whats really the best.

    john rico - April 30, 2016

    It is good to know that there are actually legit HYIP programs. Actually, HYIPs are just the same with MLM business in the sense that their image is already tainted with scams and fraud. This kinds of programs are thought to be scams because most people have loss their money in them.
    So, what specific HYIP program have you tried that is legit and can be trusted?

Chris - March 26, 2016

I was more than a little put off when I realized you needed to invest between 30 to 3000 dollars in the lowest plan – this seems a bit extreme doesn’t it? I can’t quite get my head around the process of it all either – there seems to be no real guarantees of profit? Thanks for this review – I shall be staying well away!

    john rico - March 27, 2016

    I agree with you. 3000 dollars is a bit too expensive if you are thinking of investing. And besides the program doesn’t guarantee that you will earn income with just investing right? There are no credible proofs that the system really works. But then if it happens that they can prove that it is legit, then I would be happy to tell people about this program. However, for now, I am still not recommending Comex Brokerage.


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