Coursely Review: Can It Help Build Your Online Business?

Coursely Review

Coursely is a software that claims to allow you to create a full-fledged business by just pressing a button. This business will supposedly sell over 20 ready made products, software apps or internet marketing courses. The sales page claims that it allows you to generate money 100% on autopilot.

You don’t need any experience to earn money from it either. There are plenty of amazing claims on the sales page like you can start making money in three easy steps.

The creators of this product are Radu and Ezzaky. They are internet marketers that keep launching products like this one from time to time. The point is that this is not their first launch, so they know what they are doing.

Will this software work like they claim or not? Find out in this Coursely review, where I will share all the facts and details about this digital product.

Coursely Review


Product Name: Coursely

Overall Rating: 3.1 out of 10

How Does Coursely Work?

According to the website, you can start earning money by following three simple steps that have been explained below.

1. Create

You will have to install a theme to your WordPress site. This theme is the software that is going to build a store for you.

Once you enter the name of your store, it will get created and be filled with softwares and products that you can sell to earn money. I am pretty sure that everyone will be promoting the same products here.

2. Customize

In this step, you will add your logo and plug in your autoresponder to build your email list.

You will need to spend money on an autoresponder because it is required to build your email list. You will also add your PayPal details to get paid when you make a sale.

3. Monetize

In this step, the app will optimize the site for organic traffic and get you viral traffic from social media. The traffic will then be converted into sales, and they will handle the delivery and customer support.

These are all claims that are made on the sales page, but I don’t agree with all of them.

I don’t think that the app will be able to optimize your website for organic traffic. The content on the website will be either duplicate or spun, so there is no way that it can be optimized for organic traffic.

The search engines will surely detect the duplicate or spun content and penalize the website for it. If there is no content on the website, then you can rank on the search engines by creating your own content.

I don’t think that the software can do much to optimize the website when there is no content on it.

More Information About Coursely

The products that will be promoted on the website will most likely be low-quality. As mentioned on the website, you will be selling done-for-you products and keep 100% of the profits.

I seriously doubt that the creator has gone as far as creating unique and amazing products for you to sell. So, you will most likely be selling PLR (Private Label Rights) products that are low-quality.

So, you are just getting a website that has a bunch of low-quality products that you have to promote to earn money. The website is not that bad as they have taken care of some things for you.

The social media sharing buttons are already there, and the layout of the website looks nice. It is mobile and tablet friendly, which is very important in today’s world.

The sales page claims that the website will rank easily with minimal or no work from you. I have already explained why that will not happen above. The only way to rank on the search engines is to create your own unique content, which will take a lot of work.

They also want you to believe that they have some sort of secret formula for getting a lot of visitors from social media websites. I don’t think that this claim is true.

Overall, this product is not something impressive.

They make it look like something amazing that will work well on autopilot but that is not the case. You will need to spend money and create content to make it work. I frankly don’t see any big advantage that you will get by buying this software.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The cost of this Coursely Program is around $17 at the time of writing this review.

This is not a lot of money, but this is just the price of the front-end. There are upsells that will cost you more. You can avoid them, but the creators will try their best to make you buy them. As far as the price of the product is concerned, I think that it is fair.

How Much Can I Earn?

As I mentioned before, you will not get a big advantage by buying this software. You can do everything that this software does on your own. You will have more control if you don’t rely on this software. It is important to remember that promoting low-quality products is not as profitable as promoting high-quality products that are relevant to your audience.

It will take hard work and persistence to earn money through this software. You will have to start by creating unique content and promoting it as much as you can.

Once you start getting some sales, you can consider making your own product and selling it to your audience.

Obviously, you will also need to buy an autoresponder to build your email list. A keyword research tool might be helpful and a worthwhile investment.

This software doesn’t teach you anything about getting ranked, so you will have to learn everything on your own. I don’t think that you can expect to get viral traffic from social media websites because the claims on the sales page seem to be false.

In short, you can earn money from this, but I don’t think that the software will do much to make your job easier. In the end, it will be your dedication that will make the difference.

Are There Any Complaints?

No, I could not find any complaints. I have a few concerns that I have listed below.

This product is hyped up.

You are forced to promote low-quality products until you create your own products.

Bottom Line

Coursely is not a scam because you do get something that works. The fact is that you can create your own website easily and promote any product that you want without any issues.

You don’t really need this software as it doesn’t do much. I am not saying that it is useless, but there are advantages of doing everything on your own that shouldn’t be ignored. So, I won’t recommend this product. Good luck.


  • 30-day refund policy


  • Hyped up
  • Doesn’t bring you any viral traffic
  • Doesn’t work on autopilot
  • Forces you to promote low-quality products
  • You are better off creating your own website

How Do I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you want to give Coursely program a try because you want to have a radical change into your life. I also feel that you just want to achieve financial freedom by building your own source of passive income.

But let me tell you that earning online is not an easy task. Even though programs promise to make your life easier, you still need strong dedication and patience.

If you are still looking for a new source of income that can help you, then you can also look into my personal choice. 

Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income. It doesn’t require that much investment and you don’t have to be an expert in making your own website.

My best passive income source that I suggest would be making your own online business with a support from community.

Right now, I am on my third year in this community and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share the things that I did so you can also follow and benefit from it.

Coursely Review

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If you have more questions and concerns about the Coursely, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Please let me hear your experiences and personal concerns on the comments below and I would try my best to help you!

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John Rico

Coursely Review

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