Don’t be Afraid to Make a Choice

don't be afraid to make choices

Do you always have a hard time in making a decision? Whether it’s about what course in college to take or what clothes to wear, you are always torn between two things? Let me tell you, don’t be afraid to make a choice. To have a clear grasp on what I am talking about, here is my Financial Freedom Tip #5.

what is the problem?

You find it hard to make a decision.

Most of the time people tend to have a problem when it comes to making a decision. Whether it is about simple things or complicated ones, people are confused on what and what not to do.

The reason behind this one is that we are afraid of making mistakes. We are afraid of going into the wrong path and not achieve our goal in life. Especially when it involves money, decision making becomes a major issue.


what is the solution?

financial freedom tip #5:

weigh the good from the bad  

I recommend that you start weighing things. You should be able to learn how to recognize different choices and use them for your own advantage.

Actually, everyday in my life I encounter a problem in decision making. Just this morning I had a hard time deciding whether I will go to hospital to take care of my granpa, or stay at home and finish my projects. At that time I was torn on what should I choose, family or career. And I chose family.

But this is just a minute problem compared to everyone elses activities everyday. On the other hand, one of the major decision that I have made in my life is starting my own online business.

I was really afraid to build my own business. Who wouldn’t be right? You need to invest time in learning new skills and information to make the business work. You need to put effort for your works to be successful. And you need to invest some money in order for your business to become a reality.

Despite of this demands, I still made a choice of having my own business. You might be asking, how did I arrive in this decision despite the hard work that I need to exert. Let me tell you, before I make a decision, I weigh things first.

So as for the business making, I have already stated the negatives above. You need time, effort and money before you can start one. On the other hand the positives of having your own business are continuous source of income, total control of your time, you are your own boss and more leisure time for family, friends and for yourself.

If we compare the negatives from the positives, the good things outweighs the bad ones. That’s the deciding factor on why I chose to start my own online business.

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final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to make a choice. You should be able to learn how to make a decision. Don’t be eaten by your fear of making a mistake. Everybody commits one.

Be wise and smart instead. Weigh things up and use it as a deciding factor on whether what choice will you make. You don’t have to pressure yourself and see decision making as a problem. Think of it as an opportunity for you to expand your capabilities as a person.

If ever you had made a wrong decision, don’t get upset. Remember, no one is perfect. The important thing in here is you learned a lesson from your mistake. Use it as a guide so that you will not make the same mistake again.

Let me end this with a statement, Don’t overthink on what the outcome will be,  Be brave and make a decision!

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By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.

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