What is Inbox Blueprint?

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what is the inbox blueprint

Do you also ask yourself, what is the Inbox Blueprint? Are you confused if Inbox Blueprint is a scam or not? This review will guide your decision on whether purchasing Inbox blueprint is worth the price or not.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about money making programs. I made this as a passion because I want to help people don’t do the same mistakes as I did before. By the way, if you want to start a legit way to earn online, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


what is the inbox blueprint?

what is the inbox blueprintInbox Blueprint is an internet marketing program that is promoted by Anik Signal. Basically, it teaches its members on how to use internet as a means to earn money online.


how does inbox blueprint works?

For the information of everyone, I presented in the figure below the scheme that is promoted by Inbox Blueprint.

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Step 2: Build your Online Page

Step 3: Generate Traffic

Step 4: Earn $$$ from your traffic

I won’t give you lengthy explanations because I don’t want to waste your precious time.

In less than 5 minutes, you will definitely clear 99.98% doubts in your mind. So start reading, and YOU DECIDE.

Here are the 3 CONCRETE FACTS that will make up your mind:



Initially when you enter in inbox blueprint site you will see this:

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Basically, you can already start the training with $97. But there’s more to it once you continue the course.

I tried joining Inbox Blueprint a year ago and i tell you it costs something.  I spent 97$ for the first month and instantly accessed the step by step training course. The training includes everything that you need to know about email marketing. From the TYP Method to Payday Secrets. It also give steps on how to generate traffic and also bonuses like “Secret Drawer” which is a list of the top converting offers that Inbox Blueprint members used in order to earn thousand of dollars.

So besides from the initial payment, during the course, you are required to buy some important tools before you can totally bring your website into reality. Here are the list of the tools i bought during my first month:

domain name         –   $9.92/year

website design       –    $30(onetime payment)

autoresponder       –   $19.95/year

web hosting            –   $7.16/month

So if you sum it all up, The total cost i had including the first month of membership is $164.03. And if I include the membership up to the third month the total payment is 358.03$ or we’ll just round it up into 360$.

If you want to upgrade into premium membership, It’ll cost you another 297$ for the Elite Inbox Blueprint.


What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is basically for everyone in terms of the training. Before I joined the program, I really don’t have any experience in online marketing business and i don’t know anything about making websites. But, during the training course, they give you instantly every step that you need to do. You just need to follow it the way they presented it. They also give you a 100% Copy & Paste Template that you can easily use to bring your website into the business. The program also include access to videos that you can watch for further understanding of the process.



What is Inbox Blueprint?

I think one thing that Inbox blueprint needs to work on is there coaching and support. Yes, they do provide informative webinars and live training but there are instances that I ask questions and it is somehow hard to find answers. I still have to send an inquiry to the site and hoping to get an answer. Actually, they do provide answers but as for my experience it took time before I got one. And that’s a downside when you are still starting making your online business right? If you have questions, immediately you want an answer. There was a time that I had this one question that really bothered me. And I can’t even sleep cause I don’t immediately get the answer. In short there coaching and support is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I haven’t answered all your questions yet, Here are more questions that has answers. If you still got a question, Just comment below so I can help you.

Q: I’ve never built a an opt-in page and is not very technical, Can I still use Inbox Blueprint?

A: Yes, you can. There is a step by step guide that you can follow and use to bring your page into life. But as what I’ve stated above, Inbox Blueprint really costs something.

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Q: Are the webinars recorded?

A: Yes, All webinars are recorded and placed in the interface within 24 hours so you can view it anytime.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: There is a 60 day money back guarantee. So if at anytime you are not happy with Inbox Blueprint within your 60 day period, you are free to cancel your membership.

Q: Will this work in any country?

Inbox blueprint is available in any country, however the some of the tools used for the website you are making is not compatible for some countries.


What is Inbox Blueprint?

After gathering and analyzing all the data, I must say Inbox Blueprint is not scam. But  you are still the Judge. My job is just to present to you the facts.

I believe that LESS IS MORE. So I made this review brief and concise so that I can convey the message to you clearer and faster. If you really want to start an online marketing business and you only have limited budget, Inbox Blueprint is not the one for you. However this price is equated to a great step by step guide and copy & paste templates that you can instantly follow though which is a great thing. The Coaching and Support is also limited that makes it even harder for beginners to easily understand the process of creating your own online business.

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PS: Please leave your questions, comments, and violent reactions about the post. It is my privilege to interact with you.

If you learned something today, Please Spread the Word, so others could Benefit too. Big Thanks! 🙂 

Best Regards,

John Rico


By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Hello John
    Great post! I have heard of Inbox Blueprint several times a few of my readers asked me me about them,so your review was very timely. But like you said it’s too expensive. Your review was very insightful and informative. You really helped me and others save alot of time and money. John thanks for sharing this useful information.

    1. I am glad that I have helped you about Inbox blueprint. Actually, I have tried the program 2 years ago and I find it too complicated. Although it has taught me the basics of online marketing, their support in terms of moving forward is not yet fully developed. I hope that they could work on that.

  2. To be honest with you, with the way you present the information it sounds a bit fishy to me.

    I think if someone is really proud and happy with the product they offer they should let you try it for free at least for a week. If you have to spend so much money before even seeing what they offer and then spend a bit more buying software to carry on the training, it’s a no go for me!

    There are plenty of opportunities online nowadays as well as plenty of scams and I normally follow one rule… if they don’t let you see it for free, don’t get it!

    thanks for the info!

  3. Hi John, I read your page on don’t buy inbox blueprint yet. That’s a great review all the content is well written great visuals and videos I think this will be very helpful to your readers keep up the great work! Other than a couple of spelling errors mostly on your i that should be a capital I. hope that helps you out!
    Have a blessed 2016!

    1. Thanks Larry. I really make sure that the reviews I make are easy to read and is captivating. It is because I want to convey all the information I know to people and eventually will help them in deciding whether they will join Inbox blueprint or not.

  4. Dear John Rico,

    This is quite interesting. I wonder where you got the Autoresponder service for $20/year from. I am a bit confused if that is part of what is included inside Inbox Blueprint though or did you have to buy these outside of Inbox Blueprint? For example, many people would buy their Website Domains from GoDaddy or Namecheap, did you do the same thing here when you were involved with Inbox Blueprint?

    I think that it is quite pricey for me to try this out, I am in shock that there is no Free Trial to see how this is beforehand and get more involved with it later on though.

    Seems like your free online marketing business recommendation is the one I have been searching for, thanks for mentioning it. 🙂 I hope that many others read on how that can benefit them too. 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Inbox blueprint is just a program that teaches how to monetize email through online marketing. They have no other tools or freebies to make your website into reality. For example, you still have to buy your website domain from Godaddy. And you also have to purchase a membership on other sites for the web hosting. That’s the downside for inbox blueprint. You ought to go to different sites to build your website, whereas there are other alternative programs out there that offers all of this in just one product. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You have to try it to see how it works.

  5. It certainly looks like a great option to earn online but there seems to be a few holes here and there with their setup. I was thinking, is the $97 a one off payment and you’re in for the long run or is there a monthly system where you have to pay more? I quite like the idea of a one page website – seems like a set up and go process!

    1. Actually the 97$ fee for inbox blueprint is a three time payment that you can pay every month. After you have paid the initial payment, there are also upsells that you can buy to further help you online business. Honestly, the programs offered by Inbox blueprint is helpful and very informative. But I realized that there are still better alternative for the program. That’s how I learned about Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. Nice article. I read and some of the comments too. I must agree, Anik does know what he’s talking about, but so do a lot of others that don’t charge as much as he does here. A lot of that training can be found for free. How much of the training show you step by step how to do it? You can tell someone how to do something, but it’s better to show them.

    1. The first online training program that I bought was Inbox blueprint. And Anik has definitely taught me a lot of things about making an online business. All of its training showed me the step by step process however, as I continue in it, there are some part of it that is hard to understand. That’s the downside about inbox blueprint. There is no community that can help you when you have a question.

  7. Hey John!

    Yep, I’m definitely confused on whether Inbox Blueprint is a scam or not!

    After reading your great review, I can see how this business model works and helps people to make money online.

    It looks awesome, but the costs involved do look a bit high, so I think maybe I’ll have to save some money first before jumping in to this 🙂

    You have definitely given the Inbox Blueprint some high ratings, so it certainly seems worth it!


    1. Hey their Neil! I have given 3 stars for inbox blueprint because I have tried it myself. It has good step by step course that teaches you on how to start your online business. However, there are some limitations on what I am getting. First is the customer support needs more improvement. Actually there was one time when I am having trouble with my website and I asked some help from them. But It took them several days before they responded to my concern. That’s why I decided to have a refund. Good thing they have 60 day money back guarantee.

      I am glad that I quit on inbox blueprint, because after that I learned Wealthy Affiliate. I knew about it because I have read a review about it. It was really convincing so I gave it a chance. And everything is history.

      I hope everyone who will read this review will realize that starting your own online business is a good start if you want to be financially free. However you should be careful with the programs you join in. But as for me, Wealthy Affiliate opened the gate for my new journey.

  8. Sounds like an interesting product. It’s nice that there are services out there that teach people about online business. I feel it’s a little on the expensive side. I like the fact that you were honest about the support. Questions do come up and people do want answers right away being that they want to move on. Sometimes not getting their questions answered can make someone quit or find something that will work for their needs. Thanks for sharing your great review!

    1. Hey there! Customer Support is what really makes an online program successful. It is because people will think that the company really cares. However most of the online programs out there are just making false promises and after they got your money they will just flee away.

      I know that you are kinda depressed because although the inbox blueprint teaches people about online business, It is just too expensive. Good thing that I know a similar product that also offers step by step training on how to build your own online business but in a much lower price! If you want to check my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. Good write up on this scam, I swear the internet really is cluttered endlessly with scam after scam, so far like you the only thing I’ve found that does seem to work out ok Is affiliate marketing. Have you done the Wealthy Affiliate method of doing the niche website stuff?

    1. Hi there! Affiliate marketing is the real thing! I mean I have started my affiliate business 2 months ago and I am constantly seeing good results. First, I have already made my running website and I have also generated valuable comments in them. And all of that is because of Wealthy Affiliate. It is really great to know that there are still programs online that makes helping their primary concern and not just earning money. Have you also tried Wealthy Affiliate?

  10. Thanks on these tips on inbox blueprint. Many online newbies do fall for whatever comes into the market, either out of ignorance or hoping to run with the secrets before everyone jumps in.

    l like the fact that inbox blueprint offer step by step on how to`s but at $241,their price is still too expensive for most newbies.

    Thanks for the warning,anyone who decides to buy will be doing it already well informed.

    1. Hey there! You are welcome! I really wanted to convey a message that it doesn’t mean that the product is expensive it is already effective. Like inbox blueprint. Although it has a good program to follow through, the initial cost of investment is really too high. And besides I know of a product that offers online marketing steps but lower in price. That is the wealthy affiliate.

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