Foap Review: Is It Possible to Make Money with Videos & Photos? (Updated)

Foap Review

This review is all about the Foap mobile application. Do you want to know if you can really make some extra money with your videos and photos? Are you wondering if this platform is legit or just a scam? Well, I suggest that you read this review in order to learn more about it.

What is Foap?

Foap Review


Company Name: Foap


Price to Join: Free to Join

My Rating: 4.6 out of 10.0 

Foap is an app that allows you to sell your photos and the amazing part is that you can sell almost any photo in there. Any photo on your phone that has been taken by you can be sold on Foap.

Aside from selling photos to other people, you can also sell photos to brands. The app allows people to get feedback on their photos so that they can improve. They have missions that can allow you to earn more.

This app has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. The overall rating of this app is 3.8 stars, which is fine. This app was launched way back in 2012, and it is still being downloaded and used by a lot of people. This is not a small achievement at all because the competition among apps is more than ever.

In this Foap review, I will take a closer look at this app and try to determine whether it is worth trying or not. I highly recommend that you take some time and read until the end.

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  • How Does Foap Work?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Join?
  • How Much Can You Earn?
  • Are There Any Complaints?
  • Bottom Line

How Does Foap Work?

First of all, you will have to download the app on your mobile phone. It is available for both iOS and Android, so you shouldn’t have any problems in downloading it. It is available in more than 180 countries, so you will most likely be able to download this app in your country.

After you download the app, you will have to make an account to earn from it.

You can make an account easily by using Facebook details. If you don’t want to share Facebook details, then you can create an account by entering your information. They will ask you to upload your first photo.

After uploading the photo, you will have to add a description and add tags to make it easier to sell.

They will suggest some tags to you based on your photo. I found this feature quite useful as most of the tags suggested by them were relevant to the photo that I uploaded. However, I recommend adding additional tags if you can to increase your chances of selling the photo.

Before your photo is published, they will ask you certain questions. First, they will ask you if there are any people in the photo.

If you answer yes, then they will ask you if the faces in the photo are recognizable. If the answer is yes again, then they will ask you if you have the permission to use this photo for commercial purposes. This means that you can’t use photos that you haven’t clicked yourself.

Foap Review

If you want to use a photo taken by someone else, then you need their permission to use it for commercial purposes. You can’t just go on the internet and download any photo and try to sell it on the app. This will certainly land you in trouble. After answering all of the questions, your photo will be published on their app.

You can rate photos published by other people and also receive feedback on your photos. The app will notify you when someone rates your photo.

Once your photo is sold, you will get 50% of the earnings. This is not bad at all because the earning potential here is higher than a lot of stock photography websites.

Foap Review

There are missions that ask for specific photos like photos of animals. People submit their photos and the winner is selected. The rewards for the missions are high as you can earn hundreds of dollars by winning some of them.

Some missions require Foap Coins to unlock. You can watch video ads to get coins that can be used to unlock missions.

You can also get coins as rewards when you win a mission. I must say that winning the missions is not an easy task at all. I took a look at some of the recent winners and the photos were amazing.

In many cases, you will need to think out of the box if you want to win a mission.

Foap Review

Overall, this is a decent app that can allow you to make money by uploading pictures that haven’t been clicked by a high-quality camera.

The app is easy to use, and you won’t face any issues in uploading your first picture within the first few minutes of downloading the app.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

It is free to download the Foap app. You can join stock photography websites for free as well, so this app is not something special in that respect. You can buy Foap Coins from their website to unlock missions.

You can buy 100 Foap Coins for $3 and 300 Foap Coins for $7. Finally, you can buy 500 Foap Coins for $12.

Remember that you need 100 coins to access one mission. Obviously, you can earn the coins by watching videos, but it will take some time.

Foap Review

How Much Can You Earn?

Your earnings will depend on how many photos you upload and how good those photos are. Each photo is sold for $10, which is a good thing as well as a bad thing. It is a good thing because you get $5 per photo sale.

It is a bad thing because some photos deserve a higher price. You could have earned more if you sold those photos through other methods.

The highest paying missions will require you to first spend some time in watching videos or pay for the coins. Even then the missions are quite tricky as I mentioned earlier. You can sell a few photos, but winning missions with a lot of entries will be very hard.

Foap Review

I don’t think that most people should even consider participating in premium missions unless they are really confident that their photo is amazing.

In short, your earnings will depend on how good you are at capturing unique photos that attract people. Some gifted people can earn a good amount of money through this app for sure.

Are There Any Complaints?

Yes, I have listed some complaints below.

“It crashes every time I try to open it.”

“There are tons of bots on this app. Good luck meeting humans and having your photos sold.”

Bottom Line

Foap is not a scam. You can certainly try this app, but most people can’t expect to earn anything more than $20 or $30 per month.

The app allows you to upload anything that has been captured by you, which is not something that you can expect from stock photography websites. However, if you are serious about stock photography, then there are better options out there.

Nevertheless, you still have the final decision in your hands. Good luck.


  • Easy to use
  • Accepts all photos
  • Available in over 180 countries


  • Low earnings for most people
  • Need to watch videos or pay money to participate in premium missions

How Can You Earn Money Online?

It seems like you want to download and try the Foap app because you were hyped-up by the earnings that you can get by doing simple tasks. It also feels like you just want to have a new source of income that can help you in your expenses and bills.

But let me tell you that this type of mobile application platform is only good if you use it as a sideline. This is because even if you spend that much time into it, the earnings that you can get is still not enough to earn you a living.

On the other hand, if you are still looking for new source of earning, then you can also take a look into my personal choice. 

My best suggestion would be through making your own online business with a support from community. Basically it is a modern way of making money. And it doesn’t require any selling.

Right now, I am on my third year in this type of business and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Foap Review

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If you have more questions and concerns about Foap, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

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Foap Review

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