How Not To Be Poor? Take Advantage of Sales

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Are you wondering why you are still poor even if you have a job? Are you constantly working but your paycheck vanishes right away? Let me tell you, there is something wrong on how you spend your money. To better understand what I am talking about, here is my Financial Freedom Tip #8.

What is the Problem?

you are still poor

Most people have a problem when it comes to money. When they get their paycheck, they spend it immediately to various things. Aside from the house expenses such as bills and rents, people spend for material things such as new bags or clothes.

That’s why in just a short period of time, their money are all gone. Thus urging them to work again in order to earn there next paycheck. This becomes a cycle and most people are already sick and tired of this situation.

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Personal Experience

I always remember my workmate’s words every time we receive our paycheck, “Rich for today, Poor the next day” 

This really caught my attention because they always talk about how they will spend their money. One of them shared that she will treat her family. The other one told us that he would buy something for himself. There is also this one that will buy a brand new television.

And there was me, just listening to what they are saying. And I am there thinking, why would they complain of not having enough money, if in the first place, they are spending too much on a lot of  extra things. On the other hand, I have nothing against to what they are doing though. It is their money, and they have the right on how they want to use it.

But in my opinion, they are all doing it wrong.

By the way here is a picture of me with my workmates.



What is the Solution?

Financial Freedom Tip #8:

take advantage of sales

I highly recommend that you change the way you spend your money. Remember the time when there is a sale in the mall and you quickly rushed into it, just to buy your favorite clothes? For some, this is a smart choice because you can save some bucks compared to buying it for its original price. But for me, this is not a smart idea.

Although you are taking advantage of sales, the products you are buying will become waste after a long period of time. It may become old or most often, become unusable. And when that happens, you will buy again that the same thing and this becomes a cycle.

Why not spend your hard earned money for things that will help you earn more money. You may invest it to start a business. Or you can even use it to pay for a seminar and training on how to earn from real estate. You may think that this is a dumb choice because you are not filling up the pleasures of buying what you want.

Let me tell you, even if this is not a gratifying choice, this is the smartest one that you can do right now. The number one reason why I told you to invest for a business is because I want you to build you own income stream that will later on provide income for you material needs.

Actually, I have just started to invest my money to a program that teaches how to build my own online business. At first I was hesitant to try it because I already encountered several scams online and I don’t want to waste my money for something like that again. But then, I was told that it is free to join, so I grabbed my chance. I have nothing to lose anyway.

So I signed up for the program and started to do the trainings they provide. Honestly, it was very user friendly. I mean it is my first time to encounter those things but I was able to cope up with it and understand everything that they share to me.

And it is just recent that I upgraded to its yearly membership. It was Black Friday that they gave their lowest price and I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I took advantage of their sale. This is what I am talking about. You should be clever enough to take advantage of sale of useful product and not just with valueless material things.

 By the way, I am on my 5th month in the program and I feel that everything goes according to plan. Although there are times that I feel down and tired because of lack of results, I am still constantly building the foundation of the business. Because I know in the future, I will be able to harvest the fruits of my labor.

Final Thoughts

In order to not to be poor, take advantage of sales. But remember, it is not just any other sale okay? Use it for buying things that will help you enhance your spending capacity. Learn to invest in a business. It is already tested and proven that all of the successful people in the world has spent their money in building their own business.

Learn to control yourself from buying unnecessary things. Instead, focus in creating your own business empire that will help you earn more income and later on give you a stress-free life.

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Best Regards,

John Rico


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