How To Activate Your Account in Plan Pro Matrix?

One of the common questions of people who joined in Plan Pro Matrix is, how to activate my account? So I decided to make this article to give you step by step instructions on how to activate your account and start earning in Plan Pro Matrix.




Step 1: Make the Payment

After signing up, you have to send the payment fee to any of these modes of payment. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

Just click the image below for better viewing. Actually I prefer the Smart Money Padala and BDO account because there is no additional service charge.

what is the plan pro matrix


By the way, here is the list of amount of payments that you can get.

what is the plan pro matrix


It includes 600php for the starter membership and 1800php for the premium one. I suggest that you start with the starter membership first so that the cost will be lower. You can just upgrade your account into premium which is worth 1200php.


Step 2: Send the Proof of Payment

After making the payment, take a picture of your receipt. This will be your proof of payment that you will attach to the payment verification page in PPM.
Here is how the page will look like.
what is the plan pro matrix
Fill up the required fields with your information and also the amount that you have sent. Also attach the picture in the proof of payment.
A text message will be sent to you confirming your payment.


Step 3: Purchase the Code

After sending the proof of payment, wait for your activation to be processed. Usually it takes 2-3 days before your payment goes to your funds.
In “My E-wallet”, you will see there if the funds is already added.
what is the plan pro matrix


Once the fund is added, you can now purchase the code. Choose any of the codes that you want, but most of the starter members choose the starter code.


Just click Buy after putting the quantity of the code that you want to buy which is usually 1.
what is the plan pro matrix


 Step 4: Input the Code

After buying the code, you can now use it to activate your account.

Just go the “Code List” and go to starter codes.

what is the plan pro matrix

You will see your code in there. Copy and paste the code in the activation form and that will finalize the steps on activating your account.

If you have more questions and concerns on how to activate your account in Plan Pro Matrix, please feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to help you.

what is the plan pro matrix


Best Regards,

John Rico


6 comments on “How To Activate Your Account in Plan Pro Matrix?

  1. During the registration process, is there an information to be filled up that he will be under my downline? How? Because everytime i search for the registration template, it is already pre-filled up w someone sponsor’s name.

    • Usually it takes 3-4 days before you account is activated. If it is still not activated, I suggest that you send support ticket to PPM so they can help you about that.

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