How to Be Successful in the Data Entry Job of Plan Pro Matrix?

I know that the primary reason why you joined in Plan Pro Matrix is because of the data entry job. And maybe right now you still have many questions on how it actually works. So I decided to make an article that specifically explains about the data entry job of Plan Pro Matrix.

I suggest that you give 7 minutes of your time in reading this guide so that you will better understand the program.

what is the plan pro matrix




In order for you to have better results in the data entry, you should make sure that you have all these requirements.

  • You have a PC or Laptop to work on.
  • Strong internet connection (at least 1Mbps) is necessary thus working in internet café is not advisable
  • Must have a typing speed of at least 30 words per minute
  • Don’t open any applications while working
  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Must have Microsoft NetFramework 2.0 and 4.0
  • Have WinZip

Usually Microsoft NetFrameWork and WinZip is automatically installed in all windows 7 and higher.

For your reference, here is how the data software will look like.





Basically if you have checked all the requirements, you can earn $200 – $300 per month.

Here is a screenshot of some of the earnings in data entry.

what is the plan pro matrix

I also added the typical payout rates that you can get for a specific time of the day. This is based on 1,000 images per hour solved by average typers.

what is the plan pro matrix



Before we proceed to the steps on how to use the data entry software, I recommend that you read these rules first.

I know that you are eager to start encoding immediately but you can’t do that correctly if you don’t give time in reading the rules in typing.

  • Work fast – Like what I have said earlier, the faster you type, the higher your earnings will be. By the way, there is a timer in solving captchas. So if your timer keeps on expiring then your earnings will reset to zero.


  • Type Correctly – Being fast is not enough. You have to always to double check what you type before you press Enter. Be cautious with the big and small letters. Avoid having many mistakes because it will also reset your earnings.


  • Don’t Type Garbage – Garbage is the term used for typing incorrect words in purpose. This is a serious offense and will lead to your suspension if done several times. It is okay to have mistakes but if possible double check everything that you type.


  • Minimum Accuracy is 90% – This means that if you typed 10 captchas, 9 of them should be correct. But don’t worry the words that you will type is not that hard to solve so it is possible to get 9/10 score.


  • Never Cheat – Always follow the rules and tips given by PPM. In this way, your account will not be suspended.




Let us now proceed with the activation of your data entry software. Just follow these easy steps and you will be okay.

1. Go to Products and Services > Data Entry

2. Fill up the Information in your Profile  

  • Change the mode of encashment to PPM
  • Input your password
  • Click the “link my account to our software”

Remember that it usually takes 1-2 days before your software is activated.

what is the plan pro matrix


1. Click the Download Now Button. In the Data Entry Page, scroll down the page until you see the download button of the installer.

what is the plan pro matrix


2. Run the downloaded file.

what is the plan pro matrix


3. On Security Warning, Click Run. Or Click yes and allow the software to be opened.

4. When Installing, Click Yes.

what is the plan pro matrix


5. Click Next.

what is the plan pro matrix


6. Click Yes.

what is the plan pro matrix


7. Start Installation.

what is the plan pro matrix


8. To start the Software, Click Next.

what is the plan pro matrix


9. Click Exit. You can already start Encoding.

what is the plan pro matrix


*Update as of 04/08/17

In installing the software, you don’t need to copy and paste the code in the lic. The PPM software v23 has already fixed the issue. So after installing, you just need to link your account to the software and wait for 2-3 days before you can start solving captchas.

You also have to install the WinRAR and NetFramework Files. You need to download it in order to use the data entry software successfully.

Here are the links.


Net Framework:


If the steps above doesn’t work, you can refer to this old steps and follow them.

1. After installing, a pop up will come out telling to update the software so just click Yes.

2. A pop up will again come out and Click Save as.

3. Wait while the update is downloading.

4. Extract the File.

what is the plan pro matrix

5. Open the Client_v21.0 folder. 

what is the plan pro matrix


6. Find the lic file and paste this code: 08e328e054e2477bb5f4bb206bffd5ca

what is the plan pro matrix


7. Find the Client File. Right Click and Run as Administrator.

what is the plan pro matrix


what is the plan pro matrix

8. Congratulations! The Software is already Updated. The software will look like this.

what is the plan pro matrix



1. Open the Software. Right Click on the Client Application and Run as Administrator.

what is the plan pro matrix

what is the plan pro matrix


2. Read first the Notifications.

what is the plan pro matrix


3. Under the Settings Tab, Log-in your PPM Account. Check the Sound box to be alarmed when an image is available.

what is the plan pro matrix


5. Click Done. If you log in and it says ‘The ID doesn’t exist.’, Wait for 1-2 days before your account is linked to the software. After this period, you can already login your account without a problem.

what is the plan pro matrix


6. You can now start solving captcha problems.



By the way, if you want to have a guide and detailed explanation about the various ways of earning in PPM, I can guide you throughout the journey.

what is the plan pro matrix

If you have more questions about the data entry job of Plan Pro Matirx, feel free to comment it below and I will be glad to answer it.

Best Regards,

John Rico



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  1. the person who i used to join were not so accommodating. So I have to search in google on my own to learn everything. What’s bothering me the most is, If I have an invite, she will receive also a bonus right? because I’m part of her down line. Is it possible to transfer it to another person who’s willing to help me?

  2. i have question regarding data entry .. and I encounter like clicking images and when I click all the images with the required images.. it doest add to my account?

  3. image on ppm data encoding are two slow to appear it says ‘no image available’ for about 5 to 10 minutes before it finally appear though I have an excellent internet connection. time consuming and so much in dismay. I wish this PPM management will solve this issue and never to deceive the people with ‘earn as much as $200-$300 per month’in data entry just to lure them to sign up and activate their accounts.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion about PPM. On the other hand, you should also make sure that you have strong internet connection and avoid making mistakes in typing the captcha in order to attain good results.

  4. I just joined planpromatrix and requested for my earnings. Does it take 24 hours before I get it? Then, how many codes should I finish in order to cahsout my earnings?

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