How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

How to Become Affiliate Marketer

Are you eager to know how to become affiliate marketer? There are plenty of affiliate marketing classes out there, but Let me give you a head start for your advantage.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

Let’s start with the most basic of basic questions: what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for you (the affiliate) to earn a commission when you recommend products or services to your readers.

To simplify it, here’s the 4 step process for how it works:

  1. Find a product you want to promote
  2. Sign up for their affiliate program
  3. Get a special link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link
  4. If they buy the product, you get a commission.

That’s it! Pretty Easy right? No Sweat!

How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

Everyone can probably do that. But unfortunately, the first step which is Finding a Good Product to Promote is not an easy task.

There are plenty of products out there that you can use in affiliate marketing but, only few are profitable and commission-able.

So without further much a do, Here are the 3 easy steps you can do to find a good product for affiliate marketing.

1. Know Your Passion

How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

I assume that right now you already have your website/blog to be used as a place for promotion for your product. But If you don’t have yet, Don’t yah worry! I got your back. Just go to this link and you’re good to go – How to Make your Own Blog for Free.

So now, let’s start with the first step. Follow your passion. Why?

Because that will be the foundation of your product. Having interest about the product makes everything simpler since you already got the motivation to build the content of the one you are promoting to.

When you already know your passion, That will be your niche. It may be about health, fitness, money, plants, anything below the sun is acceptable. As long as you have the best interest about it.

Remember, Potential customers feel your passion for a product when they read your content. So Keep everything real.

2. Look for Potential Products

How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

What’s the use of internet if you can’t use it.

Use Google to search the particular niche that you want. Just type it in the google search bar your niche and click all the pages the you can. In this way you can survey your target customers.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to judge their potential success on what someone else did. You really need to do research first. Of course, you don’ t want to put all your efforts into waste right?

Another most important thing as an affiliate is to build a list of potential customers. Regardless of what products you decide to promote, you want to make sure you feel comfortable recommending it so that you don’t destroy your reputation.

There is a great tool you can use, it’s called Google Trends and it helps you analyze the potential products you want to promote. It also allows you to monitor the search volume of keywords over time, which is a great way to check how well the products in your niche sell.

3. Start with ClickBank

How to Become Affiliate Marketer?

The fastest way to find profitable products to promote online is to sign up for an affiliate marketing site, such as ClickBank. You gain access to a database with thousands of products to promote in almost any niche. The commissions are usually between 50-75%, with a higher price tag.

They have a huge variety of niches that you can choose of. Different products are also shown in the site that you can already start promoting. But first make sure that the product you chose is profitable. One way to do know that is through Gravity.

Gravity is the indicator used in Clickbank to show the sales of a specific product. The higher the number means more people are selling it.

Here are some tips on choosing a product in ClickBank

Tip #1: Avoid products with 100+ Gravity – It means that is is a very competitive field and it’s hard to promote if there are plenty of you in the same product line. Choose products in between of (20-100) range.

Tip #2: Pick a product that’s not very expensive or very cheap

Tip #3: Find Products that really helps and truly genuine

smiley-face-thumbs-up-cartoon-yTkeza64cCongratulations! You already have your first product to promote! You can now start your journey as affiliate marketer!

Your next step is on how to promote the product you have chosen. If you already have a website good for you. You can just copy & paste the affiliate link into your site and wallah, your done!

But for those who have not started there website/blog yet, Don’t worry! I’m here to help you.

I’ll give you 2 options, you decide on what gives you the best advantage of. But rest assured both of the options will benefit you.

  1. Read this post: How to make your own blog for free. It will give you step by step tasks in order to make your website into reality
  2. Or Join the #1 Affiliate marketing program that I recommend for FREE! Yes, for FREE! To give you unlimited training and strategies starting from building your website up to promoting your product until you get your first commission.

That’s it, I already gave you the steps. I already gave you the tools. It’s time for you to do your part!

Good Luck New Affiliate Marketer!

Best Regards,

John Rico

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Hi John,
    Until recently, I didn’t realize how easy it was to become an affiliate marketer. What would you say is your greatest challenge with affiliate marketing? I took a look at your ClickBank recommendation, as you mentioned there are so many choices available and it is nice to know I would need to look at products that have a gravity between 20 to 100, really good to know. Do you use Clickbank, if so do they really pay the 50-75% commission as stated? I like your statement about choosing a product that you feel comfortable to recommend as not to destroy your reputation. this is good teaching to me as i think here are many sites out there that will do anything to get a sale.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. You could actually earn 50-75% commission from clickbank products, however the success rate of getting this is not that 100% sure. Of course you have to learn affiliate marketing first. I suggest you join an online program that teaches the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. In this way you won’t be able to do mistakes throughout the process. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before?

  2. Hi John

    Affiliate Marketing is such a rewarding venture of which I am very passionate about. Like you recommend ClickBank, I do also. The large variety of products they have for affiliates is remarkable coupled with their high commissions.

    You’ve offered 3 great tips for product selection as well. This is an excellent network for new comers. Great read.

    Kind Regards


  3. haha love the picutre, like that’ll ever work! Affiliate marketing works though for sure! I think the one thing too is stay away from illicit subjects like I did in the past, it can hurt your relationship with some affiliate marketers. but if it is your biggest subject stay with it because the fans are the more important part..

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  4. This is a great article. Becoming a successful online affiliate marketer looks easy but it takes a lot of hard work to establish an informative and trustful website.

    I am still not sure about the ClickBank thing. Even though that is pays commissions between 50-75%, but many of them are low quality or dishonest products.

  5. Hey there , nice image with the sweat on the face.Is that from a comedy movie? can’t remember what is was about.

    Yes , indeed affiliate marketing is a simple concept to understand but profits are not coming overnight.If everyone was posting links just like that and get paid then we all would be rich in a few weeks.But is that any interesting at all?

    I am sorry but I have to strongly disagree with your recommendation on Clickbank.That network used to be a decent place , but during the last months it is just collapsing.At least for the areas I am interested , making money opportunities , jobs , employment , computers and software and few more , the vast majority of the products are crap.

    There are way better affiliate networks.Anyway , I hope Clickbank will change their policies soon before it is too late.

    Other than that great tips.The most important is to choose a passion and expand your knowledge on.The rest shall come in peace.

    1. I respect your opinion. Indeed, affiliate marketing is not a one night only job that can earn you money. It needs passion and perseverance to strive for more and not settle for less. But let me tell you, once you already built the foundation of your business, then success will definitely follow.

      As for the Clickbank, I only used it as an example on how to find an affiliate program that you can put into your website/blog. I agree with you that there are plenty of other programs out there that you can take advantage of. Like Wealthy Affiliate, wherein you will not just earn commission for every successful purchase, but you will also get a bonus training and lessons on how to be a more successful affiliate marketer.

  6. Affiliate marketing is a fairly new way to make a living. It wasn’t around 30 years ago. Now there are quite a number of people making part-time and full-time income online.

    You make it out to be fairly easy to build a website and make money. Is that really true? Do you make any money online?

    1. Hi there! Knowing how to become affiliate marketer is the new way to become successful. Most of us stick with old ways and not knowing we can leverage money from the internet. Did you know that an average affiliate marketer makes 300$/day? seems promising right? But this needs hard work and dedication.

      About building the website, Yes, It is definitely easy. In the past years it is kinda hard to make your own site. You have to know programming and html codes in order to make it into reality. However, at pthe present time there are various tools that you can use to make life more easier. Like Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress.

      Right now, I am just building the foundation of my website. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scam. It doesn’t happen overnight. But 2 months from now, I am definitely expecting some results in terms of making money online.

  7. Hey, I saw your site and I think this post is good. My constructive advice would be to offer more unique infomation because there are tons of information out there about what is affiliate marketing and how to start. If you can offer a step by step guideline for people that would be great! Thank you for the post tho keep me posted!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your advice! I will definitely put more meat into this post. So that I can help more people that wants to know how to become affiliate marketer.

  8. Thank you, I have been very interested in affiliate marketing but haven’t known exactly how to get started. I also didn’t have anyone explain to me very simply what it actually meant. I was under the impression it was just sending out affiliate links to social networks or emailing them to people…. or putting ads on your website. I didn’t understand that you should pick a niche and focus on products within your niche.

    1. Hello! Learning how to be affiliate marketer is not a one time thing. It requires time and passion in order to make things possible. The first step is to pick a niche that will be the soul of your site. Actually I didn’t know anything of these until I enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate for free. I am now in my 2nd month and so far everything is going in to the right path.

  9. Hello John. Great Job explaining Affiliate marketing and I loved your graphics about what people think… ha ha So true… Your three main points were great too and I was pleased to see you are pointing your readers into the direction of Wealthy Affiliate which is great place to get an education about building a sustainable online, long term business. Have book marked and will return. 🙂

    1. Hi Peter! The stereo type about online business is that everything is a scam. Little of the people know that most of the wealthiest people in the world has their own online business. Affiliate marketing is just one way in monetizing internet. Yes, your right! Wealthy Affiliate is sustainable long term business that anyone could start for their own. I hope everyone gets the chance to try wealthy affiliate most especially that it is for free.

  10. Dear John Rico,

    This was a great Article on How To Become Affiliate Marketer. 🙂 Ages ago, it proved to be quite difficult and most challenging to become one since you had to learn HTML and Coding to make a Website. It was a hassle. Yet nowadays, thanks to WA, I can make a Website of my own passion and interests. It is how online businesses should be, the members should be given the complete freedom to choose what they want and go after it. I hate having to be an Affiliate for a Multi Level Marketing Program, those are just so unfair, there is no equality there, you have to be ruthless. At WA, everyone is treated as an equal, which is very important, especially with an online business that holds to a high standard of supporting and encouraging one another to succeed. 🙂 I wish more businesses would read your Article and implement these simple steps for their members to utilize so that everyone wins. 🙂 Do something you love, not something you have no passion for, that is the quote I try my best to live by. 🙂

    By the way, what would you say is the best part of being an Affiliate for an Online Program?

    ClickBank looks quite promising, but as always I am suspicious of the products unless I conduct my own research first and then decide to promote it. 🙂 I am not going to want to go after the products that are like hot items which turned out to be nothing but a fall out scam.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel! Great thoughts you have there! I totally agree with what you have said. Learning on how to become affiliate marketer today is easy as 1 2 3. Good thing there are already helpful programs that teach people on how to build your own online business. And wealthy affiliate university is on the top when it comes to programs related to affiliate marketing.

      About your question, Clickbank has already built its reputation when it comes to affiliate products. There are already many superb products available in there for every category you want like health, sports or even food. However the hard part is how you can choose the best product and how you can use it to earn money for you. That lesson is also included in the training program offered by wealthy affiliate university. Actually I joined WA, a month ago with 0$ enrollment fee. And so far everything is going into places.

      I hope you will able to learn more about affiliate marketing. Good luck with your future success!

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