How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

Is this your Boss that yelled at you earlier at work? Did you feel irritated or depressed?

Get your head up high and Learn the tips on how to deal with a bullying boss!

1. Control yourself

How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

Before you rant about your bosses, evaluate your self first. Do you have to improve on certain areas? Are you lacking the skills to do a certain job? If your honest with yourself then you’ll understand why your boss acts that way. However, having weaknesses should not be used by the boss to bully you right?

I know it’s really tempting to just lose your self and rage into anger. However, He’s still your boss. So it’s better to find ways to let the steam off.

  • Relax. If your reaching to your patience limit, Stand up go to the rest room. In that way you won’t burst unexpectedly in front of your boss.
  • Stretch and Exercise . Move your body! Even though your just sitting in your desk or standing all day in your station, you can still move your body parts right? Try to stretch your arms and legs. Rotate your neck. It’s seems simple actions but mind you it really helps.

And always remember don’t waste your energy thinking about your bully boss, instead spend it in doing your work even better.

2. Adapt to Them

How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

What is a better way to adapt to your boss? Of course it’s to observe your boss’ behavior. If your already 3 months in your work, I think you already know something about him.

When do they get mad? How do they react when you do something good? What actions do they take when you something bad? These are just some of the questions that you can take note and answer for yourself. In that way, you will know how to respond whenever your boss starts to intimidate you again.

If your having a hard time to adapt with them, consult your co-workers. Discreetly talk to other people you work with. Ask them if they experience the same things as you have. Most of your co-workers have already gone through the same things as you have. In this way you can have an idea on how to deal with a bullying boss.


3. Don’t be Intimidated

How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

Working from 9-5 plus hearing your bully bosses all day is really degrading in ones passion and dedication for work. But always remember that they are empowered whenever they see fear in you!

If they yell, judge or criticize you, stand strong. Don’t lose your belief and faith in yourself. I know this is a hard task, but it’ll take some time. If you think you are doing the best you can do, keep your head held high, and don’t give him the pleasure of putting you down.

Instead just understand them, they may be dealing with hardships in life and they think that they can use you as an outlet for their insecurities of themselves.

 4. Be Your Own Boss! 

How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

What is the best way on how to deal with a bullying boss? Be your own boss!

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t have to control your self when your angry. You don’t have to adapt to your hard headed bosses. You won’t get intimidated again by their judgements and critics. That’s all gonna happen if you are your own boss.

How you can do it? Build your own business.

  • Research. Know what is your passion and monetize on it. It’s hard to work for something if you don’t like it right? There are plenty of passive income businesses out there that you can conceptualize and later on build as your own.

But this is not an overnight event. It takes time to build the foundation of your own business. Nevertheless, think about this – Would you like to spend 2-3 years in creating your continuous income flow? Or spend the rest of your life working with a bully boss?

Learn How You Can Get Rid of Your Bully Boss Forever!

Best Regards,

John Rico

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By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. I think nobody deserves to be bullied – even if it is by your own boss. I definitely agree that the best way to deal with a bully boss is to get rid of him and be your own boss. Really. We are all entitled to get respected and if your boss is not respecting you as a human being, he is not worth working for.

    1. I totally agree with you. I know for some this maybe a not so big issue but for many it is. Who would want to go to work everyday and take all the insults of your bully boss? I mean, some of this insults may be a joke but it still hurts.

      But then, we should still learn to adapt in this behavior of your boss. Since you are an employee, you are the one who needs to adjust with him. One thing that you can do is to ignore him. That is the best way to deal with your bully boss. In that way, you can continue your job and focus on your work alone.

      On the other hand, This is the main reason why I wanted to start my own business. I will no longer worry about how to deal with my boss who keeps on bullying me. So have you heard of wealthy affiliate before?

  2. I really like your last tip on how to deal with a bullying boss. I know this feeling very well. I had a manager appointed above me that was just terrible.

    He would call me names such as cow bladder which was not that great as you might have guessed. It was my first real job and that guy drove me to depression.

    He also started to intimidate me, with threads and so on. Luckily he moved very far away.

    1. I feel you man. It really sucks if you encounter a bully boss especially if it is just your first day at work. I mean, why could they just be nice and be supportive in all your works done. In that way you will feel boosted and will give you more drive to do better in your job.

  3. Hi John Rico,

    It’s great that there is someone who is trying to give some advice of how to deal with a bullying boss. Fortunately, I don’t have a bullying boss at the moment, but you never know 😉

    Your tips are great and they are very helpful especially the last one because being your own boss absolutely prevents you from being bullied 🙂

    What would you recommend to become your own boss?


    1. Hi there Don! You are lucky if you don’t have a boss. But for many of us, there is a bully boss that we need to see everyday in order to earn money. As for your question about how to be your own boss. I highly recommend that you start your own business. Of course it will not be easy but there are already plenty of online programs out there that is willing to help you build the foundation of your online business.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best among the online business programs. Actually I have just started joining in it 2 months ago, but I have already learned so many things. With the help of wealthy affiliate I was able to create my own website and I am currently working and improving right now. I know that it is not easy but the fruits of my labor will be worth it.

  4. Love this website- Based on my favourite book of all time Rich Dad Poor Dad. I like the way you have described the painful life of working a 9-5. This is the actual reason why I joined wealthy affiliate, also its quite refreshing to find a website with my plan exactly. Have you generated any leads for wealthy affiliate on here? have you managed to escape the rat race as of yet? would be nice hear how your getting on.

    1. HI there! It’s exciting to know someone that also follows rich dad poor dad lessons. Actually as of now I am still on the phase of building the foundation of my online business. That is to build valuable content. I am still on my second month and I think I still have a long way to run.

      About escaping the rat race, Unfortunately not yet. However, Sooner or later I know I will be getting out of it through Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a program that teaches newbies like me on how to build our own business to generate passive income. I am fortunate enough to learn this program at an early time. And I believe that it is not too late for anyone to start their own wealthy affiliate journey.

  5. Hello there!
    I really enjoyed this post of yours since I can relate. I work at not too pleasant place and I have to deal daily with a boss who is not the most friendly person on earth. Words of appreciation and encouragement are alien to his lips! This post helped me a lot and gave me courage to confront him with more confidence in the future.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Great photos too!

    1. Hi Katerina! My goal in here is provide helpful tips to those like me struggle with dealing with their bully boss. I really don’t know why the bosses are like that. Instead of praising and giving encouragement to their employees so that they can be more motivated in work, they give rude comments instead. One word of advice, Just continue believing in yourself and don’t let anyone especially your boss degrade you as a human being.

  6. These are some good tips for how to handle these types of situations. Thankfully, I have never had to deal with a boss who was a bully, but some of these can be applied to lots of other situations as well. It is good to see that you are trying to help others on a daily basis!

    1. HI Justin! Thanks! Most of the time employees just ignore their bully bosses for the sake of keeping their job. They thought that they can’t get out of that daily judging and criticism. Fortunately there is a way in order for you to get rid of bully boss forever. It is to be your won boss which I already discussed in the article above 🙂

  7. Great page! Found it to be very informative overall with a good template in place. Use of visuals I thought was very good and the overall layout made the look of the imagery quite appealing I thought with an overall great design. The look and feel of the page was good but I would have added some more meat to the text.

    1. Hi There! Thanks! Giving real and concise information to the readers is my main goal. I see to it that every post that I make will short and straight to the point, in that way the readers will save time and start taking action. But still I will look into it. Thanks again!

  8. Really like your network marketing topic, I have tried a few and probably never gave it enough time. Are you currently working with a mlm company? You list it as legit and was wondering if you were. I do like the way your site is organized, easy to read and follow

    1. Hi Bob! Yes, network marketing is legit. But right now I am still on my first step which is finding a good network marketing company to join in. And my focus at this moment of time is on affiliate marketing. But surely in the future after I established the foundation of my online business, I will definitely venture the network marketing path 🙂 If ever I already joined in one, I will show you the information immediately.


  9. Hello, thank you for inspiring article. You are right, it is better to work hard couple years and latter be free from rat race, working from 9 till 5 till retirement.
    Sometimes boss can be nice fellow, but anyway, he makes decisions not you or me.
    I would prefer to be my own boss. There so many great opportunities how to provide for yourself and your family.
    If somebody has a passion, it can be turned to website, where it can be shared with visitors, latter with customers.
    Working for yourself, planning your own time is a big responsibility. Anyway, it is worth, because freedom is expensive.
    Thanks for advices, how to deal with bullies for now. I wish that your visitors would choose an other option: to work for themselves.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    1. Hi there! I agree with everything you said. Learning on how to deal with a bullying boss is just the first step of you realizing that you should be your own boss. This means that you should build your own business. But usually, when people hear about building business they are scared away from it. It is because they think that it is too complicated for them and going to work from 9-5 is much easier.

      People should realize that building your own business at this present time is simple because of technology. Wealthy Affiliate is one example of program that offers step by step guide on how you can start building your business. By the way, what do you think about online business at home?

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