How to Find Keywords to Get Traffic?

How to Find Keywords to Get Traffic

Are you not seeing traffic for your website? Have you been waiting for the results to show up but haven’t seen it yet? Maybe you are not using keywords to generate traffic. Here is how you can boost your traffic through keyword research.

What is a Keyword?

How to Find Keywords to Get TrafficKeywords are the phrases searched by people in search engines like Google. It is often the primary concern of bloggers or website makers when they make articles to rank in google. It is definitely an essential factor that determines the success of your blog or website.



How to Find Keywords?

Basically, keywords are used to get organic traffic from search engines. Personally I use Jaaxy as a keyword tool. Here are the three easy steps on how to find the best keywords for your website.

1. Break down your Topic

Before you start searching for keywords, you should first break down the topic that you chose for your website. This is the initial step that you should do in order to know what specific keyword you are looking for. Have you ever heard of the alphabet soup method? It is where you use the alphabet letters to have an idea for the correct keywords.

For example, you want to find keyword about fitness. So you can start searching with ‘how to get ripped’ in the alphabet soup search box.

How to Find Keywords to Get Traffic


Jaaxy will give you phrases that contains your keyword ‘how to get ripped’ plus additional words that start with letter ‘a’. With the help of this tool, you can get an idea on what you really want to use for your article in your website. You can also find phrases for letter ‘b’ up to letter ‘z’. Just move the blue dot to the right to see more phrases.

How to Find Keywords to Get Traffic


2. Find low competing with enough traffic keyword

After searching for the keyword that you want, you can now proceed in knowing whether the keyword has many competitions or not. In Jaaxy keyword tool, you can see the number of competing websites for your keyword in the QSR column. Basically, the lower the QSR number, the better. It means that the number of websites that you need to  pass through is lesser.


You should also remember that, it is not enough to find keyword with low QSR. It should also have high traffic. This is the number of people that search the keyword you chose every month. The main rule in traffic is that, you should choose keywords with greater than 50 searches.

So your keyword should have less than 200 QSR but greater than 50 Traffic in order to attain a better result in terms of ranking in google which eventually can lead to more traffic.


3. Search the keyword

The third step in finding keyword is to know who your competitions are. The reason for this step is to give you an idea on what other websites look like. So in the Search analysis tab in Jaaxy you can check  there meta description, word count, links on site and even its keyword density. This will be your guide to know what to do in your website to get to page 1 of google.

How to Find Keywords to Get Traffic

This is a crucial step in assuring your success with the keyword you chose. One more thing to remember, don’t copy the content of other websites. Just use it as a bench mark and a guide on how you make your own.


Is Keyword Researching Really Effective?

If you’re gonna ask me if keyword research is effective, Let me tell you, it is the core of the success of your online business. Keyword research is just a cycle that if you get to do all of its processes you will attain the results that you want and you can repeat it again for other keywords that you chose.

So the steps are:

  • Break down the Topic
  • Find Low Competing with enough traffic keyword
  • Know your competitions

Right now, you can already start your keyword research using the free trial service of Jaaxy. Take advantage of this opportunity to see a better result in your rankings and eventually bring more traffic to your website.

If you want to learn more, Read my Full Jaaxy Review.

If you have any questions or clarifications about the steps feel free to comment it below. I would be happy to assist you.

Best regards,

John Rico


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  1. John,

    Thank you! This was incredibly helpful for me. I have used Jaaxy before but quickly got overwhelmed, and frankly I just didnt know what I was doing. Your article helped me gain the motivated to give keywords another go.


  2. Thanks for the step by step on key word research, it’s a topic I’m trying to break down and understand, this is very helpful!

    I didn’t realize that low competition keywords are very necessary for brand new websites, and I’m beginning to understand why. I’m very interested in Jaaxy now so I’ll have to give it a try… thanks for the referral 🙂

    1. No problem. Keyword research is one of the many factors to consider in writing articles for your website. If you want to rank higher in search engines like Google, you should be diligent in finding the correct keywords. And Jaaxy can help you with that.

  3. Another great article from you. And I am pretty sure many new internet marketers will now know that having the right keywords will help their website becomes visible.

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