How to make your own Blog for Free

How to make your own Blog for Free

Are you confused on how to make blog website? You don’t know where to start, right?

Well, Here are 3 easy steps that you can follow to create your own blog free.

1. Choose your Niche

How to make your own Blog for Free

The idea of a niche should not scare you. Instead you should be excited about it.

When choosing a niche, you should choose something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, a problem, a need or a want. Almost anything you can think of is a niche.

When you select your niche, avoid being too broad with your niche selection.


> Think of 3 things that interest you the most

> Among the 3, Select the niche that interests you most and gets you the most excited.

> Break down the chosen niche: Write down 3 things about the niche you chose


3 major niches:

Money  / Computers / Plants

Break down the Money niche:

– How to Make Money Online

– How to Passive Income

– How to Make Money by Working at Home


There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche

2. Gather Ideas for your ContentHow to make your own Blog for Free

Content is going to be the “meat” of your site.

As of now I know that you don’t have an idea on how to start writing your first post. So for your benefit here is the tasks the you should do:

> Search the niche on search engines like google

> List the sites that you find useful for your future guide and reference

For example: your niche is “how to passive income”

Search it in google and check out all the sites that are on the first page.

You can use them as a guide for your content concept and see how they did there set up.

Don’t copy paste there post. Just use them as guide into making your own website content. It may benefit you for now if you just copy and paste but in the long run, it won’t do any good to you. In short, build credibility.

As the person in charge of a website, we need to understand one critical element. We are creating our website for PEOPLE.

3. Build your website

Now you are going to create a free website targeted to the niche that you have chosen in the previous step.

> Set up free website using Siterubix.

If you haven’t made an account yet, just sign in and you can already make the free website. You will be directed into this page:

How to make your own Blog for Free

When you create a free website today, you will choose a extension (subdomain). I suggest choosing something that is highly relevant to your niche.

For example, if your niche was “Making Passive Income”, your domain name can be:

Click here to start building your free website: Free Website Now


1. Choose Your Niche – Break it Down

2. Get Ideas for your Content – Search the niche you want in google

3. Build your Website – Use SiteRubix

smiley-face-thumbs-up-cartoon-yTkeza64cCongratulations! You already made your first website!

But your problem now is how to continue with building content and how to get going right?

That’s why I want you to check out my #1 recommended Blog Building Program that will help you step by step throughout your Blog Writing Journey.

As a reminder, these steps are for those who already want to start building there website and already want to start building blog content.

So if your still hesitant i suggest you start first with the understanding of the concept on why you are making a blog.

As for me I made a blog to make money.

If you want to know more about making money with making blogs, check this out:

Start Blog Make Money

Best Regards,

John Rico

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


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