How to Promote Blog – Beginners’ Guide

How to Promote Blog

Congratulations! You already made your first blog post.

Oh, wait! If you haven’t started your blog yet, Learn 3 easy steps to make your own blog for free.

Going back the to promoting part. . .

Days pass by and you notice that there are no clicks, no comments, no subscribers.

Let me tell you, the work does not stop after finishing your blog.  It should definitely continue.

Without great traffic to your blog site, your posts will not be get read, regardless of the quality of your articles.

The next step should be, Promoting your blog.

In just a minute, you will learn how to promote blog using one of the best place to post and talk about your blog articles and you can already start doing even if your just a beginner.

How to Promote Blog

Google+ is a brilliant place to post your blog. The advantages include:

> Increased Traffic

> Broaden Network of Relationships

> Possibility of increased content sharing


Here are the 3 simple steps that I recommend for you to follow:

1. Create google+ business page

> Set up your account

                          How to Promote Blog

> After setting up, Just follow trough the steps given by google plus.

> Include your blog URL in your introduction section

> Include your blog site in your Links Section

> Create a profile cover photo: There are so many pictures in google that you can probably use. Just make sure you put credit to the owner. Or better yet take your own picture.

Tip #1: If you don’t have so much skills in photo shop, you can just use paint in editing your image.

Click the photo below to see an example on how your page should look like.

How to Promote Blog - Beginners' Guide

2. Share with your Circles

Circles provide an amazing opportunity to share your blog posts to targeted people. They are a way to segment G+ users that you follow.

To promote your blog posts, share them with targeted audiences, and connect with them by writing specific updates for your post.

> Open Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu. Click People.

> Browse the suggestions and place your cursor over the Add button to add people to a circle.

> To find additional people, click Find coworkers or Find classmates.

Tip #2: Find people you may know or people who has the same likes as your

How to Promote Blog


3. Get Involved – Engage in Communities

Communities are very different than Circles. Communities are groups online – kind of like really modern, interactive forums. For a business you can also think of them like a huge marketplace where you can branch out and network with customers. Communities may not give you the same personal interaction as a trade show – but they’re a lot easier and less expensive to get to!

For example you want to get involved in community about passive income:

Here’s a walk through of how to use G+ Communities to drive traffic to your blog site:

> Search ‘passive income’

> Join a few of the groups that are most relevant to your blog.

> Take part in the dialogues that are happening.

> Comment on the updates, share posts you like and +1 them.

> Once you’ve started to establish yourself, post links to your blog in your niche passive income Communities.

Tip #3: Do not spam your blog links. Instead take time to establish your credibility by answering questions by others or just interacting with them. Remember, you are also here to help others. If you give, eventually you will receive.

How to Promote Blog

Bonus Tip:

When you share your blog posts in Communities, write a brief summary of your article include questions to engage your reader and add specific hashtags to reach your niche market.


For a recap:

1. Have the google+ business page

2. Share with your Circles

3. Get Involved – Engage in Communities


With this steps, the probability that your blog will get more traffic is higher. Take time to build your foundation in Google plus and in no time, everything will go according to your plan.

Next time, I will discuss more ways on how to promote blog. See you later!


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Oh well, I know you will still read this. Stubborn! Jk!

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Questions/Clarifications/Doubts? Just comment below and I’ll be happy to answer you.

Best Regards,

John Rico

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By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. You have a lot of good information there. I had recently started a blog and have been in the process of trying to learn how to promote it better. What’s the point if there isn’t anyone reading any of the content right. I have a better idea of what I need to do now, thanks!

    1. Hi there! Promoting your blog is the next step after you made the articles in your website. You are right that what’s the sense of writing content if there’s no one who reads it. I am glad that I have gave you an idea on how to promote your blog. Google plus is just one of the many ways on how you can do it.

  2. Hi, thanks for this, it’s just what I needed. I’ve tried promoting my blog through other social sites such as Facebook with little results.

    I’ve been wondering about Google+ but haven’t been able to get my head around it to be honest. Circles, communities just baffled me until I read this.

    Can I ask, do you see much traffic to your own blog from Google+??

    1. Hi Lee! I’m glad that I cleared any doubts in your mind about Google plus. About your question, I am not getting much traffic from Google+ but It’s just recent that I learned that when you promote your posts in Google+ you will directly see your site in the first page of google. I mean, getting into the first page of google means more chance of attracting people, eventually leads to higher traffic right? That’s the major benefit that I see from promoting blog in Google+. If you have more questions, just send me an email at

  3. Hi John:

    Great tutorial on how to get your blog noticed on Google+. I especially like your idea about joining Google communities related to your interests and niche and what your topic for your blog covers. Is a Google + Business page different than a regular Google+ account?

    You have an easy to follow way of showing your readers how to become noticed. I enjoyed following your step by step instructions. You are a good teacher. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks! I really want to provide simple but concise steps for the readers to understand the topic well. I mean, Why complicate life if we can make it easy right? By the way, if you have any concerns questions, i’d be glad to help. If you have time, check out this post about How to cope up with minimum wage, which is the problem of most of us now. Hope to see you again!

  4. Hi John

    Some good information you got there. Certainly a good way for beginners to get started with their blogs. I like how you’ve simplified your text. Very good work and well designed site. Keep it going, you’re doing very well and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.


    1. Hi Jelly! Thanks for noticing the simplicity of the site. I want to focus more on the content and to provide immediate simple financial freedom tips to everyone. Hope to see you soon! More Power to you!

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