InteleTravel Review: Is Becoming a Travel Agent Worth It? (Updated)

InteleTravel Review

InteleTravel Review

What is InteleTravel?
InteleTravel is a multi-level marketing company that provides exclusive travel offers and makes travel more affordable for the customers. The travel agents get their fees directly from the vendors, so the customers don’t have to pay anything extra.

You can not only contact one of their travel agents and save money, but you can also become a travel agent and earn through them. They don’t require any special qualification or experience to become a travel agent.

This is one of the older online travel websites. It was founded way back in 1992. The co-founder of InteleTravel is James Ferrara. They have been around for more than 25 years, which is not easy at all.

In this review, we will see if this website is worth joining or not. This review is not biased and based on my honest research about this website.

How does InteleTravel work?

PlanNet Marketing is the company through which the recruitment of this opportunity is handled. They have the compensation plan on their website. So, without wasting any time, let us take a look at the ways of earning money through the compensation plan.

Commission on travel booking: The website gets around 14% to 28% commission on the booking of travel from the suppliers. You are paid 70% to 80% of the commission that they earn. Let us assume that the total amount of family vacation booking is $1,000. The website will earn 14%, which would be $140. You will earn 70% of $140, which would be $98.

I have taken low percentages and figures here, but in reality, the figures could be a lot higher. I like the fact that they are paying you most of the earnings instead of keeping it for themselves.

Direct Sales Commission on Personal Recruitment: You can earn a $50 commission when you are able to recruit someone to be a representative of the company just like you. There is no limit to the commissions that you can earn by recruiting people. It is paid only once, so you will have to keep recruiting to keep earning. The commissions are paid weekly.

Direct Sales 50% Match to the Sponsor: When you recruit someone and they recruit someone, then you earn 50% of their direct commission. In simple words, you will earn $25 when someone you recruited is able to recruit someone else. There is no limit to this bonus as well, and you are paid weekly.

Gold Builder Bonus: You need to become a Gold Builder to earn this bonus. A Gold Builder is a representative who has recruited at least 9 people who are active. You can earn $10 from this bonus whenever someone is recruited in your downline until the next Gold Builder.

Monthly Matrix: A monthly bonus is paid out to a representative on the monthly payments that are made by active reps in their matrix. This is a 3X9 matrix, so there will be three people on level one, nine people on level two and so on. This will continue till 9 levels. The matrix will be filled by people that you recruit or reps in your downline recruit. You are paid $4 per active rep in your matrix.

As a Gold Builder, you can also earn 10% match on the monthly matrix earnings of your directly sponsored reps. This bonus is actually really profitable if your matrix gets filled. You can earn a serious residual income if you are able to leverage the power of the matrix. Unfortunately, most people will not be able to do so.

Overall, the compensation plan is not bad. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. For those who are great at recruiting, this compensation plan can be really profitable. It would be much harder to earn a lot through selling travel packs in my opinion.

The company doesn’t require you to meet any sales quota or qualifications to start earning, but they charge a monthly fee. The fee could be justified if you make enough or use their travel packages, but otherwise it would be hard to justify it. This can turn out to be an issue for those people who are not able to do well.

How much does it cost to join?

The total cost of joining is $179.95 one-time plus $39.95 monthly recurring fee. Here is the breakdown of the pricing.

InteleTravel Enrollment Fee – $179.95 one-time
Monthly Administrative Fee – $39.95 per month
PlanNet Marketing Administrative Fee – $19.95 per month (optional)

The initial enrollment fee is fine, but the monthly fee can quickly add up to a big amount. I understand that they cannot really do much to reduce it, but it can still bother some people in the long run.

How much can I earn?

They have provided their Income Disclosure Statement for the year 2018. Honestly, it is not promising at all. More than 97% of active reps earned around $165 average annual income. This doesn’t even cover the expenses that they had to incur to pay for the monthly administrative fee. The annual average incomes start to rise after that, but the percentage of reps earning the most money is very low.

The income figures have improved from last year, but the improvement is not so high. The average annual earnings of all reps including those who didn’t earn a commission was $970. This looks like a better figure, but keep in mind that all reps include the highest earning reps who are making the most money. I would rely more on the earlier figure of $165 than this one to be honest.

I believe you can do better than $165 per year if you work hard and know how to recruit well. It is not easy at all, and most people will fail even after trying. So, if you haven’t got the required skills and attitude, then you will not be able to make it. The competition is high and the odds are stacked against you.

In short, your chances of earning a full-time income are really low.

Are there any complaints?

Yes, I have listed some complaints below.
No support for gaining customers. You have to market yourself and get nothing out of it.
This company is not ready for UK.

InteleTravel is not a scam in my opinion. I don’t think that you should join this company because the success rate is too low. There are only a few people who can actually succeed in this type of business. Maybe, people who travel a lot can try it and promote this company to other travelers. I still leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck.

Money-back guarantee
Great for travel lovers

High failure rate
Low income potential
High competition
It takes a long-time to get your commission

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