What is Affilorama?

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What is Affilorama?

Do you also have queries on what is the Affilorama? Do you wonder if Affilorama is a scam or not?

This review will guide your decision on whether Affilorama affiliate program is worthy or not.

For the information of everyone, I presented in the figure below the scheme that is promoted by Affilorama.

What is Affilorama?

Step 1: Learn

Step 2: Build

Step 3: Fill with Content

Step 4: Monitor & Improve

I won’t give you lengthy explanations because I don’t want to waste your precious time.

In less than 7 minutes, you will definitely clear 99.98% doubts in your mind. So start reading, and YOU DECIDE.

Here are the 3 CONCRETE FACTS that will make up your mind:


Initially after you sign up in affilorama site you will see this:

What is Affilorama?

The 1$ membership is just valid for 30 days. So for the first month, you can already try the advanced training and premium content.

After the first thirty days, you will now pay $67 monthly if you wish to continue in using the product and be a premium member.

But as you proceed with the course, you will notice that some tools that are useful to bring your business into reality has a separate price.

These are the upsells offered during the course:

Upsell #1: AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Membership  – $197

Upsell #2: AffiloJetpack Membership             – $497

Upsell #3: Affilotheme Membership                – $97

Though you are not required to buy the upsell products, these are still needed in order for you to have the important tools to be used throughout the training.

If you add it all up, you will be needing $791 to benefit from the tools used. Oh, by the way, the $67 premium membership is not yet included with the upsell. So, your total cost for initial investment will be $791 + $67 = $858!

Really Expensive Right?



What is Affilorama?

With great price, comes great responsibility.

Given the high initial cost for starter members, it is definitely packed with training, videos and course that will boost your business. There are also easy to follow educational resources including software applications.

So the three upsell products offers various opportunities for you to learn more. This includes:


The package includes 13 lessons, 85 videos covering topics from affiliate marketing, niche marketing and research, free traffic methods like SEO, PPC via Google’s content network, and 6 WordPress themes that are geared more towards PPC than SEO.


These packages do contain some good information and within the membership you are going to get access to the following: Your Choice of 5 Niche Packages (out of the 10 available); 15 Newsletter Email Series, one per niche; 3 e-books, 3 per niche (these are intended for free reports); Graphics for each niche ; and 20 PLR Articles.


This is a Worpdress theme that comes with supporting training showing you how to properly use it.   It also comes with one year free hosting, beyond that you will be encouraged to join Affilorama Premium to maintain your hosting.

With all these products presented, it is somehow overwhelming right? But you definitely deserve all of these if you pay that big amount of price.

One more thing, even though the products are great, some of the videos and trainings are outdated.

Anyone with any knowledge in the industry understands that things like Backlinks and programs like Jetpack are somehow not useful at this present time. You need to get yourself involved in a community that is current and keeps up with the rate at which the Internet world evolves. And this is a bad thing because instead of giving positive result, it can actually negatively impact your business.



What is Affilorama?
Mark Ling, Affilorama Owner

As an affiliate marketer, the number one factor that sets apart a good affiliate marketing product from those that are bad is the support system.

Think about this, if you are confused and have questions in your mind, you definitely want to have answers immediately right?

That’s the downside for affilorama. Its coaching and support system is limited. Here is one comment of one of there member:

What is Affilorama?

I understand that Joanne is upset because she can’t deal with her site issues. But this comment is too harsh though. Affilorama still offers great training. They just have to work more about there support team. It is understandable that Mark Ling who is the owner is busy that’s why he can’t get into all the concerns but you know what, there is also the same affiliate marketing program that functions the same way as affiliorama but has better coaching and support that even the owner makes time to communicate.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I haven’t answered all your questions yet, Here are more questions that has answers. If you still got a question, Just comment below so I can help you.

Q: Does the coaching work for beginners?

A: Yes. There is a step by step guide that you can follow even though your only a beginner. But as what I’ve stated above, Affiliorama is way too expensive.

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Q: How do I get support?

A: Support is offered by a third party. You must direct any questions regarding your purchase to them as they cannot handle it – they securely store your credit card details, and handle everything else.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: There is a 60 day money back guarantee. So if at anytime you are not happy with Affilorama within your 60 day period, you are free to cancel your membership.



What is Affilorama?
Product Rating by howtopassiveincome.net



What is Affilorama?

If we sum it all up, I must conclude that Affilorama is legit. But  you are still the Judge. My job is just to present to you the facts.

I believe that LESS IS MORE. So I made this review brief and concise so that I can convey the message to you clearer and faster. If you really want to start an online marketing business and you only have limited budget, Affilorama is not the one for you. However this price is equated with packed step by step guide and plenty of useful tools that you can instantly follow though which is a great thing. The Customer Support is limited too, and not that interactive because you have to wait a certain period of time before you receive answers.

If you really want to start online business with superb step by step training but only have limited money, and you want to have 24/7 support and coaching from the experts, Check out this review about my #1 recommended online business training course that you can start without getting any money out from your pocket.


PS: Please leave your questions, comments, and violent reactions about the post. It is my privilege to interact with you.

If you learned something today, Please Spread the Word, so others could Benefit too. Big Thanks! 🙂 

Best Regards,

John Rico


By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. I’ve heard of affilorama around the marketing sites on the web. Most people agree it’s legit, nut you point out some interesting facts. The main one being the cost through upsells just to get going. This is a definite drawback. I’m glad to see that the training is good, but then for the price, it should be. Thanks for the review. I can now make an educated decision on joining them or not.

    1. Upsells is really frustrating. I know that this is a marketing strategy for companies. But then, my point is why don’t they just tell you at the beginning that there are other products that you need to buy in order to be successful in this type of business. I mean, if they really think that the business is effective, they will trust in it and tell the truth to the people.

      On the other hand, this price that they offer is just too costly. There are plenty of better alternatives out there that offer the same earning potential and lessons but lower in price or even free. Have you ever heard of wealthy affiliate?

  2. Oh, Affilorama – the product that only wishes to be like Wealthy Affiliate.
    Although they both are on the same mission – Wealthy Affiliate does the work so much better.
    Afilorama uses old techniques that can harm your work + they have higher price and they have upsells which makes it all together a bad product.

    1. You are somehow right that Affilorama has similarities with Wealthy Affiliate. They have the same goal which is to teach its members on how to build there own online business. But then, the major difference is the price to get started. Wealthy affiliate offers free membership to all those who want to join. And that is an advantage because you will get to see what it looks inside the program. By the way, how long have you been in wealthy affiliate?

  3. When I first saw your review of Affilorama I was a bit surprised to see that you had given it only 2 out of 5 stars. I wrote a review of it for my own website and gave it a “Good” rating because I thought it looked like it had a lot to offer. I must admit, though, the one thing that did put me off is that if someone was to buy everything that there is to offer in Affilorama they would end up paying a lot of money. It does seem unfair for people to have to pay so much money before they have even earned any money. I expect affiliates of Affilorama can earn quite a lot from it, though, due to the upsells, right?

    1. I gave it only 2 stars because I think that people should not so much money in order to earn more money. There are plenty of programs out there that doesn’t require to invest that much initial cost and sometimes gives opportunities for its members to try the program for free. Another thing is the upsells that they give aside from the original price. I mean, why could they just tell you the original price so that people will know everything before they have joined the program. Anyway, I still believe that wealthy affiliate is better than Affilorama.

  4. Hi John, I have seen and look through Affilorama before and I have to admit that their program is not that bad really, quite good as a matter of fact. If I had known about Affilorama before WA, I would have probably willing to try their program to be honest. The one thing that I do not like about Affilorama is their many upsells and they are certainly not cheap at all. I am glad that I found WA a bit earlier and now I’m starting to reap the benefits. Great post Ricco, keep it coming!

  5. Thanks John for this post.

    It’s quite refreshing to see not everything is a scam and your review shows Affilorama’s Mark Ling to be credible.
    However, I do agree that Afflilorama’s Pricing is out of reach for most people. Sure, I agree that this in essence is a good bargain for the training and tools & what a student stands to gain- but for only those who can afford.

    I like the step by step training he offers and the money back guarantee, but I would rather just sign up with someone for a set price and not encounter any more upsells to “take you to the next level”

    It’s very tempting given the credibility and the training on offer, but I simply don’t have $858 to fully benefit from Marks course. I think this is marketed for an elite group that he can depend on for easy conversions who have plenty of money to splash out.

    Sadly, that’s not me trying to who is trying make ends meet, that’s why most of us are looking to make money online because we don’t have much to spend in the first place.

    Great review John, I’l stick with W.A.

    Warmest regards


  6. Being a member of Affilorama in the past, I can clarify that the affiliate training program isn’t a scam 🙂

    However, what I do advise people is to watch out for the Upsells, and there are also a couple of damaging tools that won’t work in today’s business building world.

    I enjoyed reading your review on Mark Ling’s Affilorama program, and you have outlined some great facts.

    It isn’t the best program out there, but it is a good one.


    1. I agree with you Neil, Affilorama is not a scam. Although it has its limitations and so many things to improve on, it is still a good product to try if you want to start your own online business. But as what I have stated in my review, the initial startup cost for affilorama is just too high. And for beginners who just want first to test the waters, it will be too risky. Another thing that people should look into when joining affilorama is the upsells that they sell. I know that this upsells will be a good help in terms of building your own business, but it is just too costly.

      I recommend that you find other alternatives before joining this kind of program.

  7. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for this one. I actually tried researching about Affilorama sometime back and wasted almost a weeks time leading only to confusion with so many mixed opinions being shared. It certainly looks to be a weak scheme to make money online and can be surely avoided. Will keep checking back.


  8. Hi John,
    I have been looking around to see if there is another program out there that is better than Wealthy Affiliate. I still have not found one yet.
    It sounds like this program is a little like WA, but it is more expensive and doesn’t have the support that is needed.
    Also, I know it’s just a dollar to start, but that also means that they have your credit card number right away, and you can’t go in and check things out first. I’m not sure I like that so much.
    Thanks for the information,
    ~ Melinda

  9. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    Very nice to read through and easily understandable. Many things I didn’t know
    about this topic. I will definitely come back to this site.
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

    1. Hi there! Thanks for appreciating. My main mission in making this reviews is to provide helpful information for those people who wants to try affiliate marketing. We all know that there are plenty of scam out there that claim that they can help you in earning passive income. But in reality, they just want to take your money.

      On the other hand, Affilorama us a good product but the owner should really improve their support system since that is the main factor that will be looking for by beginners in online business.

  10. Hello, John!

    From my own experiences with the affiliate marketing training program, I can certainly say that affilorama is LEGIT! 🙂

    However, the only things that driven me away were the fact that I found it a little confusing, there were upsells and a couple of tools that I didn’t trust.

    Affilorama can help people to make money online, but they must watch where they are treading with the training and the tools because I don’t think they are 100% in line with today’s internet marketing trends.

    This is a great review of Affilorama though, and I’m sure it will suit some peoples needs.

    Cheers, John!

    1. HI there! Upsells are really disappointing. Me too have tried several programs and I decided to quit it because of so many upsells. Although, I think this is just the companies marketing strategy but I strongly believe that if you really know that your product works, name the price and people will buy it.

      Affilorama is a good program but there are better than it. Like the Wealthy Affiliate. It also gives training on how to build your own online business. But what differentiates it from others is that it has an active community that helps everyone to achieve their goal.

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