KEEP Collective Review: Can This MLM Business Help You Work at Home? (Updated)

KEEP Collective Review

KEEP Collective Review

What is KEEP Collective?

KEEP Collective is a multi-level marketing company that sells jewelry and accessories. The jewelry that they sell is custom-designed by their team, and the customers get the option to customize the jewelry the way that they want.

They offer jewelry and accessories in various categories like bracelets, necklaces, key fobs and rings. They also offer 30 days cash back, which is a great way to win the confidence of the customers.

The company focuses on giving women the opportunity to run their own business. The founders of this company are Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. This company has been around since 2014, and it seems to be doing fine.

In this review, I will take a closer look at this company and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. I will also try to answer your concerns about the opportunity that this company offers.

How does KEEP Collective work?

You have to sign up and become an Independent Designer to earn by selling and building a team. Without wasting any time, let us take a look at the ways you can earn money by becoming an Independent Designer for this company.

Personal Sales Commissions: You can earn commissions on your personal sales in the range of 25% to 35%. The percentage of commission that you will earn will depend on your Personal Qualifying Volume. Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) is determined by your sales, where 1 Qualifying Volume (QV) is equal to $1 USD without including tax, shipping or discounts.

When your PQV is more than 1,500, then you earn the Monthly Power Seller Bonus. You are paid this bonus in the range of 5% to 10% depending on your QV. Your base commission percentage is 25%, and the Monthly Power Seller Bonus is paid in addition to your base commission percentage. So, your total commission percentage would be your base commission percentage plus your Monthly Power Seller Bonus.

When you have more than 6,000 QV, then you can earn 35% commission on your personal sales. However, it is not going to be easy to make around $6,000 worth of sales.

Team Commissions: You can earn Team Commissions on the Commissionable Volume of your team. Generally, the Commissionable Volume is equal to 65% of the retail value. You can start earning commissions from your team when you have a Qualified Leg. First of all, you will have to recruit someone. She or someone in her team will need to generate 300 PQV in one month. If that happens, you will have a Qualified Leg.

You can keep adding more Qualified Legs to expand your team. The more Qualified Legs you have, the higher your earnings will be. However, you also need to increase your personal sales and your Group Qualifying Volume to earn more by advancing in the ranks.

Group Qualifying Volume (GQV) is the PQV that is generated by your first four lines. Here lines mean levels. The first line will include those that you recruit. The second line will include those that are recruited by people in your first line. This will continue until you have your first four lines.

The amount of Team Commissions that you earn certainly depends on your rank as well as the volume generated by your team. You can earn Team Commissions in the range of 1% to 12% up to four levels or lines deep. There are other requirements that you have to meet like no more than 50% of the GQV can come from one leg.

In simple words, you need to recruit people who not only sell the products well but also recruit other people who do the same. This way you can grow your team to a level where you would be able to earn a lot of money without much effort.

There are other ways of earning like the Star+ Team Bonus, but I have already covered the most important ones. The compensation plan is fine, but it is not special when compared to the compensation plans of other MLM companies.

The percentage of Retail Commission is not high, and a lot of companies pay Team Commissions up to 7 levels deep. To be fair, they do pay up to 12% Team Commissions, but I think that you could have earned more if they paid up to 7 levels deep.

How much does it cost to join?

You have to choose from one of the starter kits to join this company. There are four starter kits with different prices. Following are the starter kits and their prices.
The Digital Kit: $49
The Basics Kit: $99
The Essentials Kit: $149
The Business Builder Kit: $349

The Digital Kit has no products, so you may want to buy another kit if you want some products to show to the potential customers. The cost of joining is pretty low if you buy one of the affordable kits.

How much can I earn?

The company has published the Income Disclosure Statement for the year 2018 on their website. I really appreciate the fact that they are not trying to hide this information and have made it public on their website. Unfortunately, the figures in the Income Disclosure Statement are clearly disappointing. Let me share some figures here so that you can understand what I mean.

75.5% of active Designers had an average income of $900. $900 is also the average income of all paid Designers who qualified to earn Personal Sales Commission but failed to qualify for Team Sales Commission. Those people who qualified to earn Team Sales Commission as well had an average income of $5,151 in the year 2018. Clearly, the majority of people failed to earn anything near a full-time income.

This business depends on your efforts, so it is fair to say that some people failed because they didn’t try. The problem is that some people failed even after working hard. In simple words, you can’t expect to earn a full-time income through this company. It is possible but not likely.

Are there any complaints?
Yes, I have listed some complaints below.
It is commission based.
The commission could be higher.

Keep Collective is not a scam. I don’t think that you should join this company mainly because most people will fail to earn much through this company. You can try it if you really like the products, but it would be very hard to make it your full-time job. The final decision is yours. Good luck and choose wisely.

Doesn’t reward people for just recruiting
Quality and unique products
A lot of potential

Expensive products
The compensation plan could be better
High failure rate
Low income potential
A lot of competition

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