PointClub Review – Can You Earn Cash By Taking Online Surveys?

PointClub Review

PointClub Review

What is PointClub?

PointClub is a website that provides paid online survey opportunities as well as other ways of earning online. The website takes a less serious approach towards surveys by treating the people who take the surveys as heroes.

They have a detailed guide on their website that explains how the heroes (people like you) answer distress signals (surveys) and earn rewards. If you are a little confused, then don’t worry because I will explain all of the details in the next section.

PointClub has been around since the year 2015. They are owned by Innovate Market Research. Innovate Market Research is a company that has worked in this field since 2014, and they are quite reputable.

In this review, we will see if it is worth joining this website or not. We will also take a look at the various ways that you can earn through this website.

How does PointClub work?

They make it easy to sign-up. You can sign-up through Facebook or Google to avoid filling in your details. This will only save you a minute or two, but it is a lot better than typing your details. After you are past the first step, they will ask you to build your profile. Don’t worry, they will only ask you a few things, and you will be done in a minute or two.

They have training and evaluation missions that will reward you for answering more personal questions. You will get 1,000 points for answering the first one. You can get a total of 5,000 points just for doing the training missions. This is a cool way to earn some points while filling your profile. Some websites want you to do that for free, but fortunately that is not the case here.

Finally, you will be able to do the surveys. The distress signals or surveys are offered by the website when the need arises. The surveys or the distress signals are matched with you according to your profile. After the necessary formalities like security checks, the surveys are offered to the members. In the end, the surveys are answered and the rewards are paid.

The responses to the surveys are reviewed by them to ensure that you haven’t done anything wrong. They have mentioned several villains that can lead to issues. One of the villains is the speedster, which means going through a survey at a quick pace without caring about giving honest answers. There are several other villains that can lead to you not receiving any surveys.

So, you need to follow their terms and conditions at all times. If you suddenly stop getting surveys, then you can contact their support. If your account has been wrongly flagged or if there is any issue that can be solved, then their support will surely help you. If you broke their rules and abused their website, then they might not give you a second chance.

You can increase your earnings from the surveys that you get by ensuring that you login daily. When you login daily, your Daily Streak increases, and it can allow you to earn up to 100% more points per survey. This will double your income from the surveys. You can also get reward points when you reach certain levels or days for the first time.

You can win 1,000 points by copying the code from Facebook and pasting it into the DailySweeps Shoutbox. You also have to like the post on Facebook to be eligible to win. They give 10 members 1,000 points each, every single day. Your chances of winning are not high, but you can win if you be consistent.

You can earn points by participating in certain activities like quizzes and polls. Still, the primary way of earning points is through the surveys. They are about to launch their referral program, so it would be interesting to see how it goes.

Overall, this is a good survey website. I like the fact that they guide you on each and every step. If you are making an account on a survey website for the first time, then you will find it much easier to use this website compared to others. However, you need 25,000 points (1,000 points are equal to $1) to redeem them for cash or rewards.

How much does it cost to join?

It is free to join this website or any other legit survey website that I can think of. Never pay any money to join a survey website unless you are absolutely sure that it is legit. Scams ask you to pay money to join, and then they don’t offer you any surveys or issue payments. The good news is that this website won’t scam you by taking your money.

How much can I earn?

First of all, let me clarify something. People in the United States will earn more than people from other countries. Most of the surveys that they offer are for people in the United States, so people in other countries can’t expect to earn much. If you are from the United States, then you can expect a decent number of surveys, but don’t expect them to pay top dollar. You can expect to earn around $1 or $2 per survey at most.

You also need to be quick to take the surveys if you want to earn from them. They will reward you some points for attempting the surveys, but they will only reward you 12 points, up to 5 times per day. You can earn a lot more by completing the surveys. Most people can earn around $5 to $30 per month.

Their minimum payout is quite high, which is a big issue in my opinion. You may not be able to redeem your points if you decide to quit because you can’t reach the minimum payout. Even they admit that they are only a source of supplemental income, so there is no need to think about earning a lot of money through them.

In short, you can’t earn a lot of money even if you fit the demographics of a lot of surveys.

Are there any complaints?

Yes, I have listed some complaints below.
They removed the games section a year ago and didn’t bring anything to replace it.
This site is a big rip-off.

PointClub is not a scam in my opinion. If you live in the US, then you can try them because some people clearly earn more from them than other survey sites. If you don’t live in the US, then you can go for other websites. In the end, you will only earn a little bit of money through this or any other survey website. Good luck.

About to launch a referral program

Low income
Most surveys for US residents only
Limited ways of earning

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