Salipay Review: Is this Another HYIP Scam?


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Do you want to know what is the Salipay? Have you heard of it from your friends and you are confused if it is a good investment? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my in depth Salipay review.

what is the salipay?

Salipay is a bit like Paypal. You can use Salipay to receive and send money anywhere in the world. Salipay is easy to use and offers much more than sending or receiving money. It also offers you an opportunity to invest your money. Salipay account is absolutely free. You are charged transfer fees but it is also very less. The exact figures will be discussed later in the review. In this review we will see how Salipay works and whether it is worth the money or not. I will also try to determine whether this is a scam or not.


how does salipay investment works?

You as a member of Salipay can have only one personal account at any time and if Salipay finds out that you have more than one personal account then your accounts may be deactivated for an undetermined period of time. You can have a business account for each business that you operate. After you open an account with Salipay you are then required to make a deposit so that you can send money but if you want to receive money you do not need to do anything other than making sure that money is sent to your Salipay email address. The payment methods that Salipay supports to withdraw and deposit money are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer and some others. More methods maybe added from time to time.

Sending and receiving money is just one aspect you can also earn money from Salipay. You simply have to invest your funds in Revenue Sharing Program and after that Salipay will take care of the rest. You are paid returns daily until your investment reaches 150 percent. You are paid twice daily. You can use your earnings by sending them to other Salipay users or withdrawing them to your e-currency account. You can make as many investments as you like. Affiliate program is also available so that you can diversify your earnings. You are paid 10 percent of the fees generated by your referrals. You are also paid a 3 percent or 5 percent of the investment when your affiliate makes an investment in the revenue sharing system. If you do not have an active deposit in the revenue sharing system then you are paid 3 percent of the investment and if you have an active deposit in Salipay’s revenue sharing system then you are paid 5 percent of the investment. 


how much does it cost to join?

As mentioned earlier it costs nothing to join Salipay but to send money you are charged a fee. The fee is 1.99 percent for sending money for unverified members but for receiving money there is no fees. Unverified member is a member who has not yet uploaded his/her documents for verification. Once documents are uploaded and verified then you become a verified member of Salipay. The fee charged to verified members is 0.50 percent or maximum 1.99 dollars. Verified members are also paid an interest for keeping a balance.


how much can I earn?

Well your earnings depend on the investments that you make in the revenue sharing program. Your earnings also depend on how many affiliates you have and if they invest money in the revenue sharing program or not. You are paid a small percentage daily until your investments reach 150 percent. Salipay pays a small percentage around 0.30 or 0.60 percent daily. It may take months to recover the amount you invested in the company. The return is assured but it may take time. If you are looking to get rich quick then Salipay is not for you. Even when you have a large number of affiliates who make small deposits you will not get rich quick. Salipay may help you in earning a little extra but whatever amount you invest will be blocked for a long period of time. So if you invest 1000 dollars then you will have to wait for around 200 days or even more to get your 1500 dollars. This is not a HYIP and that is why you have to be super patient when you invest money in Salipay. The thing that I like about Salipay is that they will always return you your money along with your profit even if it takes some time. While there is minimal or no risk in investing in Salipay the investments are not recovered quickly.


are there any complaints?

There are various complaints about the program but I just chose the top one complaint that needs to be shared to you.

no guaranteed earnings

Although the Salipay is claiming that you could actually earn much profit with their plans, there is no guarantee with their statement. One reason for this is that there is no clear proof that the program really works. I even can’t find of any credible testimonial that can say that Salipay gave them the earnings they expected.



As you have guessed by now Salipay is not a scam in my opinion but wait I have not told you that whether you should deposit money or not yet. I do not think that you should deposit money in Salipay because you are paid full amount after 200, 300, 400 or maybe more days. There are better investment opportunities that pay much more and much quickly than Salipay. The fact that the return of your money is not guaranteed, it is a major reason why I don’t recommend this investment. Good luck. 



I know that you want to join in Salipay because you are hoping that it would help you earn some extra cash to pay your bills. Unfortunately, this is not the answer to your problem. And I really don’t recommend it.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I thought that investing my money in a program will immediately generate me a steady income, but then I was wrong. I realized that there is no such thing as easy money.

On the other hand, I didn’t regret learning this programs. It is because of them that I learned about Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. Honestly, I was hesitant to join at first but I realized that I have nothing to lose because it is just free to join.

Right now, I am on my seventh month in the program and everything is going well and I want to share my success with everyone who also wants to build their own passive income. Let me end this review with one question.

Why waste time in Untested Programs, If you can start your own online business for free?

Check out my review on the #1 recommended training program.

If you have more questions and concerns about Salipay, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

let me hear your experiences in the comments below!

Best regards,

John Rico


6 comments on “Salipay Review: Is this Another HYIP Scam?

  1. There is no way to communicate with Salipay , other than tickets and of course when they decide to dispose of your money you have no recourse . I had this experience with them. At first all was well when the transfers have become more frequent they start to freeze my money and did not respond to tickets. This was small amounts . Yet they solicit people to invest thousands of dollars. Be careful!

    • This is what I am afraid of with HYIP programs like the Salipay. Although they give you constant earnings in the beginning, later on, you will have a hard time cashing out your earnings. I know that the reason for this is the way HYIP programs pay their investors. So this is how it works. Old investors are usually paid by the money invested by new investors and this becomes a cycle.

      What makes this risky is that, if there will be no new people joining in this program, the supposed to be earnings of the members will not be immediately given to them thus your earnings are frozen.

  2. Thank you for your good review on salipay, I am impressed there has been no complaints against salipay. Most all money making programs online has some complaints, even the ones which are on the up and have been around for ages usually have some complaints.

    How long has Salipay been in business, I have never heard of this before today that is why i am curious how long they been in business and this also make me wonder if that is why no complaints been made if they ar rather new to the business world?

    Since you have not verified weather its a scam or not for sure, is this something you yourself would get involved in or not?

    • Salipay is just new in this kind of business. With this reason, people don’t know it that much yet. About the complaints part, yes, I haven’t heard of any complaints about it but still I have my own concerns about this HYIP site.

      As I have mentioned in my review, the earnings in Salipay is not guaranteed. Actually, this is true for almost all HYIP sites. That’s why, I myself is cautious with this kinds of programs. I also said in the conclusion part that this is not a scam, but this is just for now. Once I am able to gather concrete evidence that this is a fraud, then I will immediately state it here to warn people.

  3. Hi John, I’ve been looking into Salipay recently. I’m not expecting to make a huge amount of money from it, but I was considering using it as an alternative to Paypal as on one hand it seemed a bit silly not to with the attached investment opportunity.

    But on the other hand, I haven’t heard of it until quite recently which is why I went looking for a review and ended up here.

    My fear would be that I’d wake up one morning and my money would be gone whereas Paypal, well they are globally recognised and trusted by millions worldwide.

    Taking that into account along with the fact that you don’t recommend it, I think I’ll stay clear.

    Thanks for the honest, unbiased review, makes refreshing change these days.

    • Hi there! It is good to know that you have researched first before trying to invest in this programs. Yes, Salipay is somehow the same with Paypal. It gives the same way of service but they also offer some ways of earning such as giving returns for the investment that you give.

      Actually, I also have the same fear with you. I am afraid that a day will come that this site will not sustain its status and may take all my money with them. I still prefer trusted programs that are tested and proven for so many years.

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