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Is Big Spot A Scam? Can You Earn Money From Taking Surveys?


Is Big Spot A Scam

Big Spot is a website that will connect you to companies that need your opinions. Basically, you can give your opinions and earn money in the process. In simple words, this website provides paid survey opportunities.

The surveys on this website are free, and it should be easy to sign up. You will have to sign up with other third-party websites to earn from surveys through them. This website will just refer you to the third-party websites to complete surveys.

The website is owned by a company by the name of Varsityplaza, LLC. Unfortunately, I could not find much information about this company. There is no information about the owners which is certainly a little suspicious.

In this Big Spot review, I will share how this website works and help you decide if you should join it or not. I am not going to promote this website, so you can trust this review. Continue reading