What is Jaaxy for?

What is Jaaxy for?

Is your content in the top quality but you haven’t seen traffic yet? Maybe there is a problem with the words you use inside your content. Let me tell you, the Keywords you use also matters!

Don’t worry I got the best research platform that will help you see traffic in no time.


What is Jaaxy for

Jaaxy is an online research program that is offering helpful ways on how you can increase your traffic.

Here are some of the many ways it can help you:


1. Researching Keyword

What is Jaaxy for?

Jaaxy is very useful in finding keywords. Of course you have a specific topic for your website right? And as you make content for it, sometimes you seem to lose ideas on what to write about. That’s where jaaxy takes place.

It is a comprehensive keyword search tool that breaks down and digs in the possible combination of words that you can use under your chosen topic. For example, your website topic is all about fitness. And you want to tackle about getting six pack abs. So when you type ‘how to get ripped’, jaaxy will  automatically show you other recommended keywords that you can include in your phrase. See image above for reference.

In that way you won’t have a hard time thinking of keywords to use right?

Try searching keywords in the Free Search Bar below!

2. Determining Competition

What is Jaaxy for

In finding the best keyword, you should also know the competitors you have for that keyword. It is not enough that it has numerous searches per month. The number of website that have the same keyword as yours should also be taken consideration.

Take for instance, you want to search your competitions for the keyword ‘ripped body workout’. So after typing it in the keyword tool, you will see different columns with data right? The QSR column shows the number of competitions you have for the keyword you chose. The lower the QSR number, the better it goes.

There are still several columns that you have to check before using the keyword, including the Traffic and KQI column. But don’t worry! Everything will be explained to you once your already start your keyword research in Jaaxy.

3. Finding Affiliate Programs

What is Jaaxy for

Jaaxy is also convenient in finding affiliate programs. Of course if you are starting to make your online business through affiliate marketing, You should really find good affiliate programs.

So for example you want to search programs for ‘workout’, it will immediately show you all of the affiliate programs available out there. This also includes the product website, commission you can get and the alexa rank. The lower the Alexa Rank the better program it is.


4. Getting Rankings

What is Jaaxy for

Knowing your rank in google search engine is also important to achieve success for your online business. The lower the position number, the better. So basically your primary goal is to be in the google 1st page.

Jaaxy is an excellent tool for you to track your position and page number. So you just type the keyword you used and also your website’s url. And boom, in no time, you will already see on what page you are currently on. In that way, you will know whether you still need to work on the post/page in your website.


Additional Bonus!

Aside from the 4 excellent tools that Jaaxy is offering, it also gives a bonus special training and course that tackles about proper usage of the online keyword platform.  This include:

  • Keyword Research and Management
  • Website Research & Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • Walk through of the Program

So if you are thinking that getting traffic is hard? Think again! Jaaxy is the Only Research Platform that you Need! 

Avail your 30 Free Keyword Searches in Jaaxy now!

Best Regards,

John Rico  

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Thanks John. I’m glad I read your article today. I’ve been using Jaaxy for the last 2 months and never realised that I could determine what Affiliate programs there are for each of the keywords…Duh! Its sitting there right in front of me. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your review is very accuate Jaaxy is the best tool in the market.

    1. That’s good to hear that you are also using Jaaxy in making your articles. I mean, I also didn’t realize its full potential until I learned the importance of keywords in making articles and making your articles rank faster in search engines like google. So how is it so far? Did you get your expected results? Because for me, I was able to achieve what I needed for my website.

  2. I’ve always just used Google Adwords for information about keywords, but man I wish I would have found something like Jaxxy before.

    Seems like an awesome program that’s extremely easy to use. I do have a question though.

    How much does this program cost after the free trial? Also I’ve seen some keyword tools where you have to download the program on your computer. Is Jaxxy online or is it a program you download?


    1. After the free trial, it will be $19 per month. And Jaaxy is an online program so you won’t need to download any software 🙂

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