What is Jaaxy for?

What is Jaaxy for?

Is your content in the top quality but you haven’t seen traffic yet? Maybe there is a problem with the words you use inside your content. Let me tell you, the Keywords you use also matters!

Don’t worry I got the best research platform that will help you see traffic in no time.


What is Jaaxy for

Jaaxy is an online research program that is offering helpful ways on how you can increase your traffic.

Here are some of the many ways it can help you:


1. Researching Keyword

What is Jaaxy for?

Jaaxy is very useful in finding keywords. Of course you have a specific topic for your website right? And as you make content for it, sometimes you seem to lose ideas on what to write about. That’s where jaaxy takes place.

It is a comprehensive keyword search tool that breaks down and digs in the possible combination of words that you can use under your chosen topic. For example, your website topic is all about fitness. And you want to tackle about getting six pack abs. So when you type ‘how to get ripped’, jaaxy will  automatically show you other recommended keywords that you can include in your phrase. See image above for reference.

In that way you won’t have a hard time thinking of keywords to use right?

Try searching keywords in the Free Search Bar below!

2. Determining Competition

What is Jaaxy for

In finding the best keyword, you should also know the competitors you have for that keyword. It is not enough that it has numerous searches per month. The number of website that have the same keyword as yours should also be taken consideration.

Take for instance, you want to search your competitions for the keyword ‘ripped body workout’. So after typing it in the keyword tool, you will see different columns with data right? The QSR column shows the number of competitions you have for the keyword you chose. The lower the QSR number, the better it goes.

There are still several columns that you have to check before using the keyword, including the Traffic and KQI column. But don’t worry! Everything will be explained to you once your already start your keyword research in Jaaxy.

3. Finding Affiliate Programs

What is Jaaxy for

Jaaxy is also convenient in finding affiliate programs. Of course if you are starting to make your online business through affiliate marketing, You should really find good affiliate programs.

So for example you want to search programs for ‘workout’, it will immediately show you all of the affiliate programs available out there. This also includes the product website, commission you can get and the alexa rank. The lower the Alexa Rank the better program it is.


4. Getting Rankings

What is Jaaxy for

Knowing your rank in google search engine is also important to achieve success for your online business. The lower the position number, the better. So basically your primary goal is to be in the google 1st page.

Jaaxy is an excellent tool for you to track your position and page number. So you just type the keyword you used and also your website’s url. And boom, in no time, you will already see on what page you are currently on. In that way, you will know whether you still need to work on the post/page in your website.


Additional Bonus!

Aside from the 4 excellent tools that Jaaxy is offering, it also gives a bonus special training and course that tackles about proper usage of the online keyword platform.  This include:

  • Keyword Research and Management
  • Website Research & Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • Walk through of the Program

So if you are thinking that getting traffic is hard? Think again! Jaaxy is the Only Research Platform that you Need! 

Avail your 30 Free Keyword Searches in Jaaxy now!

Best Regards,

John Rico  

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Great review, first of all it is on a TOP rated program guaranteeing more clicks and interest, but you are also providing great information. I had not even thought of doing a Jaxxy review but it is an outstanding idea. I may give it a shot, however I use other tools more than jaxxy so I will have to do a lot more research just to be able to write a comparable article. Outstanding and thank you.
    Market Merchant (MM+)

  2. Honestly, jaaxy is awesome. I love how they have a little green light that allows you to know if the keyword is a go or not. I havent actually spend money on it but I know it’s legit. You can get away with not needing jaaxy if you do your research on how to find hot keywords, but who’s got time for that?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  3. You are giving a good overview on what Jaaxy has to offer! I am a user of it myself and can only confirm how powerful it is in terms of keywords.

    The competitive factor is very important and still ignored by too many people. Very frustrating, cause rankings just don’t happen the way needed to make some decent traffic. Jaaxy gives you great insights here and helps you to figure out what your chances for good rankings are on a specific keywword.

    I also like the find affiliate programs feature. This is important info for those starting out in affiliate marketing. After they have chosen their niche, they need to know if there are lucrative products and services related to their topic!

    1. I agree with you. Jaaxy is a powerful tool that everyone trying to make online business should use. They should realize that it is not enough to just write content. You should make a research on the keywords you use for your article to better rank in google. Better ranking is equal to better traffic. And better traffic brings better profit.

  4. Jaaxy seems like a good tool for keyword research. The key to traffic is keyword and I fail to master it. I have been running my blog for more than a year and I have not been so successful in getting traffic to my site.

    Thanks for offering this information and share with the rest of us. I really appreciate that! The free trial gives limited results and I wonder if it is worth going for the pay version.

    What is the difference between Jaaxy and Google AdWords anyway?

    1. At first, it may seem that Jaaxy and google adwords are just the same keyword tool. But honestly, Jaaxy is way better. It has been 3 months since I used Jaaxy and I am already seeing results. Every time I write an article, I first use its keyword tool to find low competition but high search words. That’s the good thing about the tool. You will get to know the number of your competitions that will help you analyze if the keyword will make you rank fast in google. But it is still your choice. Jaaxy and google adword are both awesome tool. It just depends on the user on how he utilize it.

  5. Hi John,

    Great article and I totally agree with you and long tail keywords are the best to rank quickly and get targeted traffic.

    There are lot of other kwyeword tools out there and do you still feel that Jaaxy is the best one, considering its price and its results.

  6. Hi John, thank you for the great post. I am using Jaaxy as free member but didn’t realize its full potential until reading your post haha.

    I think the feature of knowing where is your page rank is gorgeous, but I don’t really know with the Affiliate feature. I tried to use the feature shortly after reading your post but I don’t really know what the related URL supposed to mean.

    Specifically, I didn’t really understand the ‘Product Website’ column. Is it means that the product came originally from this web?

    Thank you for the answer

    1. Hey there! Knowing your page rank really helps. It will guide you on whether what article will you work on and improve. About your question about affiliate feature, it is also a bonus way of how you can earn using jaaxy. When you purchase the premium member, you are given an affiliate link which you can use to earn more in your website. You just need to paste it anywhere you want on article you are creating.

      And because of its superb benefits including keyword research that will help you rank fast in google, your purchase will definitely be worth it.

  7. Definitely right, agreed with you…. even now i’m still not puchased Jaaxy yet…but I will do so when I get my 1st pay…
    Your explanation about Jaaxy really amazing and can change my mind…Thank you John with the informative post. It’s really great and influences….Don’t worry will purchase Jaaxy in short time later…:)

    1. Hi there! I don’t want to force you to purchase jaaxy. However I just want to tell you helpful the product is, especially in terms of keyword researching. Actually I use it every time when I make a new article or blog post. And I find the results really amazing! There was one time that I made the review about Vivatic. In just 3 days it was already in the first page. Although there are times that it ranks down and ranks up again, it is just normal. Maybe in 2-3 months time it will find its rightful page and will eventually drive traffic to my website.

  8. Hey John,

    Great post on Jaaxy. When I first started working online I didn’t understand why having a tool like Jaaxy was so important. My keyword phrases were not chosen correctly and I never saw rankings.

    But once I took the time to get to learn how to use Jaaxy and how to find keyword phrases that people are typing into Google on a daily basis, I began ranking content quickly. The cool thing is you can use Jaaxy to rank on YouTube as well.

    This has made all the difference in online success for me and I just wanted to say that I love Jaaxy and great post.

    What is Jaaxy for, quick rankings to gain quick traffic which should lead to increased website profits – in a nutshell.


    1. Hi there Todd!
      Gaining traffic is really the main goal of online marketers right? And Jaaxy is the best tool you can use to increase readers who go to your site. I am glad that you shared some thoughts about your first experience about jaaxy. In that way, people will know the greater benefits it can give to those who are just starting their online business. However, As what I am always saying, Jaaxy is just a tool to enhance your content. It is still you and you alone that can help you to make more valuable content into your site.

  9. Hi John, I can totally relate on how Jaaxy can be super useful in doing keyword research and track the growth of your business.

    I’ve used the free-trial of Jaaxy and especially love the keyword tool. Site rank looks fun too, but my site has not gained enough rank yet. I’m contemplating to upgrade to premium but I don’t want to spend too much money since my website is still small. Perhaps in the future when my site is big enough and starts generating income, I’ll consider to upgrade.

    What about you? Are you premium member?

    1. Hi rina! Yup, I just purchased the premium membership last week. And I love it! Actually It’s just 2 months since I have made my website. At first I also thought that maybe its too early to go premium in jaaxy however I decided to grab the chance. And It is all worth it. I like the site rank tool in jaaxy. It updates me on what page position and rank is my post. In that way I can work more into the post that doesn’t rank and ranked down in google. I think you should reconsider in upgrading again.

      Best regards,


  10. Hi John! I completely agree with you. As a content writer, I’m fully aware that keywords are crucial to making or breaking an online business. Jaaxy looks like the shortcut to it, and you can’t go wrong with a keyword tool that makes ranking quicker and easier. I haven’t tried Jaaxy yet, but I just might! Thanks for the tip.

    1. Hi Sophie! I myself is also hesitant at first about Jaaxy. It is because There is already a keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate. By the way Wealthy Affiliate is a free affiliate marketing course that teaches step by step guide in making your own online business. Going back to jaaxy. I decided to purchase the product is because of its site rank tool. It can show you automatically the page rank and position of your site on the keyword you chose. How cool is that? Right now I use it to check the standing of my sites and gives me an idea on what posts I need to work on to.

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