What is Jamberry Nails Scam? Is it Legit or Scam?



what is the Jamberry Nails Scam

Do you want to know what is the Jamberry Nails? Are you curious if it is a good business opportunity? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my in depth Jamberry Nails review.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about MLM companies. I made this as a passion because I want to impart to everyone my knowledge and experience towards these businesses. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


What is the Jamberry Nails?

what is the jamberry nailsJamberry Nails is a multi level marketing company and it is relatively new in the MLM business. This company offers products to take care of your nails. Jamberry offers nail wraps, nail lacquers, gel enamels and other products to take care of your nails.

In this review, I am going to tell you all about this company in an honest and simple way. I suggest that you read the entire review before deciding to join in this business.


How Does Jamberry Nails Business works?

Compensation plan is the most important part for any consultant because if the compensation plan is good then they can think about joining the company. So let us take a look at the compensation plan offered by Jamberry nails.

The ways to earn are as follows:

Personal sales

When you make a sale personally you get a commission of up to 40 percent. 40 percent is not the best percentage offered by any MLM company but it is good and more than the majority of companies. You can make a sale using the online website or any other method of your choice.

It depends on Personal Retail Volume that is the total qualifying volume of a single consultant from orders placed personally or by his or her personally sponsored customers.

what is the jamberry nails


Level Overrides

There are various levels of a consultant. The consultants that are sponsored by you personally are level one and the consultants that are sponsored by level one consultants are level two and so on. If you are an active consultant then you are paid a commission on the sales of your downline up to 3 levels deep.

Fast start Bonus

A consultant’s first two upline sponsors are eligible for a fast start bonus if he or she stays active for about 3 full months and the join month. The bonus is received on Commissionable Volume.

Advancement Bonus

When you advance to a certain rank for the first time then you are paid an advancement bonus and if you are promoted with in some months from joining then your bonus can be doubled. The months within which you have to be promoted to get more bonus depends on the position. Higher position requires more months to be promoted to earn more bonus. Even if you are promoted late you still get the bonus but it is less.


You can also earn from Matching Bonus as well as Generation Overrides.

Honestly, this compensation plan is good and higher positions give much more room to grow and earn. Plans like these are offered by other companies too but some give higher percentage of bonus.


How much does it Cost to Join?

The kit is worth 99 dollars which is not that much when compared to some of the expensive kits of other companies.

The kit contains products worth 199 dollars and catalogs, sample cards, brochures and much more. Whether the kit is worth it or not and whether you should join or not will be discussed in the conclusion part. Nevertheless, the products they offer are unique and quite promising.



How much Can I Earn?

moneyEveryone wants to earn thousands of dollars but that does not mean that just by joining, they will end up with thousands of dollars.

It takes a lot of work and time before you can see results. Let me tell you a few things first. The compensation plan is decent. Yes, you can quit your day job if you do well.

Now let us see the truth. Most people do not do well and only make a hundred or a little more than hundred dollars per month. If you earn 200 dollars per month from Jamberry then you cannot quit your day job.

Let us see the other side. Some make as much as 2000 or 3000 dollars or more per month but to find those people is really hard. The odds of finding those who make 2000 dollars per month or more are not so good.


Are there Any Complaints?

Yes, and I have explained some of the major concerns below.

Some of the complaints about this MLM business is that it is hard to earn money because a single product is not worth that much and you have to sell many products and contact many people to make an acceptable amount of money.

Building a team is also not an easy job for many. Basically, the reason for this is that MLM business is not a job for everybody. You need to have great sales skills in order to convince people to buy your product. 


Bottom Line

Jamberry Nails is not a scam and it never was and hopefully never will be a scam. However, a company that is not a scam is not always worth joining. Most especially if it is an MLM business, the odds of being successful in one is not that big. You have to have years of experience and great communication to other people, so you can earn more profit.

But then, it still depends on your own personal choice if you want to pursue this type of business. As long as you have the passion, you can never go wrong. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Unique Products
  • Learn direct sales business
  • Not that Expensive Starter Kits


  • Business is not for Everyone
  • May Take time to Achieve great Earnings


Is there Other Way to Earn at Home?

I know that you want to join in Jamberry Nails because you are hoping that it would help you earn that much income to pay your expenses and bills. Actually, I was also in the same shoes as yours a year ago. I thought that MLM business is the answer to my problem.

Unfortunately, I am wrong. At first, it was okay because they gave me initial orientation about the business but later on, I already became confused because of the lack of guidance and training. It would have been better if they have in depth support system to help its members.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business. Basically it is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home.

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If you have more questions, concerns or prior experience about the Jamberry Nails business, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Best Regards,

John Rico

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Chris - April 30, 2017

Its nice to see a mlm company such as Jamberry Nails selling products other than vitamins and supplements.

I can’t help wonder though how much volume in sales would be needed to replace a regular income? Even with their good comp plan the pricing of their products would mean a consultant would need to sell a lot of product or recruit a lot of people into their downline to make a living.

Do you agree?

    john rico - May 7, 2017

    Most MLM companies like Jamberry Nails focuses on selling products and recruiting people in order to have more earnings. Although it is not required, it is he best way to maximize your income.

Mary - May 22, 2016

The company makes money from getting you hooked with a free 3 month website, then all of the hard work you have done for the company for those 3 months go straight to the company. Meantime you have advertised Jamberry as a great company. There’s no way to retract what these gullible consultants have advertised over cyberspace. Once it’s out, it’s there forever. Every scammers dream hats off to you Jamberry.

    john rico - May 22, 2016

    Hi there! So is Jamberry a scam? Actually, as what I have researched, it is not. Did you really had a bad time with their business plan? Can you elaborate more so that we can be warned about this company? This would really help anyone who wants to join in Jamberry.

Amanda - February 25, 2016

I like that you were really honest about the product and outcome. There are so many opportunities out there that people really get scammed on. How you explained the job and your ability to make money makes perfect sense the fact that it’s not a scam and is a hard job to make good money on is understandable for that industry and type of job.

    john rico - February 26, 2016

    Being transparent in the reviews that you make is a major factor in order to bring genuine to help to the readers. I mean, of course I just not say my opinion about a certain program without any valid support. On the other hand, scams are constantly spreading everywhere. Most especially online that you can’t really see who is the owner of a certain program.

    As for the Jamberry Nails, it is not a scam. There are several people who made a legit money from it. However, they didn’t achieve it in just one night. This MLM business requires its members to give so much of their time in order to see success. This is okay if you have good sales skills that you can use in convincing people to buy your product, but if you don’t have, then MLM business is a waste of time.

    By the way, have you ever heard of wealthy affiliate before?


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