What is the Rat Race?

What is Rat Race?

Do you also ask yourself, what is the race? Do you work 2 to 3 jobs just to pay your house rent & car insurance? Just got your paycheck but vanishes instantly because of bill and expenses? Here is an explanation on what really is the rat race.

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What is Rat Race?

What is Rat Race?

Rat Race is a way of life in which people are caught up in a continuous struggle for power and wealth.

Basically you are on a competitive routine of chasing money!

Robert Kiyosaki described rat race as a cycle. And most of us working employees are in this phase. Usually as an employee you work hard for your boss in order for you to have a raise or promotion. But unfortunately as your income increases, your expenses increases as well.

This means that your also prone to increasing your debt.  And debt leads to more reason why you want to do more job and to get more paycheck. You are forced to work harder for your next promotion to just cope up again with your debts.

This becomes a cycle which is called the rat race. Its like a lab rat that is trying to escape while running around a maze or in a wheel.

Why am I In the Rat Race? 

What is Rat Race?

The major reason why you are in rat race is because of these reasons:

1. Education

What is Rat Race

The school engraved an idea into your mind.

Go to school > Get a good job > Work hard for money > Have Retirement 

This scenario is beneficial if you are still in the industrial age which is the time of our grandparents. However the situation now is different. Have you noticed that the higher paycheck you receive, the higher the tax deducted to you? And the higher the position you have in the company, the bigger the debt that you are carrying?

I’m not saying that school is bad. In fact I learned some of my greatest assets in the education curriculum.

However, we can’t deny the fact that they taught us the thinking that If you want to be successful you have to do well in school. From an early age, you are told that you should work hard in school to get into college. After graduating from college, your next move is to find a secure job with generous benefits.

And eventually use this money to buy a house and luxury  that we don’t know as we buy this things debts also adds up which is very frustrating, right?

The more debt you have, the longer your “Rat Race” will be and the harder to get out of it.

2. Fear

What is Rat Race

Fear is another reason on why you are in rat race.

You are afraid to know what is the rat race. We cannot deny that most people are scared of trying and knowing new things. When they get out of their comfort zone, they immediately panic and lose control of things. Little they know that greater things are found outside this comfort zone.

For most employees, their biggest fear is to lose their high paying job. It is because they are used to going to work from 9-5. Doing tasks given to them by their bosses. Even though sometimes there are bully bosses that they want to get rid off, they still manage to finish their work because they are afraid to be fired and not receive any pay check.

3. Work

what is rat race

The last reason why people is still in rat race is because they don’t want to exert more effort in work.

We all know that when we start something new, we need to put more work into it right? And shifting from the active income to passive income needs perseverance and passion. Most of the people which are already in the high paying jobs like doctors, engineers, or even accountants of big companies, find it hard to think that they will start again from the beginning.

They already went to school for 5-10 years and they are now exhausted in trying something else. But think about this, If the time times comes that you can no longer work in the profession that you have chosen, Where will you get your income aside from the retirement plan?

How to Escape from Rat Race?

What is Rat Race?The first step to do before you can escape from it is to See the rat race and Admit that you are in the Rat Race.

I mean most people usually get a hard time in escaping because they for themselves don’t accept that they are already sank in it. If you can’t see the problem, how can you solve it right? You have to realize that being in the rat race is not to be ashamed of instead should be used as a stepping stone to get ahead and move on.

The good news is that you got yourself into the cycle, which means you can get yourself out of it too.

Personally, I for myself is also in the rat race. I’ve been raced in an environment that what matters most is high grades and lots of medals from achievements. But during my college years, after I read Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I realized that there is more to merely doing good in school.

That’s why right now I’m currently taking an action on stepping out of the race. And I want to share with you how you can get out from it.

1. Learn the Maze of the Rat Race

What is Rat Race?

What’s the best way of learning? It is through Playing!

When you play you somehow get rid of the boring feeling of learning something new. Compared in reading plenty of articles about how to get out of the rat race, You can just sit, enjoy, and learn everything about. And what sets it apart is you can do it with your family and friends!

The name of the board game is Cashflow 101. It is a How to Get out of Rat Race Game that teaches people on all ages the ways on how to escape from the race.

Here are the things that you will learn in Cashflow 101:

  • Passive income generators
  • Cycle of Business
  • How to Pay Commodities
  • Invest in Stock and related assets

Don’t think it as an additional expense, Instead think that it is an investment! 


2. Learn Another Source of Income

If you already understood the rat race, I suggest you start your way out of it. Start investing your time in learning new things that can sooner of later help you earn a passive income.

Check out My #1 Recommended Passive Income Generator!

By the way, Feel free to post your personal experiences about rat race and how you managed to escape from it.

Comment below your questions and inquiries. I’d be more happy to help and assist you.


Best Regards,

John Rico

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By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Hi Jon,

    Your question what is a Rat race , I would say that working people who live beyond their means could well be part of the rat race and it could be said people who live within their means are in a rat race too.

    The thing is when you go through your school years they don`t teach you about finance, well they didn`t when I went to School.

    So you start your working life and do your 40/50/60 or more hours a week for your employer and you can do this for 30/40 years till someone or something flicks your switch saying hang on there is another way you know.

    This is when you get determined to get out of this crippling Rat race and start afresh.

    I Hope that put some perspective on it.



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    I am very interested because of the Google rank –

    1. Keyword researches is important in improving your google ranking. Choosing low competition keywords is the answer to your problem on how to rank faster in google. Actually I was also hesitant to do keyword research because I was too confident that my writing skills are good enough to rank. But as times pass by, I had a hard time going up in the first page of google. That’s why I tried Jaaxy and I didn’t regret the time I started to use it.

      By the way, knowing keyword research is just one way to escape the rat race through blogging. How long have you been active in blogging and monetizing it?

  3. Hello John, I never gave thought to the rat race but I always knew that I was stuck, and so is my grandfather and father. Over the last few months I’ve done many things to escape from it, and I’m acomplishing it little by little. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you can stop depending on bosses and I know that I’m in the process of doing it now.


  4. Great Job John.
    I like the way you talk about the rat race and lead me into the board game.
    I believe that most of us who are building a business on the Internet can sympathize with your position.

    I hope the board game will benefit a lot of marketers. As for me I will take a second look after I’m finished with my current project.

    1. Hi there! Thanks! I hope you already understood on what really is rat race. Most of us are quite in denial that we are trapped in the race. Like for instance, My dad thinks that buying a car is a necessity. At first, yes because you can go to places that you need to go to. However if you think about it, Buying a car is another debt that you will make you work hard just to pay it. Right now, he is paying 455$ every month just for the car insurance and car payment. It is really a pain in the pocket.

      That’s why I recommend to everyone that before you buy something, make sure that the money you used for it is from passive income. I know it is not easy to make a continuous stream of money from passive income business, however it is not impossible. That’s why There are plenty helpful programs and tools out there that can help you earn money in a passive way. Check out my #1 recommended program for those who wants to get out of the rat race and have a taste of what a passive income is.

  5. Hey man, I like your site! I love the cartoon image theme you have go going on there. You explain yourself nicely and your text flows well. The theme you chose was a good match for your content.You have arranged your menu nicely too and the side menu is a good addition. Wishing you luck with your venture,
    all the best,

    1. Thanks David! That’s the point of making the site simple. It’s for the readers to concentrate and focus on the content which is the most important part of the site.

  6. I don’t think I quite heard it explain like that before. We do tend to get into a pattern following after our parents. Today’s generation is not geared like my generation. I believe they have learned that a typical 12 hour work day will destroy your health. I really think they are finding better ways to acquire what they need if life without sacrificing their own life. Good analogy of our day to day life being like a rat race.

  7. John,

    You sure got that rat race description down. I’ve been in the “rat race” for as long as I can remember. I’m glad to see someone is offering a way out. Where would you recommend that a person begin to “learn the maze?” It must be pretty difficult to do since there are so many people still in the race.


    1. Hi Charlie!
      Knowing what is the rat race is the first step. The next step is to know how to escape from it. I highly recommend that you learn the maze through the Wealthy Affiliate University. You might be thinking, school again? But I tell you this is no ordinary school that you are graded by your teacher and if you have low grades you are deteriorated. In Wealthy Affiliate University, Everyone is given help and support. No one is left behind without learning what you ought to learn. And what differentiates it from other university is there is no starter fee.

      Best regards,

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