What is the Auto Profit Replicator? Is it Another Trading Scam?


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What is the Auto Profit Replicator
Are you also asking, what is the Auto Profit Replicator? Do you wonder if it is a scam program? To clear your doubts about it, here is my in depth Auto Profit Replicator review.

Before I start my review, I want to stress out that I have always been making reviews about online money making programs. I wanted to do this, because I was once fooled by this kinds of programs and I don’t want you to do the
same mistakes as I did before.

What is the Auto Profit Replicator?

what is the auto profit replicatorAccording to their website, Auto Profit Replicator is an online money making program that promises its members to earn profit with just minimal work through trading binary options. This program has gone viral all over the internet and Simon Saunders, owner of Auto Profit Replicator, claims that this program can make you earn income easily just by investing some money. So let us take a closer look at the Auto Profit Replicator.

How Does Auto Profit Replicator Works?

I know right now you are confused on what is binary options. In simple explanation, binary options is an option that is used in trading that has two possible results. Basically, you can chose between two outcomes. If you guessed the correct outcome, you will get a reward. If not, then you will not get money.

Now let me tell you how this program works. There are 3 steps that Auto Profit Replicator offers before you can start earning.

1. Fund Your Broker

First of all you have to go to their official website through an affiliate link that can be found on the internet and register your email id with them and hit continue. Then your identity will be registered in the system. You will see a page in which you will have to fill all of your details to open an account.

After signing up, you can now invest money into binary broker account that is assigned to you.

2. Activate Your Software

You will be taken to your member account and that is where you can use Auto Profit Replicator trading signals and software. You have to deposit funds into binary account to start binary trading.

By the way, this is how Auto Profit Replicator software looks like.

what is the auto profit replicator

When your binary account gets funded you are delivered binary signals and you can use the software to trade or auto trade binary options. The software detects signals and helps you in making decisions about what to buy and what to sell so that your profits can be maximized. All this is only the theoretical part of the system and the practical part will be examined soon enough.

3. Watch Your Profit Grow

Auto Profit Replicator is claiming that you just have to wait for your profit to grow after you made your decision. When they said this statement, I started to think that something is wrong with this system.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Actually Auto Profit Replicator is free to join. However you need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start the trading.

How Much Can I Earn?

Now do not get too excited because I forgot to mention earlier that many people do not earn from this software instead they start to lose their money.

Sometimes you can make a profit depending on the amount that you used to trade but most of the times you will end up losing your money and won’t make any money.

So a profit can be made theoretically but practically it is very hard to make a profit by using The Auto Profit Replicator designed by Simon Saunders.

Are there Auto Profit Replicator Complaints?

Yes there are a large number of complaints against Auto Profit Replicator and if you do not believe me then Google the keywords “Auto Profit Replicator Scam” and open any site and just read the comments of true experiences of real people. But here is what really caught my attention.

exaggerated earnings

They claim that you will earn millions of dollars in just a few months. Wait what? This amount of money in just a short period of time? Now, that is a clear scam.

Here is a print screen of what I am talking about.

what is the auto profit replicator



Auto Profit Replicator is a Scam

Auto Profit Replicator is nothing but a scam that is used to make Simon Saunders or whatever his real name is extremely rich at the cost of other people’s money.

After doing enough research on this website and reading about it for hours my conclusion is final. The website offers fake testimonials and those people that appear in the video have not made any money from this system but they have made money through fake testimonials.



My advice to you is to ignore this website and never to invest a dollar into this scam and those of you who have tried this website will completely agree with me.

I know that you want to join this program because you are hoping that it will help you earn some extra money to pay your bills and expenses. Actually, I was also in the same shoes as yours a year ago. I was hoping that this quick money making programs will make me debt free. But I am wrong.

On the other hand, I did not regret this, because with these scams, I was able to learn about Wealthy Affiliate. It is like an online community that teaches its members on how to build their own online business and earn from it.

Right now I am on my fifth month and I am happy that I joined in it.

Why Waste Time in Scams, If You Can Earn Legit Money From Your Own Online Business?

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If you have questions, concerns or prior experience about the Auto Profit Replicator please comment it below and I would be happy to interact with you.
Best Regards,
John Rico

6 comments on “What is the Auto Profit Replicator? Is it Another Trading Scam?

  1. I found this website very engaging as a matter of fact i completely forgot I was reading it for comments because i was so engaged. The content is well written and it was easy to read and you seemed to really know what you were talking about. So do you recommend Auto Profit Replicator for those people with no prior experience on trading?

    • Honestly, I am not a fan of trading programs. And as what I have stated on my review, I am positive that Auto Profit Replicator is a scam. So you should do your best in getting away from it.

  2. Hi John, I really am glad I found your review of Auto Profit Replicator, I had never heard of this program. I am not really into binary trading, although I receive emails offering me big payouts, which I know are not true. It upsets me that owner’s of these types of programs get rich off of other’s misfortune. $250 is a lot of a deposit to put up, to end up losing it in the end. Thank you for a very helpful review!
    Best of Luck!

    • $250 is a no joke money. And people should be cautious on what programs they invest in. Although the Auto Profit Replicator seems to be promising because of the earning potential they are claiming, you should be keen enough to know whether this earnings is possible.

      Most people already forget about the reality, once they got lured on this type of programs. Actually, I was also in this kind of situation before. Fortunately, I didn’t continue with investing in one. By the way, are you looking for legit way to earn online? You know what, you can check my review on my top recommended online business.

  3. It’s too good to be true. Earn profit with minimal work? This is when uncertainty comes when the word ‘minimal’ is mentioned.

    Thanks for explaining what binary option is. To put simply, it’s a prediction. It’l like a betting game no? Get the right result and you get the money.

    I feel sceptical when I read there’s no charge to join but there’s a deposit of 250 bucks. I think that’s where they’re getting the income stream behind our back.

    • Actually they are saying that the $250 is used solely for your trading. The brokers or the owner of the system, earn by getting percentage commission from your earnings. But , you will still get the whole money you are earning. However, what I want to point out is that there is no assurance that you will earn in binary options. And softwares like Auto Profit Replicator is unlikely to provide a legit proof of those people who has been successful using it. I believe that there are still better alternatives out there that will enable you to earn legit money.

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