What is the Endless Xpressions? Is it Another MLM scam?


what is the endless xpressionsDo you want to know what is the Endless Xpressions? Are you eager to know if it is just another MLM scam? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my review about it.

Before we jump into the review proper, I want to point out that I have always been making reviews about MLM or network marketing companies. It is because I joined in one before and I thought that people should really know the ins and out of this companies before they decide to join in it. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

Endless Xpressions Review


What is the Endless Xpressions?

what is the endless xpressionsEndless Xpressions is a network marketing company that promotes clothes and jewelry for women.

They offer a business opportunity for its members to earn money through direct selling and even through sales commissions. Although the founder Kristine has been in direct sales industry since 1994, the company is still in its early stage and continually developing. It is only available for US residents.

In this review, I will take a closer look at the business side of this company and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. I do not work for this company and this review is completely unbiased. I recommend that you read the entire review before thinking about investing your hard earned money.


How Does Endless Xpressions mlm Works?

Like any other MLM companies, you have to sign up first before you can start with the business. Just go to their website and click the sign in located at top right portion of the site.

Among the companies that I have reviewed this is one of those which has a simple compensation plan. This is somehow an advantage because you will not be confused in the process of earning. On the other side, the downside for this is that you will have a lesser chance of earning.

Basically there are two ways to earn in Endless Xpressions.


As what I have said earlier, they focus in products in line with clothes and jewelry for women. Selling this products is your primary source of earning.

You can choose from different ways of selling such as person to person sales, home parties or vendor events. They have also provided your on website link that you can share to your prospect customers.

Endless Xpressions representatives earn 30% commission on personal sales. For example if you have sold $29.95 locket, you will get $8.99.

what is the endless xpressions



Another way of earning is through commission from your referrals. This means that every time your referral makes a sale, you will earn from their sales made.

Basically you will get 5 percent on your first level of downline and 3 percent from the second level. To have a better understanding, here is a visual representation on how it works.

what is the endless xpressions


Before you join in the business you have to be 18 years old or older, a resident of United States and have a Paypal account in order to receive your commissions.

By the way, there is no quota to follow but you have to maintain one personal sale of any amount per month so you can remain active in the company.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

There are three starter kits that you could purchase in Endless Xpressions.

what is the Endless Xpressions


This is the cheapest among the kits available. However this doesn’t include any products. On the other hand, you will be given your own website. The basic kit is worth $10.00.


Aside from the website that will be given to you, this one already includes products that you can start to sell. The mid kit is worth $49.00. 


If you want to have a jump start in the business, you can have the full kit. It is worth $99.00 and includes the products, website and other materials that will help you in the business.


How Much Can I Earn?

moneyI know right now you are already eager to know how much can you really earn in Endless Xpressions. Let me tell you, it depends.

When you join a MLM or network marketing business, your earnings depends on your performance. If you make more sales obviously you will earn more profit. But for curiosity purposes, let us make a small computation assuming that you just joined in the program.

Let us say you sold three products in a day worth $29.95. So with the 30% commission, you will earn a total of $26.96. Not that bad, considering that you are just starting in the business. But remember, the more you sell, the more you earn.

But then, let me remind you that this earnings is not at all guaranteed. It still depends on your own strategy and the way you handle your business. Owning your own business is not an easy task. But if you have the correct guidance and training then this will not be a problem.


Are there Endless Xpressions Complaints?

Yes, and I have listed some of the major concerns below.


In order to be successful in this type of business you have to have great selling skills. You will need to talk to a lot of people and convince them on how your product is different from others. And unfortunately, they don’t provide that in depth training to help you achieve this skill.

Although they give some sort of initial orientation, a personal one on one training is much better in order for you to become ready in the business.


Although you can start the business with just $10, it still doesn’t include the products that you need to sell. Remember, you need to make a sale in order to earn. So you really need to buy the mid or full kit which starts at $49 to $99. Why not sell products without buying any products?


Bottom Line

Endless Xpressions is legit. They offer simple compensation plan that gives its members a clear way of earning. However, I am not going to recommend this company because of some strong reasons.

The expected earnings are too low in my opinion and you cannot expect a steady stream of income from this company. So, I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Promising Products
  • Great Earning Potential


  • Limited Support
  • Maintain Monthly Quota to Remain Active


How Do I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you wanted to join in Endless Xpressions MLM business because you are already tired of going to your 9-5 job. I know that you are also eager to increase your flow of income so you can pay your expenses and bills. Unfortunately, this is not the best answer to your problem.

Actually, I was also in this companies before. I was invited by my classmate to join and I was easily convinced because of the high earning potential. It was okay at first, but later on, I realized that it is really to good to be true.

Making a sale is not that easy because I really need to make an effort talking to people. And most MLM companies have no in depth training and seminar that will help you in the business.

Right now you are asking, how can you really earn at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business.

This is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home. Basically, you will earn from just making your own website.

Right now, I am on my first year in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Endless Xpressions Review

Check out my Review on the #1 Recommended Work at Home Opportunity.

If you have more questions and concerns about Endless Xpressions MLM business, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Endless Xpressions Review


By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. I’m not a fan of MLM. I’ve been in four different MLM companies over the years and never broke even. Although, I did learn a lot about sales and people through my MLM experience.

    That said, this is the first time I’ve heard of EndlessXpressions. I will say it appears to be more simple and direct than most MLM companies I’ve seen.

    In my experience, the people who do well with MLM are high energy people who thrive on direct, face-to-face interactions and who are not deterred by a lot of rejection.
    Or, those people who have influence over a large number of people. Personal charisma helps too.

    One of the most successful people I knew in MLM was politically well connected in state government. I think many people bought from her as a way of gaining her favor.

    I much prefer having an online business rather than struggling with MLM. An online business is far more efficient, does not require high energy or people skills and there is no rejection or stress. Plus, the income potential is truly unlimited without being dependent on any one specific company.

    And the best place to learn how to build a successful online business is your #1 recommendation. It’s where I learned and it changed my life.

    1. I was also into MLM business when I was in college. My classmate invited me to join in it and I was very eager to join. The main reason that I was excited because of the earning potential that they promoted to me. They say that for every product that I sell, I will be able to earn commission and I will also earn commission for every referral I make.

      At first, I thought that this will be easy. Most especially that I have family and friends. But when the time come that I already invited them, they are all skeptical with the MLM business that I am saying to them. They are all saying that MLM s are a scam. With that, I decided to quit.

      On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one because I was able to learn some things like gaining some confidence. Of course, if I want to make a sale, I need to talk and convince people right? That is also one thing that made me look for other alternatives aside from MLM.

      By the way, you have mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate. How long have you been in this business? You are saying that it changed your whole life, in what way?

  2. I have always thought MLM products were not a good way to make money. You seem to be passing too much on to someone else ot paying an absolute fortune for the product you are promoting. I agree the best way is to learn how to build your own online business and create an income from that. I would have thought a business that has been around since 1994 would have been well over the early stages by now. What is wrong with them? For me Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. Affiliates should not have to buy products to sell.

    1. Point well taken. A company that has been in this kind of business for a long period of time should cope up with the changing times. Most especially that we are already in the new age wherein everything that we do are online.

      I also agree with you that MLM products are just too expensive. It is okay if it is really effective but there are already alternative products in the local market that offers the same quality but cheaper the price.

      By the way, you have mentioned about wealthy affiliate. How long have you been in this business? How was it so far?

  3. Hi John,

    I too have been with MLM companies that require you to make and buy something or sell a certain amount of merchandise to not only remain active but to get your earnings as well. Will this company refuse to give you your commissions if you don’t buy your required product quota? I also agree that learning to be a sales person is hard and these companies do not offer enough help to get everyone earning their full potential. They just seem to boost certain people to the top who keep recruiting new people all the time as the rest of us drop off. Not a good idea since any business will tell you it is harder to bring on a new person than keep an existing person. Good info!

    1. I agree with you. Most of MLM companies includes this in their compensation plan. You have to buy a product every month in order to receive your commissions. They say that this is a must in order to keep the products moving and the business running. This is also done in order to keep older members from depending in commissions from their referrals.

      You also mentioned about being a sales person. I think you also got this right. Most MLM companies don’t offer that much training and support to its members in terms of gaining skills of talking to people. You need to talk to a lot of people right? So in depth understanding of the business process should be done. I believe that MLM business is really not for everyone. I prefer a business that can help me develop my full potential.

  4. You mentioned that you have to sell at least one product per month to remain active in the company. Could you elaborate what this means? Will your account get closed after the first month if you don’t get your first sale so fast despite paying them to enter?

    While I don’t know how fast their new members make the first sale on average, I would expect it to take longer than that for those without any prior experience in selling.

    1. Yes, you got it right. You need to mantain at least one product per month to remain active in the company. This is usually done by MLM companies in order to keep the products moving. It is because sometimes members of this kind of business already rely on the commissions they get from their downlines.

      Your account will not be closed if ever you will not be able to purchase a product per month. The only downside you will get is you will not receive the commission that you have earned during that specific month.

      I also agree with you that, it takes much longer time before you can actually earn in MLM business. If you have read my review, you will know that you need to invest much time and effort in order to attain the success you wanted. Plus you also need to have great selling skills in order to convince your customers to buy your products.

      1. This is not 100% correct. To remain an active rep you must sign into your back office once every 90 days and have one personal purchase or sale every 90 days. The purchase or sale can be as little as a dollar. I am a rep with Endless Xpressions. I love everything about the company. It is NOT a get rich quick. There is a lot of work involved to be successful. But the products are great and very nice quality. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns about it as well.
        Other than that, your article was great ?

        1. It is good to know that there is an actual representative of Endless Xpressions that have shared her experience about this company. So I have a questions. What is the reason why you have to maintain a personal purchase every 90 days? Do you say that if I am not able to buy something during this period, my membership will be terminated? On the other hand, I agree with you that this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to give so much time and effort in order to make a sale or even convince your family and friends in joining this MLM business.

          By the way, have you tried any other business aside from network or multi level marketing?

          1. No problem! I love this company because they don’t push to recruit (pyramid scheme) and the products are amazing. Plus is veteran owned so that makes it even better!

            As with any direct sales company, you need to show that your not only there for the product discount. But with EX, the way to remain active is very inexpensive compared to other companies. And it’s really not that hard to find something you want or need. If, by chance, you haven’t made a purchase or sale in that period then they contact you and see what is going on and if there is a reason why the requirements haven’t been met.

            As with anything, it takes commitment, time, and money.

            Also, there was anot her comment that asked how it is still new when it’s been in business since 1994. I’d like to clarify that the owner has been in direct sales since then, as well as having store fronts… EX has only been operational for 2 years (just recently celebrated its 2 year anniversary in March). There are less than 1000 reps, according to our Facebook group. This group is also where we do training, ask questions, and have fun ?. There are definitely some growing pains and kinks to work through but that’s ok.

            So, with all this said, it’s a great place to shop for gifts for the ladies in your life!

            To answer your final questions: when I was younger I tried another MLM company, can’t remember the name, but it was most definitely a pyramid scheme (I believe they were sued because of this recently). I also gave Melaleuca a shot but I disliked the monthly requirement to purchase and didn’t feel like trying to push that on people. Loved some of their products but never tried to sell it or recruit. I only decided to join EX because of the vast amount of products, low pricing, and decent commission. Then when I got my kit (I initially ordered the $99 kit) and I fell in love with everything I received. Just super great, inexpensive, good quality products that make great gifts (I know I already said that)!

            1. Very well explained Desiree! I completely understood every word that you said. Endless Xpressions is definitely a legit business. However, on my end, I still don’t recommend it. Here are some of my reasons.

              1. It requires above average talking skills.
              You can’t deny the fact that you will be talking to a lot of people. You need to do this in order to make a sale or convince other people to join in this program. Yes, talking to different kinds of people is a skill and it can be learned. But then, not everyone can have this skill immediately. Even if there is a training that can enhance your selling skills, it still boils down to your own personal capabilities if you will be able to succeed in this business.

              2. It is challenging to build a team
              Yes, I know that the compensation plan is great. You can earn commission when your referrals makes a sale. But then, I believe that this is just too good to be true. Actually, I once joined a MLM company when I was in college. I was invited by my classmate to join. He explained how the business works and I was convinced by the earning potential. After I joined, everything is okay until I started to recruit people inside.

              It is not that easy. My family and friends don’t even want to hear about the business plan. And even thought it is not a scam, they actually think that it is. I tried to talk to strangers but they appear to be hesitant to hear from me. I think the problem is with the training of the company. There is no clear seminar or training that can help me discover my capabilities. So I decided to quit in it.

              On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one because I was able to learn about affiliate marketing. Have you ever heard about this kind of business before?

  5. Thanks for your review on Endless Xpressions. At first, I had no idea what to expect, as there are so many dodgy companies out there, right?
    So I did a little research and came across this page, and although it seems legit, I’m still not entirely sure. It seems that, unless you’re an expert sale person with a lot of time, it’s going to be really hard actually earning anything.
    Thanks again!

    1. No problem men. I find it fulfilling when I know that I can help people know the ins and out of MLM companies. I know that many of us wants to earn extra income and MLM can be a source of it. However, it is not the best option. I agree with you that somehow selling a product needs a lot of talking skills. I mean, how could you convince your customer if you don’t talk to him right? By the way, have you ever heard of affiliate marketing before?

  6. Hi there, this is a really nice review. I think its easy to assume that every MLM product is going to be a total scam. But then as you have show, this one isn’t. I’m sure that for a lot of people out there, this would be a great way to earn some extra money, especially some of the fashion loving individuals out there. For me, I have to agree that affiliate marketing suits me better.

    1. You are right men. Most of the time people assume that all of the MLM companies are scams. Little they know that not all of them are fraud. Endless Xpressions is one example of a legit MLM business. It offers somehow okay compensation plan that its members can leverage on. However, even if it is legit, it doesn’t mean that it is the best choice to have as your business.

      Like what you have said. I also prefer affiliate marketing compared to MLM. The primary reason for this one is you don’t have to sell anything in affiliate marketing. Most people have a hard time talking to a lot of people and trying to convince them to buy their products. And even though MLM companies help its members to gain this skill, it is still not guaranteed that they will succeed with this business.

      Affiliate marketing on the other hand is a modern way of earning. I mean, all of your transactions are online and you don’t have to convince people on buying products. You are just their to help them and give them guidance on which products should they purchase. One tool that you can use is writing reviews in your blog. You maybe thinking, writing a blog is difficult. But let me tell you, it is not. I also hate writing, but because of the training that I have got, I already learned about it. Have you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate before? It is an online program that teaches people on how to build their own online business.

  7. A very thorough review here John, well done.

    I found it a good read, with all information I would want to know about the MLM company like the Endless Xpressions and the potential drawbacks of joining this type of company.

    I must admit It is one form of marketing I have steered well clear of, as I have seen a few friends burned by MLM type companies, because they had a lack of support from their upline managers. And this is upsetting because they have already spent much money into it. So is Endless Xpressions a scam?

    1. Endless Xpressions is not a scam. Actually, they gave a somehow okay compensation plan. However, I still don’t recommend it for everyone. The number one reason for this is the price of the business kit. Although you can start the business with just $10, this doesn’t include the products that you can use for direct selling. So you need to buy the other business kit that ranges from $49 to $99. In my opinion this is expensive, most especially that I know of a business opportunity that you can start with in lower price or even for free.

      Have you ever heard of wealthy affiliate before? It is like an online training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business.

  8. Very nice review you got here! Although the endless xpressions is not a scam, I also wouldn’t recommend it, especially to novices. As you told, they don’t offer proper training on how to sell things. Another very important thing you have mentioned is why someone has to purchase something in order to sell something?
    I do like the way this review is done. All the best and keep going!

    1. You are right men. I understand that this is how an MLM business works, and with that I don’t want it. Direct selling is not for everyone. It requires passion in talking and convincing people on how the product is effective so that you can make a sale. Training is also important in an MLM business.

      Actually, people are already lucky nowadays because everything that they want to know about a certain company is available in the internet. They can just type it and wallah, all the answers to their question are already answered. They don’t even have to try it before they know how the business works. Reviews like this is definitely a time saver for most of us.

  9. Nice website here! Great real content for anyone who is new or even an expert in making money online as it focuses on real elements of making money online like through commissions. This is a lot better addressed than most scams out there that promise you to make millions overnight!

    All in all, great website and very informative.. Only thing you could improve on is the design. atm it’s a bit simple you could do with adding more imagery and better background colour, just my opinion!

    1. Although most people has a stereotype about MLM business that it is a scam, Endless Xpressions is still a legit program. As what I have said in my review, it still offers simple compensation plan that enables its members to easily understand the process of the business. On the other hand, the starting cost to be more successful is just too expensive. I mean, there are plenty of alternatives out there that offers the same earning potential but lower the price or you can even try it for free.

  10. This is a really amazing website with a lot of good information. Who doesn’t want passive income for life?

    Endless Xpressions doesn’t seem very good. I’m glad you outed them as a scam. MLM’s in general always seem like such a scam. There are better ways to do it if you are going to do it.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Actually Endless Xpressions is not a scam. I have shown in my review that it is still a legit way to earn money. However, I still don’t recommend it. It basically because MLM demands many things in order to be successful in it. Aside from you should learn the process and work hard for it, you should also develop you sales skills. This skill is needed for you will need to talk to a lot of people and convince them to buy your product. I still prefer a business that doesn’t require selling but earns you money. Have you heard of affiliate marketing?

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