What is the Endless Xpressions? Is it Another MLM scam?


what is the endless xpressionsDo you want to know what is the Endless Xpressions? Are you eager to know if it is just another MLM scam? Before you jump into conclusion, read first my review about it.

Before we jump into the review proper, I want to point out that I have always been making reviews about MLM or network marketing companies. It is because I joined in one before and I thought that people should really know the ins and out of this companies before they decide to join in it. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

Endless Xpressions Review


What is the Endless Xpressions?

what is the endless xpressionsEndless Xpressions is a network marketing company that promotes clothes and jewelry for women.

They offer a business opportunity for its members to earn money through direct selling and even through sales commissions. Although the founder Kristine has been in direct sales industry since 1994, the company is still in its early stage and continually developing. It is only available for US residents.

In this review, I will take a closer look at the business side of this company and try to determine whether this is a scam or not. I do not work for this company and this review is completely unbiased. I recommend that you read the entire review before thinking about investing your hard earned money.


How Does Endless Xpressions mlm Works?

Like any other MLM companies, you have to sign up first before you can start with the business. Just go to their website and click the sign in located at top right portion of the site.

Among the companies that I have reviewed this is one of those which has a simple compensation plan. This is somehow an advantage because you will not be confused in the process of earning. On the other side, the downside for this is that you will have a lesser chance of earning.

Basically there are two ways to earn in Endless Xpressions.


As what I have said earlier, they focus in products in line with clothes and jewelry for women. Selling this products is your primary source of earning.

You can choose from different ways of selling such as person to person sales, home parties or vendor events. They have also provided your on website link that you can share to your prospect customers.

Endless Xpressions representatives earn 30% commission on personal sales. For example if you have sold $29.95 locket, you will get $8.99.

what is the endless xpressions



Another way of earning is through commission from your referrals. This means that every time your referral makes a sale, you will earn from their sales made.

Basically you will get 5 percent on your first level of downline and 3 percent from the second level. To have a better understanding, here is a visual representation on how it works.

what is the endless xpressions


Before you join in the business you have to be 18 years old or older, a resident of United States and have a Paypal account in order to receive your commissions.

By the way, there is no quota to follow but you have to maintain one personal sale of any amount per month so you can remain active in the company.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

There are three starter kits that you could purchase in Endless Xpressions.

what is the Endless Xpressions


This is the cheapest among the kits available. However this doesn’t include any products. On the other hand, you will be given your own website. The basic kit is worth $10.00.


Aside from the website that will be given to you, this one already includes products that you can start to sell. The mid kit is worth $49.00. 


If you want to have a jump start in the business, you can have the full kit. It is worth $99.00 and includes the products, website and other materials that will help you in the business.


How Much Can I Earn?

moneyI know right now you are already eager to know how much can you really earn in Endless Xpressions. Let me tell you, it depends.

When you join a MLM or network marketing business, your earnings depends on your performance. If you make more sales obviously you will earn more profit. But for curiosity purposes, let us make a small computation assuming that you just joined in the program.

Let us say you sold three products in a day worth $29.95. So with the 30% commission, you will earn a total of $26.96. Not that bad, considering that you are just starting in the business. But remember, the more you sell, the more you earn.

But then, let me remind you that this earnings is not at all guaranteed. It still depends on your own strategy and the way you handle your business. Owning your own business is not an easy task. But if you have the correct guidance and training then this will not be a problem.


Are there Endless Xpressions Complaints?

Yes, and I have listed some of the major concerns below.


In order to be successful in this type of business you have to have great selling skills. You will need to talk to a lot of people and convince them on how your product is different from others. And unfortunately, they don’t provide that in depth training to help you achieve this skill.

Although they give some sort of initial orientation, a personal one on one training is much better in order for you to become ready in the business.


Although you can start the business with just $10, it still doesn’t include the products that you need to sell. Remember, you need to make a sale in order to earn. So you really need to buy the mid or full kit which starts at $49 to $99. Why not sell products without buying any products?


Bottom Line

Endless Xpressions is legit. They offer simple compensation plan that gives its members a clear way of earning. However, I am not going to recommend this company because of some strong reasons.

The expected earnings are too low in my opinion and you cannot expect a steady stream of income from this company. So, I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Promising Products
  • Great Earning Potential


  • Limited Support
  • Maintain Monthly Quota to Remain Active


How Do I Personally Earn Money Online?

I know that you wanted to join in Endless Xpressions MLM business because you are already tired of going to your 9-5 job. I know that you are also eager to increase your flow of income so you can pay your expenses and bills. Unfortunately, this is not the best answer to your problem.

Actually, I was also in this companies before. I was invited by my classmate to join and I was easily convinced because of the high earning potential. It was okay at first, but later on, I realized that it is really to good to be true.

Making a sale is not that easy because I really need to make an effort talking to people. And most MLM companies have no in depth training and seminar that will help you in the business.

Right now you are asking, how can you really earn at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business.

This is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home. Basically, you will earn from just making your own website.

Right now, I am on my first year in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Endless Xpressions Review

Check out my Review on the #1 Recommended Work at Home Opportunity.

If you have more questions and concerns about Endless Xpressions MLM business, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

Endless Xpressions Review


By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. Thanks for the share! I haven’t heard of endless xpressions. Now I agree that it is not a scam, but a lot of work for 30%. Do you agree or do you think it has the potential to be lucrative?

    What are your recommendations to start affiliate marketing? I’m interested!


    1. 30% commission for any product you sell is a good start, but then if you consider the work that you need to do, then this is not enough. Have you tried selling anything to your family? What reactions did they give to you? How about to your friends? Did you get the same reactions too? Even if you don’t admit it or not, people will always be skeptical to whatever you sell to them. I think this is just normal because they will spend their money right? This is the challenge the you need to face when you decide to join in MLM business.

      So, you are interested in affiliate marketing? I suggest that you learn it straight forward from a reliable training program. Have you heard of wealthy affiliate before? Feel free to comment again if you have more questions and I will be happy to answer your inquiries.

  2. Hi John, when talking about MLM, there are pros and cons actually, in fact, many people could earn a lot of money through MLM as the companies have a great system and network training. My mom is quite good in doing her MLM business and it helps her to earn a stable living, more than her job.However, it depends on individual whether they would like to sell for the MLM companies, like me, I am not really interested in doing MLM, I do not like to “beg” people for buying, keep contacting people and the cold calls,etc. I would prefer affiliate marketing – if you like, you can buy, you have nothing to lose, and I will earn a commission from the company you buy things from. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my choice.

    1. I totally agree with you. When it comes to different things in this world, there are really advantages and disadvantages. But personally, I believe that the cons of MLM outweighs the pros. For example, in MLM you have to keep on buying products for your inventory if ever you want to earn from direct sales. On the other hand, if you want to earn from commissions, you have to recruit as much people as you can. For me, this is not that easy. Most especially that I am not that confident to talk to a lot of people. So, I think that MLM is not for me.

      Unlike MLM, I prefer affiliate marketing. In this kind of business, even if you don’t have an inventory you could actually earn commissions by just promoting other people’s products. Have you trued buying something in Amazon? Did you know that it is also an affiliate marketing business? At first, I thought that building my own online business is hard but I realized that it is easy if you have the training and lectures. Good thing I have learned all of this in wealthy affiliate.

  3. Hi there! First, let me say that I only looked at your jewelry MLM as it was the page that came up, which I am assuming is your homepage. Like you, I have had some bad experiences with MLMs but to me, this is not your typical MLM. Multi Level Marketing usually involves a downline of your referrals and in order for you to make really good money, you must have a team that you refer in and train yourself, sort of as a team effort. Not all MLMs are the same. I happen to be involved in an MLM that I don’t have to do any training in and I am constantly learning new techniques and sales funnels daily with. It isn’t WA either. The problem with Affiliates in MLMs or any Affiliate Marketing Schematic is that more than likely they make that 30% commission one time on that one customer. The customer is then taken over by the company and sold other items to them. So the affiliate is only making a “front-end” commission. Not a good way to make “passive income” or scale your own business. So, I always recommend being an affiliate for a company that pays you 90% commissions for the lifetime of the customer. That is “passive” income. I refer someone, whatever and whenever they buy or upgrade, I earn 90% commissions until I die or sell my business!


    Janice Campbell

    1. It is enlightening to hear people’s experiences about MLM businesses. In this way, those who are finding answers to their questions will be able to know what and what not to do. As for your opinion about MLM, I completely agree with you. This type of business is not a joke. It requires great motivation to learn new skills in which you can use to sell a product or recruit people to join in it. Honestly, if you have a built a strong team that will generate income for you, this will be promising. However, as what I always say, this is not always true in the real world. There are factors that affects the results of your action.

      If you feel like talking to different kinds of people is hard, or if you think that you cannot sell any product then you should consider these when joining in an MLM. I am not saying that this is a bad business. What I am saying is that this is not for everyone. And there are plenty of other business alternatives out there that may suit your passion.

  4. I’ve come across many MLM and network marketing businesses in my time. Some are reasonable, some are totally ridiculous. Some that offer the whole “It’s free to sign up”, but basically to even dip your toe in the water you have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on builders and packaging plans.

    I’ve never heard of Endless Xpressions but it seems pretty reasonable. Now is this a network marketing business that you can expect huge up sells or is all of the jewelry and items inexpensive?

    1. I somehow agree with you that there are plenty of scam MLM programs, but there are also some that are legit. As for the Endless Xpressions, it is a legit one. However, as what I am always saying if you have read the review I still don’t recommend MLM business to anyone. Except if you want how the business works, then you are free to try and accept the challenge.

      As for your question, the price range of the starter kit of Endless Xpressions is somehow reasonable. It costs $10-$99. But this only includes the starter products that you can sell. If you want to have more inventory, of course you have to purchase more of it. That’s what makes it expensive. And besides, there is no assurance that if you bought these products, you can easily dispose and sell them.

  5. Thank you for the informative post. This is not something I have heard of before and I like learning about opportunities. I can see where this could be a positive option for people. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for about eight months and I am really enjoying it. I have learned so much! And I really appreciate the community that participates. They are very helpful and also offer a lot.

    1. Learning new opportunities is a good way to challenge yourself. As for money making ideas, MLM is just one of them. But I think that this is not the best one. There are so many things to consider before you could actually earn from this type of business. This maybe good for some, but as for me, I don’t think that this can make me passive income.

      So, you have been in wealthy affiliate for 8 months? wow! Great commitment you have there. I myself is also in this community for 9 months now. And I also enjoy there helpful community. They taught me so many things like building my own online business. So did you already make money in affiliate marketing?

  6. I totally agree with you John Rico. Many MLM products are hard to sell and you would need a lot of selling skills. Anyway, I wouldn’t even like to sell 99% of the MLM products because the prices are so much higher than in the “normal” products. The one who benefits the most in MLM systems are those who have founded the company. It’s their business and I also prefer building my own business than someone other’s as you say. 🙂

    1. Selling skills is a must if you want to join in a MLM company. It is because even if you don’t want to sell products and focus in the referral commissions, you will still have to convince people in joining in the business. This means that you are still selling the business right? I literally tried this for myself and let me tell you, it is not that easy. It may seem easy because of the earning potential that you can get but if you will try it for yourself, you will see what I mean.

  7. That’s something new, MLM with simple compensation plan. Very interesting. How did you find out about this one?
    But everything else goes the exact same road it always has – We need to unlock “higher” membership levels by buying multi level marketing company products in order to have a chance to even promote & sell these products. Pay money to earn money, sounds very weird.

    Well, the good thing about this opportunity, it’s not absurdly expensive like many other MLM companies products out there available on the internet.
    Indeed, I’d warn beginners as well not to go there at all – Without proper training you don’t know what you’re doing & you have basically no chance to make any sales at all. In that way, most inexperienced folks end up being money in these companies pockets, just the cold hard truth.

    Are there any hidden fees as well that creeps in along the road? Unfortunately, MLM has tarnishing reputation for online marketing so we tend to be on our guard & ready for anything.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have found out about Endless Xpressions online. I have read about it on a MLM site. Yes, you are right men. MLM has a diminishing reputation, most especially that these are usually connected to scams. And even though there are plenty of legit MLM, the work that you need to do before you can actually earn is such a big challenge. I agree with you that without proper training, you will have no chance of having a sale.

      Actually, there are no hidden fees along the road, but then you still have to pay for the products that you sell of course. By the way, you have mentioned about online marketing. How long have you been in this kind of business? Is online marketing better than multi level marketing?

  8. These MLM companies seem to be everywhere these days, covering a whole range of different products and services. To be honest, it drives me mad because people become “hustlers” and then turn into fake individuals who see people as “meal-tickets.” Sorry for the short rant! LOL.

    However, Endless Xpressions sounds like one of the good network marketing businesses out there because the kit prices seem reasonable.

    But I do hate the idea of building teams because I would much rather build a business from “my own” efforts instead of the efforts of others.

    Affiliate Marketing Rocks!

    Thanks for the review, John!

    1. I feel you Neil. MLM companies works like this. The business is much more profitable if you build your own team. This is because you also earn commission whenever your team members make a sale. But then, I strongly believe that this scheme is just too good to be true. I for myself have joined an MLM company a year ago, and I didn’t even earn profit in it. At first , it was okay because I am blinded by the potential earning but later on, earning my fist sale became difficult and challenging. Plus, I don’t have enough training or experience in order to cope up with my expenses. in the end, I gave up in it and figured out my way in affiliate marketing.

  9. I have tried quite a few MLM companies and none of them work, the sad reality of it is you aren’t an “employee” or running your own business like they try to imply, you are basically their customer and are being s*** on by the scammers (the people at the top) who barely realise they are scamming and the only way to really make money is to become one of the scammers.

    1. I understand how you feel about MLM business. I think that you feel that way because you must have encountered some serious loss from these companies. Butler me tell you, not all MLM are scams. On the other hand, despite of this fact, I still don’t recommend everybody to join in this type of business. One major reason is that MLM is not for everyone. It requires great selling skills because you will be talking to a lot of people. And you also have to convince them about the products you are promoting. By the way, have you been into any type of online business before?

  10. We seem to have similar experiences with MLM John.

    I joined two different MLM programs in the past, worked my butt off for little to no return. The potential monetary side of it sounds amazing, and it is if achieved.

    Yet the amount of work, and the bad taste that the general public had towards MLM makes it hard to see a return on time and money investment.

    There was an important lesson in those experiences. I wasn’t afraid of hard work, but I needed to find a financial vehicle the was more lucrative.

    From there I went into internet marketing. So those experiences steered me in the right direction.

    Thanks for reviewing this product!

    1. I know that these MLM experiences are frustrating right? Most especially that you have your time and effort in it but there is no clear reward in the end. Like you, I also bumped into internet marketing after joining MLM.

      It was a life changing experience. I was able to learn how to build my own online business. But this is not a get rich quick scheme. I still have to work on it and build its foundation before I start earning. Good thing is that the community that helps me in this business is very frustrating giving and friendly. Has you heard of wealthy affiliate before?

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