What is the Fifth Avenue Collection? Read This Before Joining

Fifth Avenue Collection Review

Do you want to know the truth about Fifth Avenue Collection MLM business? Are you eager to know if it can help you earn some extra income? Are you curious if it is legit or just a scam? Well, here is my in depth review to help you learn more about it.

Fifth Avenue Collection Review 


Company Name: Fifth Avenue Collection

Owner: Jay Butler

Price to Join: Starts at $120

My Rating: 7.8 out of 10.0 

What is the Fifth Avenue Collection?

Fifth Avenue Collection is a direct sales company that is owned by the Butler family. The company sells jewelry for men, women and children.

They operate in many countries including Canada, Australia, United States of America, South Africa and Hong Kong. Jay Butler is the President of the company. Actually, the company has been around for many years.

Among the jewelry that they offer are in the categories of earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, rings, and watches and some others.

In this review, I will not tackle about the products that the company offers, but I will review the business opportunity. I recommend reading the entire article before thinking about joining this company.

How does Fifth Avenue Collection MLM Work?

As I mentioned earlier, Fifth Avenue Collection is a direct sales company and the ways that you can earn are limited.

Your earnings will depend on your own capabilities and building a team is not a major concern. The company pays you 50% commission on every sale that you make.

Honestly, Fifth Avenue Collection clearly pays more commission on sales compared to most MLM companies. Basically, you just have to find the buyers and convince them to buy the product to start earning money.

I am not saying that it is going to be easy, but it is certainly possible.

You can also earn monthly bonus cheques in addition to your 50% commission. You can earn money online through your personal website. The company also gives you the opportunity to earn free travel.

They also provide online training 24/7 and you can sell the products through one-on-one home shows.

This type of business is best suited to those who are interested in working from home and who have really nice marketing skills. You can decide the hours you want to work and this is a big advantage of this company.

The obvious disadvantage is that you cannot build a downline and earn money from them. Your income will mainly depend on how much sales you make from the products you sell.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

There are four showcases and you have to choose at least one to become a Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery stylist. Following are the showcases and their particulars.

$250 showcase: This showcase contains display fixtures and supplies worth $120, e-business suite worth $1,000, and $500 in retail jewellery. The total value of this showcase is $1,620.

$500 showcase: This showcase contains display fixtures and supplies worth $100, e-business suite worth $1,000, and $1,000 in retail jewellery. The total value of this showcase is $2,100.

$1,000 showcase: This showcase contains display fixtures and supplies worth $200, e-business suite worth $1,000, and $2,000 in retail jewellery. The total value of this showcase is $3,200.

$1,500 showcase: This showcase contains display fixtures and supplies worth $300, e-business suite worth $1,000, and $3,000 in retail jewellery. The total value of this showcase is $4,300.

Honestly, the starter kits that they offer are somehow more expensive compared to other MLM companies. So you should be serious enough if you want to invest in this business.

How Much Can You Earn?

I tried to find out some information about the earnings of the Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery stylists, but I could not find anything. The company is not required to disclose the earnings of its jewellery stylists.

It is hard to predict the earnings when there is not much information about the earnings available. So I will have to talk about my personal views in this part because of the absence of information.


This business is simple to understand and you can earn by selling the products. You can use any method to sell the product and your success will fully depend on your marketing skills.

But then, you can’t deny the fact that there is a lot of competition in today’s world and you must have some great skills to succeed in this business. You must know how to find the buyers and it is not going to be easy.

In the starting months, you can earn some money by selling the products to friends and family, but after that you will have to find strangers and convince them to buy the product.

Selling the products online is not easy and there are many people with their own website trying to do the same thing.

After researching about the company, I think that most people will earn a few hundred dollars per month if they work hard. There will be some people who will earn a thousand dollars or more per month, but they will be less in numbers.

The chances of failure are also there and some people might fail to earn enough money thus forcing them to quit this business.

Are there Any Complaints?

Yes, and I have stated the major concern below.

Too Much Competition

Like what I have said earlier, there is too much competition in the jewelry business. And there are other alternatives out in the local market that are far way cheaper. Thus makes your business a bit more challenging.

Bottom Line

Fifth Avenue Collection is not a scam.  They still offer some valuable information on how you can start your own business.

On the other hand, there are a lot of skills required to succeed in this business and most people do not have the required skills. The market is constantly changing and new techniques are used by some people that make it harder for the average person to succeed.

The expected earnings for most people are also not that high.

Nevertheless, I still leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.


  • Great Earning Potential if done right
  • Teaches entrepreneurial skills


  • Costly to Start With
  • Overwhelming
  • Risky for beginners

How Can You Earn Money Online?

It seems like you want to invest in Fifth Avenue Collection MLM business because you wanted to earn some extra income to pay for your bills and expenses.

It also feels like you are already tired of earning not that much income from your day time job.

Actually, I was also in the same situation as yours before. I realized that it is not enough to join a company and expect to immediately earn from it. Patience and hard work is required.

Now, your next question is, how can you really earn money at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business. Basically it is a modern way of making money.

You just have to follow your passion and use it for your business.

Right now, I am on my second year in this online training program and I am already harvesting the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

Fifth Avenue Collection Review

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Fifth Avenue Collection Review

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