What is the Forever Living Scam?

What is the Forever Living Scam

Do you also ask yourself, what is the Forever Living scam? Is it just another MLM pyramiding program? Here is my honest review about the Forever Living company.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me point out that I have always been making reviews about MLM companies. I made this as a passion because I want to impart to everyone my knowledge and experience towards these businesses. By the way, if you want to start a legit way of earning, check out the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.

Forever Living Scam Review

What is the Forever Living?

what is the forever living scamForever Living Products is a network marketing company that specialized in nutritional supplements and personal care products. Its most popular products are made of aloe vera which they are producing and selling since 1978.

Aside from the business aspect, they also want to emphasize dreams, growth and lifestyle. They say that this business is not for you if you are not willing to help your fellowmen.

In this review, I will only focus on the business opportunity and try to determine whether this company is a scam or not. I am not a Consultant and this review is completely unbiased. All you need to do is read the entire review before thinking about investing your hard earned money.

How does Forever Living Works?

Forever Living Products have provided a compensation plan that was designed to give credits to those who wants to build their own business. Their main mission is to promote the principle that you should have a business not by yourself but for yourself. Forever Living uses Case credits as a monetary value or points that track the progress of your business. The higher the credits you get, the higher the earning potential you can get.

*1 Case Credit = $132.00 in wholesale price

what is the forever living scam

Here are the 5 ways on how you can earn in Forever Living.

1. Retail Commissions

what is the forever living scam

This is the most common way of earning in Forever Living. Basically you buy products which are on wholesale price and sell it to your customers in its respective retail price. The profit that you can earn from this one depends on the product you are selling, but usually it ranges from 15% – 30%.

One good thing about direct selling is that you can immediately get the profit after you sold the product. However, you really need to spend first for buying the inventory that you need for your business.

2. Preferred Personal Volume Bonus

Forever Living also gives commission every time you purchase products from them. It doesn’t matter if you will use it for personal use or for direct selling, as long as you buy from them, you will get your bonus. However, this bonus is solely based on your level or rank in the business.

You can get 5% bonus as the lowest and 18% bonus as the highest. One upside about this way is that it is calculated from the actual retail price which means the higher your rate of earning.

3. New Distributor Bonus

what is the forever living scam

The new distributor commission can be earned through the sales volume that your referrals has made. This is designed to reward team leaders for giving time to their referrals and helping them build their business. This means that the more you help your referrals, the more you can earn from the Forever Living. However, you can only get this bonus if you have reached the assistant supervisor level or higher.

*To be an Assistant Supervisor, you must earn a minimum of 2 Case Credits

4. Group Volume Bonus

For the group volume bonus, you are given commission for the difference between you promotional level and the promotional level of the leaders in your team. You still need to be an assistant supervisor before you can get this bonus. Usually you can earn from 3% to 18% of the group volume.

5. Leadership Bonus  

Forever Living also gives bonuses for those you makes a large affiliate team. This means that the more referrals you make, the bigger your team will be and the higher the commission you will get. Still the percentage of bonus you can earn is based on your current rank in the business.

what is the forever living scamAll of these commissions and bonuses can only be enjoyed if you maintain a purchase volume within the commission period. Basically you will need 4 Case Credit or equal to $528 monetary value before you can earn this other bonuses.

This system is implemented by the company so that the uplines will still purchase products and not solely depend on their referrals.

How Much does it Cost to Join?

Joining Forever Living is free. There is no registration cost. However, you still need to buy their products if you want to start earning. There are various business packs that you could choose from. Usually it ranges from $200 – $800 per business pack. In UK,  you can already buy inventory for as low as £200. It already includes your personal inventory products that you can start selling on its retail price.

*Business packs price differ for various countries

How Much Can You Earn?

what is the forever living scam

If you are asking how much can you earn in Forever Living networking, Let me tell you, It is limitless! That’s the upside for network marketing business because your earning potential is not limited to just a specific range of money.

However, this can only be possible if you put hard work and dedication into it. Like any other business out there, you still need to spend time learning and incorporating it with your business. This is not a one night get rich quick program, that can earn you money in just a blink of an eye.

But for curiosity purposes let us do a small computation on how much you can really earn in Forever Living assuming that you have just joined the company for a week.

Let’s say you have sold 2 products worth $108.95 each. With the 15% profit, you already earned $16.34 for each product you sold. And because you have purchased a product, you will also get 5% commission for this one, so for two products you will earn an additional of $10.90.

If we add it all up, 16.34 + 16.34 + 10.90 = $43.58! It may seem a small amount for now but in the long run as you refer more members into the company, your earning will also increase.

Are there Forever Living Complaints?

I haven’t heard of any complaints about Forever Living business yet, however I have one major concern that is really true for all network marketing companies out there: It is just too good to be true.

The earning potential is great. There are several ways on how you can earn more. But the question is how can you make this as a reality? Even though the company will give you all the information you will need for the products you will sell, you still need to be trained on how to sell these right? Sales skill is the most important thing that you must learn when you join MLM. You need this skill in order to convey your message more and also convince other people on the product you are promoting.

Although the compensation plan presented by the company is greatly convincing, you can’t deny the fact that it is just too overwhelming.

Bottom Line

Forever Living Products is a legit network marketing company. They have proven their expertise and authority in terms of the business throughout the years of their operation.

However, if you really want to join in this kind of business you have to be determined and willing to learn new skills most especially in terms of improving your sales skills. Like what I have just said, even though they will provide information about the products, you should be trained in order for you to sell those. And remember, you will be talking to a lot of people in order for your business to succeed.

In terms of the earning potential, it is commendable. They offer free starter membership, but you have to buy business packs for you to start earning. The products you sell is the soul of your business. And if you really take a look into these, it is just too expensive. I know that it consist of different variety of products that you can sell, but spending $200 when you are just a beginner in the business is just too risky.


  • Free to Join
  • It has been in the Business for a Long Time


  • Maintain Monthly Quota to Get Commissions
  • Earnings is not Guaranteed

How Can You Earn Money Online?

It seems that you want to invest in Forever Living because you are eager to find a new source of income. It also seems like you are tired of not earning that much from your current job.

But let me tell you that this kind of business requires selling and recruiting skills in order to succeed. So if you are hesitant, then you could find another source of income.

Now, your next question is, how can you really make money at home? My best suggestion would be through making your own online business. This is a modern way of making money. And this will enable you to enjoy your working time at home. Basically, you will earn from just making your own website.

Right now, I am on my first year in this program and I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor. So, I want to share my success with you.

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If you have more questions and concerns about Forever Living business, feel free to comment it below and I would be glad to interact with you.

Let me hear your experiences on the comments below!

Best Regards,

John Rico

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. I heard this company before but never used their products. Until your review, I never know they are an MLM. I think one company can survive in the market for decades, it is not quite possible to be a SCAM, but who that really benefit from the structure can be discussed. It seems to me the profit or compensation rate in Forever Living looks quite good. If the retail pricing is reasonable, I think it is ethical for the profit.

    Years ago, I was referred to an MLM system which is famous and dedicates in weight loss. Anyway, that company is legit but I didn’t make money. Maybe MLM is good for some people but not for me.

    1. You have a point. Mlm business like forever living is somehow not for everyone. Some may benefit from it but some may also lose the money they invested. It just depends on your own patience and hard work if you will be successful in this type of business

  2. I am in the US and I have never heard of Forever Living… it sounds interesting. I am familiar with MLM’s and have mixed feelings about them. What are your thoughts if you are not a user of the product?

    1. It is somehow a disadvantage if you are not a user of the product because you will not have a true feeling on how it actually works. It is important to somehow know how the product works in order to have a better understanding on how you can sell it. Actually, I was also into MLM before. I joined this health and wellness company and promoted their products. But then later on, I wasn’t able to get the expected earnings I wanted because of lack of training. So in the end, I lost money instead of gaining profit.

      On the other hand, I didn’t regret joining in one because I learned about Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online training program that teaches people on how to build their own online business. Have you ever heard of it?

    2. Hi,

      You’re right, despite the fact that Forever Living Products was created almost 40 years ago , it is more known in Europe, Japan, Brasil,Middle East and Africa than in the US… Can you imagine that it’s operating in more than 150 countries in the World ,enjoying financial stability, strong growth and being debt free?
      People are more and more successful with Forever as the Company has put in place trainings available through webinars, training sessions, bootcamps,etc.

      1. I respect your opinion about Forever living business and how you want to prove that it can help people establish financial stability. But then, you still cant deny the fact that it is not that easy. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider before you can be assured to you will be successful in MLM or network marketing business. One factor is having a great sales skills. This is skill is highly needed since you will be talking to a lot people in order to convince them to buy your product. Although you are saying that there are already webinars and trainings provided, the success rate of people is still based on their personal skills and how they use this training in real life.

  3. Multi Level Marketing is one of the most difficult business to work out. Though there can be potential earning, it questions the comapny as to how they are actually able to come up with the money to pay you that well. It may be from the $200 dollar which value is unknown. I mean… there is just so many question left unanswered when you want to join an MLM company. Moreover, how are you going to sell these products with a brand name that many are unaware of? That is why it is difficult to succeed in MLM.

    1. I agree with you. Although there are some MLM companies that offer products that are already known by people, the percentage of people who still don’t know it is far way bigger. And that is a limitation for MLM companies. I believe that the money that they pay you is from the products that you sell. And also from the referrals that you bring to the company.

      You have also a point that it is one of the most difficult business to start on. It requires great dedication and passion of talking to people because you will be talking to a lot when you start doing this business.

      By the way, have you heard about wealthy affiliate?

  4. Hi there, have you had any great success with MLM? I have been with a few companies myself but have never really gotten round to mastering the sponsoring side of things. When people all talk about it being so simple it just seems like it is so easy to get sucked in to the big old get rich quickly world. I have been left high and dry quite a few times. I have also vouched to stay away from MLM in the near future

    1. Actually I haven’t tried any success with MLM because I haven’t in it much longer. At that time I was so busy in school and haven’t given priority in it. Like what I have always said, joining in networking companies like Forever Living should be a dedication. You should give ample time for it before you see results.

      On the other hand, I am glad that I quit in it. It is then that I learned about affiliate marketing. Right now I am still building my online business but I am sure that in the long run I will be able to reap what I sow.

  5. Hey John,

    I see that you have made an review for MLM
    i believe that most of the people love their structures but the problem is finding the right person through the business is the key of everything in MLM
    i was once in 1 of a company i love their structure system and leader, but the problem with it is that their monthly personal volume wasn’t suitable for young people like us!
    Keep up the good work in your article
    Will look forward in your further news!


    1. I agree with you that the problem for MLM companies is finding the right person to look up to. It is important to have a mentor that will guide and help you throughout the process. It is not enough to just join the program and hope to earn immediately. You should attend training and orientation in order to secure your success.

      On the other hand, gaining personal volume is not a problem. Like what I said, you just have to learn the process and have a mentor to guide and help you.

  6. Forever Living sounds like it’s modelled on the old Amway style of doing business, buying their products either for personal use or retail sale and getting bonuses along the way as you accrue points. I used to be a part of Amway. It was a great concept, but at the time I was involved it was saturated, Anyone and everyone has either been in Amway were in Amway or had been harassed by friends and relatives to join Amway. If Forever Living (especially the name) hasn’t reached saturation point, then it’s probably quite a good little business to get involved in. It was at an Amway meeting were I first heard my favourite saying:

    “Freedom = Time + Money”

  7. Hi John,

    I’ve heard the name of this company before but was not aware that this is an MLM company. Their compensation plan seems quite good, although I do not agree with the part that you have to spend hundreds in the beginning if you are serious about earning income.

    As you pointed out, to succeed in MLM you have to have very good sales skills. The pitfall of MLM is that they hide this ultimate fact and make it sound like “anybody” can succeed. It’s not true. Any many companies even do not provide training to help their affiliates.
    Do you know if Forever Living actually provide good training courses for their affiliates?


    1. As for the training, Forever Living only provide web tutorials and walkthroughs. They have various videos explaining the compensation plan, testimonials, product descriptions, and also the marketing strategies that you can use. This videos can be beneficial if you want to have information about the business you have. However, if you can apply it in the real life, I somehow doubt it.

      I have joined several MLM companies before and I tell you, you really need to attend training and seminars. Videos and brochures are not enough for you to learn everything that you need to know. There should be an expert that will guide you throughout the process. This training is not a problem if you can go to the different offices of Forever Living where you can have a real talk with its members. However, if you just joined online and haven’t made an effort to really know the real thing, then I doubt if you can succeed in MLM. Unless you prefer just learning by yourself then this is not a problem.

    2. Hi Yuko,

      I’ve been with the Company and I can tell you that for the past 2 years , thinks have improved about the trainings put in place by the Company for people who want to be successful. This is due to the fact that so many FBOs ( Forever Business Owners) have taken the business as a serious matter, especially in Europe ( UK, Germany) and a fresh air has come to the Company as the results are now better than before. Trainings are available through webinars, training sessions, social medias groups, etc. Each leader knows now how and where to find training and support for his team.

      1. It is good to hear that Forever Living already provide trainings and seminars for the business owners. But then, I am still keen with the prices of the products you buy in order to make the business running. The product packages usually ranges from $200-$800 which is clearly expensive. And even though you are able to buy this products, the possibility of selling these is not high enough. There are already plenty of health and wellness products out there that becomes your competitions which makes the business more difficult. I believe that Affiliate marketing is far way better than network marketing or MLM business.

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