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What is the FusionCash

Are you also confused on what is the FusionCash? Have you heard about it when you are searching for legit ways on how  to earn extra cash online? Before you jump into it, read first my honest review about FusionCash.

Before we jump into the review proper, let me say that I have always been making reviews about various survey sites. I made this as a habit because I want to share with you my experiences about these kinds of programs. I hope that this will help you learn more about it. By the way, if you want to start another way to earn online, check out my review on the #1 recommended work at home opportunity.


What is the FusionCash?

What is the FusionCash

FusionCash is a website where you can earn extra cash from taking offers and answering surveys. Advertisers and survey providers pays them to direct people like you to become a potential customer or survey taker. They have been in the business since 2005 and continues to offer a wide variety of ways to earn online.

If you want a head start you can instantly earn your 5$ sign up bonus and I suggest that you take advantage of it.

what is the fusion cash


How does FusionCash Works?

Like any other Survey sites, you first need to register in their website which is completely free of charge. Most people find a hard time in making an account in FusionCash because they can’t find the confirmation link. Take note that you need to confirm your account in the email they sent you. If you can’t see the email in your inbox then check it in your spam box. If you still can’t see it, contact the FusionCash and they will help you with your problem.

After you confirmed your account, fill up immediately your personal information so you can take advantage of the instant 5$ bonus. That’s a good amount to start right?

what is the fusioncash

After signing up, you can now start earning some extra cash. There are plenty of ways on how you can earn in FusionCash. Here are some of them.


1.  Answer Surveys

what is the fusioncash

Paid surveys is the most common way on how you can earn in FusionCash. Basically you can earn between $0.40 – $2.00 for every survey you take. The cash payout depends on how long the survey is, usually ranges from 6 minutes – 30 minutes long. Of course the longer the survey, the higher the payout. I recommend that you complete first the profile surveys, so that they can give you more appropriate surveys to take.

Although the payout for surveys is somehow good, qualifying for these is not that easy. Sometimes even though you are already in the middle of answering the survey, you can still be screened out if your demographics don’t match what the company needs.
So make sure that you only participate in surveys with this mark DQ Bonus, so you can be guaranteed to have 1¢ disqualification bonus.

2. Try Offers

what is the fusioncash

Before you can earn in taking offers, you first need to complete specific requirements by the companies. Some of them are easy to do, but most of them require so much personal information from you. This is the reason why I prefer FusionCash compared to other survey sites out there. They bring offers that don’t require credit card information. Although the requirements needed still need some time to do, knowing that you can choose offers that don’t need your credit card information is such a relief.  The payout ranges from $0.02 up to $8.00 depending on the requirements needed.


3. Take Calls

It may sound unreal, but yes, you can also earn when you take calls. However one downside about this is that you need to qualify for the call before you can earn the payout. You can get as high as $2.00 per successful call.

4. Listen Radio

If you are fond of listening in the radio then this is perfect for you. There is a CAPTCHA code that will appear every 30 minutes and you can enter it to earn an instant 3¢. I find this some kind of a bonus because if you have nothing to do at home then you can just put in the code and let it play as you do other tasks.

5. Watch Videos

what is the fusioncash

Earn while you watch videos. This is my favorite among the other ways because I can just play videos in my laptop even I do other chores. In order for your payout to be credited, you must watch the full video from start until the end. Watching videos can earn you up to $0.02 for each video. There are some that are worth a half cent, but you will be credited for this two at a time.

6. Click Ads

In order to earn $0.15 for clicking ads, you have to visit different pages and click a sponsor’s advertisement. You can track the number of pages that you have clicked on your FusionCash account.

7. Complete Tasks

You can also earn by completing tasks. Usually they pay from 1 cent up to 5 cents per finished task. Each month, FusionCash awards two members who achieved the highest earnings in tasks with gift codes.

8. Refer Friends

Referring people to FusionCash can also earn you extra cash. For every referral that confirms their email, you will get $1. If they get to complete an offer you will earn $2 commission. And an additional $5 if they are approved for cashout. You will be given your own link that you can share to your friends if they want to join the survey site.

9. Bonus Tasks

Aside from the earnings you can get from the ways I have stated above, you can also earn some more from these bonus tasks: 2 cents per day for reading emails; follow FusionCash in twitter for $0.25; submit your proof of payment for $1 bonus; and participate in there weekly bonus promotions every 2 weeks for 10 cents maximum payout.


How Much Does it Cost to Join?

What I like about this survey site is that it is just free to join. This means that you can start using there various ways of earning without any membership fee.


How Much Can I Earn?


Right now I know your next question is how much can you earn from FusionCash. So let us see. 

Let us make a small computation on how much you can really get from this website assuming that you spend whole day answering surveys and taking offers. Let us say in a day, you have finished five 20-minute survey, worth $1.50 each. You also completed two offers, worth $2.50 each. And let’s say you have successfully referred two of your friends so that will be $1 each.

If we add it all up, (5 x 1.50) + ( 2 x 2.50) + (2 x 1.00) = $13.50. That is basically less than $15 for a day of hard work.

*By the way, you need accumulate 25$ treshold before you can request for a cashout.

what is the fusion cash


Are there FusionCash Complaints?

Of all the survey sites that I have already encountered, only FusionCash has no complaints that I have heard yet. There are some problems way back in 2009, but they have already fixed it in the present time.

Despite this fact, I have still a major concern about FusionCash: It takes time before you can earn a decent amount. Like what we have calculated earlier, you can just earn less than 15$ a day. And that is not that accurate because we assumed that you are qualified in all the surveys that you take. You are just paid cents for every survey and offer you take.

Given with the time you spend to earn those, it is definitely not worth it. Although if you have really extra time, then you can join FusionCash, but there are plenty of online jobs out there that can give you more credits for the time and effort you give.


Bottom Line

FusionCash is a legit website that has a wide variety of ways on how you can earn online. Personally, I prefer this one compared to other survey sites out there. Although their ways of earning is somehow the same with everybody else, the fact that they give offers that don’t require credit card information is already a relief, most especially that the payout in offers are much higher compared to surveys.

But the downside for FusionCash, like what I have just said, is that the payout is not that enough. I know that they have given so many options on how to earn but they don’t compensate our time and effort very well. It definitely takes time before you can earn that much to cashout.


  • Free to Start With
  • Easy Tasks


  • Take time to Earn Your Desired Income

what is the fusion cash


Is there Other Way to Earn Online?

I know that you want to join in Fusion Cash because you are eager to find an extra way to earn some money. Like what I have said earlier, it is a good way to start but it won’t give you that much. If you think that this is not the one for you, I have some other alternatives like making your own online business.

Check Out my Review on the #1 Recommended Work at Home Opportunity.

If you have already tried the surveys or you have joined the company or you have concerns about them feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Best Regards,

John Rico

By john rico

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer in the making at the same time. I am already earning Extra Income and I want to Use this Blog to Share to Everyone what I did.


  1. This is a very through review of fusion cash. After reading about it, I don’t think I would have the patience to try to make a living this way!
    There are some people who love doing all these tasks though so for them it may be good.
    I myself prefer Wealthy Affiliate University.

  2. FusionCash is the best place to start earning Real Cash online doing the things you already love and do! I have earned a couple hundred dollars doing things I normally spend my time doing such as watching videos, reading emails, chatting with friends, or participating in their promotions. They really are top of their class in terms of dollar amounts, support, and variety of things you can earn real cash from.

    1. Hi there! Yup, I agree with you that there is real money earned in survey sites like the fusion cash. However, you can’t deny that this earnings is not that enough to earn you a living right? I have also tried this survey sites. I watched videos, answered some long surveys. But then they give me just cents or if I’m lucky, they will pay more than a dollar.

      I believe that there are far way better alternative for fusion cash. I prefer affiliate marketing because I am able to build my own online business that will benefit me better in the long run. Have you heard of wealthy affiliate before?

  3. This isn’t the first survey site to entice people into thinking they can earn a side income from taking surveys. The problem is the time it takes compared to how much you actually earn. Some of these surveys take 10-20 minutes and will pay you $1. That’s not great money.
    I find the listening to radio one interesting, I’ve never heard of this before.
    Have you ever heard of someone making $100 or more from this sort of site?

    1. Honestly, I haven’t heard of anybody who actually earned more than $100 with FusionCash. On the other hand this is not impossible. You could actually earn this much money from completing tasks and answering surveys but this will not happen in just a short period of time.

      Most of the survey takers took 2-3 months before they could actually make this much money. The main reason for this is the payout given by this survey sites. Most completed tasks are worth 5 cents or the highest that you can get is a dollar. But on average, it is just 25 cents.

      So even though the tasks are easy and simple to finish, the payout you get is clearly not worth it.

  4. Thanks, John Rico for exposing the exploitation of people through this FusionCash scheme here! You’re perfectly on point and none of these time-wasting schemes does come anywhere close to Wealthy Affiliate – your #1 recommendation here! I remember finding and joining Wealthy Affiliate just when I had grown tired of SCAMS and schemes similar to this FusionCash! I had no problem at all settling at Wealthy Affiliate now that I was complete weary about schemes that are thick with quick fixes and thin on training!

  5. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the useful information you have given us. I looked you up because I was pretty sold on Fushion Cash, looking to earn some extra cash but you seem to think that not much money is to be made from this. Interesting though that you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, I looked them up and this looks like the thing I have been looking for all my life. I’m on their website now. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Sure bro no problem. I know there are plenty of people like you that are already sold out with these kinds of survey sites like Fusion Cash. Although they are legit, the earnings that you can get from it is really not worth it. The time and effort you give in answering those surveys are not compensated enough, thus just wasting your time.
      I am glad that you gave time in exploring Wealthy Affiliate. It is really hard to start some things especially if it is new to you, but then if you learn to open your eyes on the opportunities you are missing, then you will realize that it can help you earn the income that you have always wanted. So how was the training program so far?

  6. There are so many so called online money making programs. I do believe there is enough online work to make a full living, however, one can easily get caught up in the sea of options and, as a result, end up making little or nothing. I think the best way to approach this is to select one or two programs to begin, master those programs, generate some income, and then start looking around for anything that can act as a supplement, if necessary.
    I’ve never heard of fusion cash before. I’ve seen InboxDollars and other similar programs, however, this one is definitely new to me.
    Thanks for your honest opinion in this review. Sometimes, I see these programs and think, “what the heck, I’ll give it a try”. You have definitely saved me some time.
    Thanks again.

    1. Trying new things is the key to being successful. People should not be afraid to start new things because it is with this that you will be out of your comfort zone. This may sound cliché but, everything that is good can be found outside your comfort zone.

      So FusionCash can be a way to generate some extra cash. However, like what I always say about survey sites, It takes so much time before you can earn that much money. And this is very impractical because you are wasting your time. Why not spend it to more valuable and efficient things instead of wasting your time and effort for short term things.

      Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before? It is like FusionCash because you can join in it for free. But the advantage of it is that it teaches its members to build their own online business. They give step by step guide on how to create your own and website and eventually earn profit from it. Seems confusing? If you want to, you can read my in depth review about it, and see for yourself the advantages of the program.

  7. Great review of Fusion Cash. I really like how you covered every way to earn and how much you can realistically earn with these type of sites.

    I do use Fusion Cash and make much more then what you described but that’s because of the awesome referral program.

    It’s important for your readers to know that $50 or less is estimated income for this site.

    Great review and a pretty good join in my opinion.


  8. Maybe someone in an undeveloped country can live on $15 a day, but not in the States or Europe. I wish people realized that they are worth so much more. I would hate myself if I did all that work on FusionCash and only earned $15.

    Your #1 recommendation is far better. It’s a real business that will pay a handsome, full-time income. Plus, it’s honest and ethical and it’s something to be proud of.

  9. Hi
    That’s quite a nice review post on FusionCash and the information in it is quite on point and helpful.
    If it takes so much hard work to earn $15, how long would an average person take before they grow weary of that source of online income?
    Keep writing more as such wonderful reviews as this is quite engaging to the reader.

    1. Hi there! The $15 that we have calculated above is just an assumption that you will qualify in all surveys you take. It is because it is not always that you qualify for one because some companies are strict with the demographics that they are looking for. So if your asking how long would people feel that Fusioncash as a survey site is not worthy of time and effort, I think it would be as soon as the start doing surveys. I myself also realized that it needs so much work before I can earn enough money right after I did several surveys.

  10. Hi John, a very nicely written review of FusionCash.

    I have had some experience with paid survey sites in the past, and I can say that my original opinions are very much reflected in those expressed by yourself in this review, and that is: survey sites are a poor investment of time.

    Additionally, I was bothered with spam emails and calls for a long time after.

    I would much rather put that time into constructing my own online business, with the capacity to leverage my time in the future.


    1. Sure, no problem. I agree with you that spam emails are really annoying. Especially if those emails are not surveys. About the call that they give, that is another problem. That’s why I recommend to those who still want to start answering surveys online to not give your phone number when signing up. Survey sites like Fusioncash still allows its members to take part in the surveys even if they don’t give their mobile numbers.

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