What is the Game Loot Network? Read This Review To Know If It Is A Scam

What is the Game Loot Network

Game Loot Network Review

What is Game Loot Network?

Game Loot Network is a gaming network that allows people to earn by sharing the platform with friends and family. They only make mobile games, and they are offering 2 free games at the time of writing this review. They have 8 games that are either in development or coming soon.

I think that 2 free games are not enough considering the fact that they have been around since 2015. They should have several games right now as it doesn’t take years to develop mobile games in most cases.

They don’t mention anything about the owner on the website. This is very disappointing because you deserve to know who is running the show. However, it was not hard to find out that Lance Baker is the founder and the current President.

In this review, I will clear all of your doubts related to this network and help you decide if it is worth joining or not.

How does Game Loot Network work?

The way that they present the opportunity and how the opportunity actually works are different. First of all, you don’t earn as a Member. You can play games and win prizes or tickets, but you will not earn Referral Rewards as a Member. You need to be a qualified Ambassador to earn Referral Rewards. You can become a qualified Ambassador by having $70 monthly Personal Volume.

You can get $70 Personal Volume through your own purchases or the purchases of your personally referred Ambassadors. You can get $70 Personal Volume through purchases made by your personally referred Members. It is also possible to purchase a monthly subscription of $80 to get the required Personal Volume for qualifying.

Now let us take a look at the ways of earning money from the compensation plan.

Referral Rewards: Once you are qualified, you will begin recruiting other people into this scheme. The people that you recruit will help you in earning money as well as qualifying for the higher ranks. As you qualify for the higher ranks, you will earn on more levels and increase your earnings. Your badge level is your rank in the compensation plan of this company.

You will earn 20% from your first level, and the percentage will start to drop as the levels start to increase. For instance, you will earn 5% on your 5th level. When your badge level is Bronze Elite or higher, you will earn on all 11 levels and continue earning below the 11th level up to the next qualified badge. You will earn 1% Referrals Rewards at your 11th level and below.

Badge Bonus: You get this bonus when you rank up. It starts from the 2 Star badge level and goes all the way up to Platinum Elite. It is paid in the range of 500 to 250,000 tokens. The LOOT tokens are a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for credits. It can be used to qualify and increase your badge level. However, it cannot be exchanged for cash.

Team Builder Bonus: You need to be active and qualified at the 3 Star badge level to earn this bonus. This bonus will pay you a matching bonus on the Badge Bonus earned by your personally enrolled Ambassadors. The percentage of this bonus depends on your rank as well as the number of Ambassadors on your first level that qualify for this bonus. You can earn this bonus in the range of 10% to 100%.

These are the ways of earning money that are mentioned on their website. It is clear that they have changed their compensation plan from time to time. I don’t know why they keep changing it, but it is not a positive sign. The current compensation plan pays LOOT tokens and not cash in the case of Team Builder Bonus and Badge Bonus.

It is not clear if LOOT tokens are paid or cash is paid in the case of the Referral Rewards. I think that cash is paid in this case. So, this is the main way of earning money through this opportunity. The compensation plan is about recruiting people so that you can earn commissions. You can earn by referring members only from your first level.

How much does it cost to join?

Following are the different ranks that you can join at and the prices of joining.
1 Star: $140
2 Star: $275
3 Star: $550
4 Star: $1,100
5 Star: $2,200

If you buy the higher packages, you will get more credits and passport packs that include a specific number of credits. You also have to pay a recurring monthly fee of $80 30 days after enrollment. As you can see, this opportunity is expensive considering the fact that the monthly fee will add up over time.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings will be limited from Members. First of all, it is free to become a Member. Secondly, you can earn from Members only when they purchase something or upgrade to Ambassador. In all likelihood, your earnings from the Members will be limited, and you will have to resort to recruiting Ambassadors to increase your income.

As I mentioned above, Referral Rewards seem to pay cash. However, you will need a lot of Ambassadors in your downline to earn a significant amount of cash. They have to pay their monthly fee just like you, so you will earn from it. You also get paid on the purchases of the packs, and some of the expensive ones can bring you high earnings if the Ambassador is on your first or second level.

Still, the ways of earning money are not that good. The problem is that there are not enough ways to earn from the Members. So, you will have to depend on the purchases made by Ambassadors in your downline. This reduces your earning potential.

In the end, you can earn a lot if you have an active and big downline. However, I don’t think that most people will get good results.

Are there any complaints?

Yes, I have listed some complaints below.
I got an email from them that Game Loot Network had cancelled my cheque. I have emailed them numerous times regarding this and have been ignored. I also called and left several voicemails but have heard nothing from them regarding this.
Game loot is a scam. They don’t pay.


Game Loot Network has failed to impress me. The compensation plan makes this look like a recruiting scam. I don’t see any solid products or many reasons for the Members to actually get involved in this platform. I can’t recommend this platform because it is a scam that focuses on recruitment in my opinion. I still leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck.


Recruiting scam
No information about owner on website
Not many ways to earn through Members
Focus on recruitment
Monthly fee to earn from the compensation plan
Limited number of games

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